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Alexa Volume: How To Set The Book Correctly!

Using the intelligent voice assistant can be very tiring if the Alexa volume is incorrect. Either you don’t hear them, or it’s just too loud. But don’t worry; the book can be set and adjusted differently. This article will tell you exactly how this works and what you have to do. How do I know what volume my Alexa is set to? The answer to that is quite simple. The white LED ring at the speaker’s top shows you the Alexa volume. The ring lights up more or less intensely, depending on how loud the speaker is. If you want to adjust the book, there are a few simple ways to do it.

Control The Alexa Volume With Voice Commands

You can easily adjust the Alexa volume with a voice command. The following commands can be handy for you.

Increase Volume

  1. Alexa, louder.
  2. Alexa, volume up.
  3. Alexa, turn up the volume.
  4. Alexa, turn up the volume.

If you change the volume with a voice command, the LED ring also lights up and gives you information about what is happening.

Decrease Volume

  1. Alexa, turn it down.
  2. Alexa, volume down
  3. Alexa, turn down the volume.
  4. Alexa turns down the volume.

Adjust The Volume Precisely

But there is another general command that you can use to increase or decrease the volume of the speakers:

  1. Alexa, turn up the volume (insert number between 0 and 10).

With this command, Alexa changes the volume in intermediate steps.

The increments between 1 and 10 represent volume percentages, with 1 being 10% and 10 being 100%. This setting is handy, but if you want to make more precise settings, it’s better to do it through the app. Tip: Do you already know your brilliant Alexa’s most critical voice  commands? If not, check out our article on Alexa orders.

Adjust Alexa Volume More Precisely Via The App

You can also change your smart speaker via the app if you don’t want to adjust the Alexa volume with intermediate levels. The significant advantage of the app is the precise fine adjustment of the sound. Here you can specify the percentages precisely. The book with intermediate steps only works in step ten. To quickly adjust the volume, all you have to do is follow these steps:

  1. Take your smartphone and open the Alexa app there.
  2. Tap on the menu at the top left and open “Settings” there.
  3. Then tap on “Device Settings.”
  4. Then select the Alexa device where you would like to change the volume.
  5. Under “Volume,” you will find a slider. Set the appropriate book there.

Traditional Method – Adjust Alexa Volume With The Push Of A Button

Alexa-enabled devices, such as the AmazonEcho Doctor the, are equipped with classic volume and volume down buttons directly on the device. These are usually represented as plus and minus buttons with which you can adjust the Alexa volume. But there is also the option of adjusting the volume using a wheel. Especially older models of Alexa still have this function. So if you want to change the book, press the appropriate button or adjust the dial properly.

Limit The Volume With Alexa – Is That Possible?

Manually adjusting the volume on Alexa can be tiring, especially when you want to go to bed at night and forget to turn the book down. The music that should serve as background music is then played at total volume. You can easily handle this situation with a routine. You already know the ways and scenes if you have set up your smart home. Here you can create various processes with Alexa and specify when the function is carried out precisely. In the meantime, Amazon has added the “volume” function for the routines. So you can limit the Alexa volume when your “evening routine” begins. You can specify which parts you want to restrict or increase the volume. So you don’t always have to remember to turn down the volume manually, but you can benefit from the automatic adjustment.

Our Conclusion

Adjusting the volume with Alexa is possible in different ways. The voice command is a quick solution, but the app offers you even more precise setting options. 

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