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Box + Mobile Offers: What Bonuses And Advantages?

In the digital age, where connectivity and mobility are essential, box + mobile offers have become vital solutions in modern communication. These internet and mobile plans and subscriptions offer a comprehensive approach to meet the varied needs of consumers. This post explores in detail the different combo deals provided by the major operators, highlighting the benefits and extras that set them apart. If you don’t know which box + mobile offers to choose, these relevant answers will help you make a more informed choice.

What Is A Box + Mobile Offer?

A box + mobile offer constitutes an integrated solution that combines the advantages of a fixed internet connection and a mobile plan within a single subscription. By subscribing to an internet box, users have the possibility of adding a mobile plan to the offer of their choice, depending on their needs.

Subscribing to a box + mobile offer allows you to benefit from a complete package, including a set of services such as high-speed internet access, landline telephony, mobile plan, and sometimes television. We are, therefore, talking about a quadruple-play offer. Subscribers to this type of offer benefit from an all-in-one solution covering their communication needs at home and on the move.

This combined offering is intended to meet the diverse needs of modern consumers. Families and active people looking for practicality and economy are often those who opt for this option. Indeed, it is suitable for those who want to benefit from complete connectivity at home and on the go, with a single provider who centralizes services. All the leading operators, such as Orange, SFR, and others, offer these comprehensive and flexible offers. This allows users to benefit from a wide choice in terms of prices, additional services, and network coverage.

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The Advantages Of A Box + Mobile Plan

The box and mobile offers are designed to make consumers’ connected lives more manageable. Let’s take a closer look at the many concrete advantages that this practical formula offers. With a box + mobile offer, users do not need to subscribe to several services, particularly with regard to internet access at home and on the move.

No more hassle of juggling between different suppliers; everything is combined on a single invoice for simplified management. When it comes to pricing, these combo packages often offer great prices. Opting for a bundled plan allows you to make significant savings (up to 25%) compared to purchasing fixed and mobile internet services separately. It’s an exciting option that is good for your wallet.

A package or box + mobile subscription also allows you to benefit from bonuses. Additional services, such as streaming options and television channels, can be added to your package. This is your opportunity to personalize your subscription based on your preferences and maximize your multimedia experience.

Finally, choosing a box + mobile offer offers the prospect of access to more efficient mobile plans. In fact, the mobile plan options included in a box offer are provided at affordable prices thanks to reductions. Users, therefore, have more freedom to choose a more “powerful” mobile plan, adapted to more demanding needs in terms of services or mobile data, which offers a considerable advantage for streaming enthusiasts, social media followers, or those who frequently use data-intensive applications.

Comparison Of Box + Mobile Offers Available On The Market


At Orange, the box + mobile offers available are designed to offer users optimal flexibility. Subscribers have the choice between Livebox and Livebox Up and merge their home internet access with Orange mobile plans. Open packs via Livebox provide a range of plans from 100MB to 10GB. Those who need more mobile data will need to look at Livebox Up or Livebox Max. These two options allow you to choose between an 80 GB or 140 GB package.

Bouygues Telecom

On Bouygues Telecom, you can subscribe to one of these boxes: Bbox Fit, Bbox Must, or Bbox Ultym. But to benefit from the advantage of the box + mobile combo, particularly in terms of reduction, it is necessary to opt for the “Sensation” packages. In addition to compatibility with the 5G network, Sensation Bouygues packages allow you to benefit from a reduction of 6 euros per month. Concerning the operator’s box + mobile offers, subscribing to a 4G, ADSL, or fiber box gives access to packages ranging from 70 GB to 200 GB.


The different internet boxes available on SFR allow you to subscribe to an internet + mobile package. To access these offers, choose the box that suits you and select the mobile plan suited to your needs. Subsequently, an eligibility test is carried out to determine if the user can access fiber or if they have no choice but to opt for ADSL. Concerning the mobile plans to be included in the offer, you can choose between a 2H 100 MB, 5 GB, 100 GB, and 250 GB package. By combining an SFR box with one of these packages, you can save up to at 15 euros per month.


Free is known for its very competitive offers, and the operator’s box + mobile packages are also part of this strategy. Subscribing to a Freebox gives you the possibility of combining it with a mobile plan at a lower cost. Three packages are available, including the 4G+ package, the 5G package, and the 2 euro package. Note that the first two options allow you to benefit from the 4G + and 5G networks unlimitedly. To save, combine the package of your choice with the Freebox Mini 4K or the Freebox Revolution, which are the most affordable on Free.

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