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Association Management Software: Comparison & Opinion 2023

If you are looking for the best association software, run away, it does not exist. Thanks to a detailed analysis,  you have come to the right place if you are looking for the association management software that suits you. To offer you the most complete and transparent comparison of association management software, we have analyzed the software according to the same process.

Analysis of the functionalities, software testing or complete demo, exchanges with satisfied and dissatisfied users, analysis of the e-reputation, price studies, analysis of strengths and weaknesses and definition of the ideal association profile for each software. At Tool Advisor, no rankings or auctions go up in our comparison or advertisements; we give you our independent opinion on the association management software analyzed to help you make the right choice.

Detailed Comparison Of Association Software In 2023

Our objective is simple: to help you make the right choice thanks to our advice and a detailed and independent analysis of the different association management software. The part of this article where we compare software is divided into four parts:

  1. Price comparison
  2. Feature Comparison
  3. Our recommendations
  4. The summary

In this comparison, we use all the elements to help you choose. We have also developed a free tool that directs you to the software that suits you in less than 2 minutes to save you time.

What Is The Association Management Software Analyzed In Our Comparison?

Our comparison combines the best association tools: AssoConnect, HelloAsso, Pep’s Up, Comiti, and MaCotisation. Our software analysis is divided into five parts:

  1. Price comparison
  2. Feature Comparison
  3. Our recommendations
  4. The summary
  5. How to choose the right software?

Analyzing, comparing, testing, and exchanging with users of this software takes time. Other association management tools are not yet present in our comparison but are worth mentioning.

All-In-One Association Management Software

We are considering online software Yapla, Kananas, and Kalisport. This software will only suit you if you are a sports club, and B-association is an association management software to download under Windows (not available for Mac or Linux).

CRMs For Associations

Some software specializes in the CRM part, such as Ohme or VerticalSoft, a Salesforce-based software halfway between the association CRM and the payment tool.

Open-Source Association Management Software

Open source software is software with code available to the public who can suggest improvements. Among the open-source software for the association, we can mention Garradin and Diacamma.

Accounting Software For Associations

If some association software offers an accounting module, some accounting software offers a product with features dedicated to associations (associative chart of accounts, easier tax receipt management, etc.). Some of this software is analyzed in our comparison of association software, such as Itool by EBP and, to which we can add the Ciel Association accounting software.

What Are The Prices Of Association Management Software?

One of our main tips at Tool Advisor is encouraging associations to go beyond price when choosing their software. If the price is an important criterion, first formalize your needs to know the functionalities necessary for your association. The price must be a secondary selection criterion, significantly since the prices vary from one software to another.

In the table below, we indicate all the elements that make up the price of association software. As the price paid for an association with a dozen members is not the same as an association with hundreds of members, we indicate several rates depending on the number of members. The table includes the following information:

  1. Whether or not there is a free trial;
  2. The price for an association of 200 members;
  3. The price for an association of 1000 members;
  4. Payment fees (online ticketing transaction fees).

The free version offered by several software is very useful for testing the software as a whole. Do not hesitate to test several and take the time before making your choice. Then, the prices vary depending on the number of members in your association. Compare prices while keeping in mind that your association may proliferate. Please note that the payment fees are different depending on the software.

What Are The Functionalities Of Association Management Software?

Software for associations will make you forget your Excel or Google Sheets file and “old-fashioned” management of your association. However, the many features can become a “gas plant” for you. You will find in the table below the main functionalities offered by the software for the association:

  1. We observe two different positions on the part of the software. Software specialized in payment management and software specialized in communication.
  2. Therefore, the question you need to ask yourself is simple: do you need association software to communicate information to your members, to receive payments (online store, ticketing for your events, membership), or both?
  3. Some associations have specific functions (association with little digitization, foundation, political or religious association) and have particular questions and requests. Do not hesitate to ask about the software that can help you find solutions for many scenarios.

Association Software: Our Recommendations

We do not recommend any particular association software. The best software for association does not exist. You must choose the one that suits your needs (accounting, donation management, website, community animation, ticket sales) and your profile (type of association, number of members).

To help you, we get a little wet by giving you some recommendations based on your profile. Suppose you are looking for a payment solution and do not need functionalities around accounting and communication. In that case, we recommend using HelloAsso, which is free and specialized in payment.

If you need complete software, you must turn to other players, such as the market leader  AssoConnect, which offers the complete software. We also regularly recommend Pep’s Up to our visitors; if it is less known than AssoConnect, the Marseille software offers easy-to-use software with many features and a well-thought-out help center.

Comparison Of Association Management Software 2023: The Recap

This table obeys specific rules:

  1. The advertised prices correspond to the prices displayed on the sites of the software for association or communicated by the software themselves ;
  2. This table changes routinely founded on new elements, and our examines, and criticism from our clients;
  3. Our scoring approach is straightforward; you can know it exhaustively on our dedicated page.

How To Choose The Right Association Software?

Choosing the best association management software is choosing the software that suits you. To help you make the right choice, ask yourself these three questions.

What Will You Use Your Software For?

Whether sports, leisure, cultural, humanitarian, student, or environmental protection association, association software allows you to manage your association easily. Not all features are necessary for each association, but the software allows you to:

  1. Manage memberships;
  2. Communicate with your members;
  3. Mobilize your donors and collect donations;
  4. Carry out participatory financing or crowdfunding campaigns;
  5. Manage your cash flow;
  6. Manage your pre-accounting;
  7. Create an online store;
  8. Gain visibility through a dashboard;
  9. Store your data in a secure cloud;
  10. Edit a website;
  11. Manage access and authorizations from a configuration space for association managers or administrators;
  12. Have a place of exchange on the various associative projects in progress.

The software presented in this comparison is similar to accounting software, CRM, ERP, or financial management software adapted to associations. You can, for example, automatically edit your receipts and invoices or export your accounts.

Association management software is collaborative software that saves you time. Your members, your treasurer and the members of the office, and the volunteers of your association will benefit from the advantages of the software. Prioritize essential features for your association and secondary features.

What Is Your Association Profile?

Association management software is aimed at all associations under the 1901 law, whether non-profit or for-profit. There are four types of associations:

  1. Declared associations;
  2. Undeclared (or “de facto”) associations;
  3. Associations recognized as being of public utility;
  4. Approved associations.

Some software targets associations according to their profile; several software programs, such as Comiti, only target sports associations. So take a good look if you are in the core target of the software or if you want specialized or generalist software.

What Is The Size Of Your Association?

The software prices vary according to the number of members or users, even if rare software offers fixed prices. Your needs will also change whether you are a “small association” or a “large association.” To avoid unpleasant surprises, formalize your needs before starting your search by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. How many members does my association have?
  2. How many people will use it?
  3. Will this change in the next few years?

Do not look at all prices but at prices according to your needs. Choosing the best association software for you takes time. That’s why we created Tool Advisor. In addition to this comparison of association management software, we provide a quick questionnaire that directs you to the software that suits you in less than 2 minutes.

What Is The Price Of Management Software For Associations In 2023?

Prices depend on the number of users and members and the features you need. To give you an estimate, for 1000 members, the price is around 40€/month.

Is There Free Association Management Software In 2023?

HelloAsso is a free software for associations that focuses on the payment part. There are often free versions for complete software when you have few members. We remind you that each software for the association has its specificities. 

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