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CIDManager On Android – What Is It & How CIDManager To Stop It?

If you are using a Samsung Android mobile phone, you come across the word CIDManager, and it doesn’t appear in other models of smartphones, but only Samsung users will know about it. CIDManager pops up on the notification bar. To know what the word indicates, please continue reading the post. In this article, you will get complete information about the CIDManager.

What is CIDManager? And how does it work?

The word CIDManager stands for Carrier Identification Manager, one of the default apps on the Samsung Android phone. It corresponds with the device networks to their countries’ origin to get the firmware updates. The CIDManager notification contains information about the new service provider, which means updating the CSC (Country Specific Code). It is responsible for ensuring the device has access to country-specific firmware updates.

The CIDManager acts as an intermediate between the carrier network and ODM (Original design manufacturer) country to identify the firmware updates. The app sends the firmware notification update by detecting the service provider, and it continuously works in the background whenever it identifies changes from the network carrier. It will alert with a notification until the users complete the updating process. The CID Manager doesn’t need any permissions and has the complete information required to function. You can check for yourself on the CID manager app by clicking on the app info of CIDManager.

How to identify the CIDManager app on Samsung Mobile?

Every Samsung user can see the app on the mobile, not on the home screen, but you can see it in a specific location. Here is the path to identifying the CIDManager app.

  • Open the settings icon on the home screen.
  • Click on the ‘Apps’ section.
  • Tap on the three dots on the top of the screen.
  • Click on the ‘Show System Apps’ option.
  • When you scroll down, you can see the CIDManager app.
  • Tap on the app, and you can view the details of it.

What is the meaning of

The is a unique extension name for the CIDManager app, and every app on android needs a distinctive extension to enter the play store or Apple store.

Even though CID Manager is the default and pre-installed app on every Samsung mobile, establishments need to install it on every device. To differentiate it from other apps, it should need unique extension codes.

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What is the most drawback point of CIDManager?

The main drawback is its repeated annoying notification from CIDManager as New Service Provider. It continuously notifies you about the new provider settings to allow the changes on the device by doing a factory reset. Rather than the factory reset, you can’t skip the alerts from CID Manager. Even after the reset, it may not solve the problem and continuously send notifications of the new provider settings like a loop.

There are some alternative ways that you can escape from these annoying notifications, and they are as follows.

Clearing the cache of the CIDManager app

It is one of the ways to stop the new service provider notifications from CIDManager. Clearing the cache memory of this app will help to escape from the alerts. Usually, this cache data is helpful for the app to execute it fast. The sudden restarts on the phone may cause the cache data to be corrupt, and the outcome is misbehaving actions of the CID Manager app.

  • Click on the ‘Settings’ icon on the home page.
  • Open the apps option and click on the three dots above the screen. Select the ‘Show System Apps’ option.
  • After that, open the CIDManager app info.
  • Select the storage option and clear the cache data of the CID Manager app.
  • This process may help you to escape the CID Manager new service provider notifications.

How to silence the notification of CIDManager?

By silencing the notification, you can easily escape from the looping alerts of CIDManager. The process of the ‘new service provider’ pops-up being silent from CID Manager is easy, and it is possible only when you have the pop-up notification from CID Manager.

  • When the CIDManager notification pops up on the notification bar, tap and hold the notification to view the details.
  • In the details, you can see the silent option, and when you select it, the notifications from the CID Manager of a new service provider will go mute.
  • This way, you will smoothly silence the irritating notifications from CID Manager.

Uninstall the updates of the CIDManager app

You may avoid the notification by uninstalling the CIDManager app updates. You can get rid of new service provider notifications from CID Manager this way. It works to some extent because after updating the CIDManager, the new service provider notifications start popping up. This process will start by opening the CID Manager app info.

  • Open the settings page, and search for CID Manager.
  • Open the CIDManager information when you find it.
  • In the CID Manager app details, you can see options like uninstall updates. Click on it to uninstall it.
  • After uninstalling the updates, restart your phone and check to see if the notification has stopped.

Uninstall the CIDManager app

By Uninstalling the CIDManager app, you can escape from the notification of a new service provider. The app uninstallation is possible with system app remover, which allows you to uninstall the system apps from your Android mobile.

  • Install the system app remover app from the available website and allow access to do the required actions.
  • Search for the CID Manager extension pack
  • Select the CID Manager extension and click on the uninstall option.
  • Give yes to confirm the uninstallation of the CIDManager app.
  • One of the finest features of this system remover app is you can reinstall it anytime from the recycle bin of the app.

Disable the CIDManager app by Package Disabler Pro

You can disable the CIDManager app with the Package Disabler Pro app, which helps you that you can’t do it with the system app settings. The package disabler pro app supports getting rid of the new service provider notifications of the CIDMamager app by disabling it.

  • Install the package disabler pro app on your Samsung Android phone.
  • After giving access to this app, search for the CID Manager app using the search bar.
  • Open the CIDManager on the Package Disable Pro app and click the ‘Disable’ option.
  • Give yes to confirm the action, and it will complete the disabling of the CID Manager app, and you will no more face annoying notifications.
  • But these third-party apps need permission to access the device.

Is it safe to have the CIDManager app on the device?

Regarding the safety of CIDManager, the app comes pre-installed on Samsung devices. The Samsung brand is international and trusted. CID Manager is installed for firmware updates with county-specific codes.

The app doesn’t collect your activities on the phone but only provides new service updates. The phone should have the CID Manager app for phone functionality and get country-specific firmware updates, so it is entirely safe to have it on your device.

Final words

The CIDManager app is useful for all Samsung smartphone users for proper phone functionality and country-specific firmware updates. After every update, it continuously alerts you about new service provider notifications. Even though it has the correct reason to send the alerts about the new service provider, it continues even after you do the suggested actions. Hence to escape from those annoying pop-ups, try the methods mentioned in the post.

Try them in an inbuilt way, and try to avoid using third-party apps which require allowance to control your complete mobile-like location, phone, internal storage, etc. So, CIDManager is safe and very useful. However, to escape from notifications of new service providers, try to clear the cache, try the silent mode, and try to uninstall the updates. You can disable the CID Manager website without deleting it entirely.

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