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E-Mobility Concepts From Wireline – An Opportunity For Every Company

E-Mobility Concepts: Our cities and rural regions will soon be unimaginable without electromobility. The economic stimulus package, that has just been passed clarifies just how pressing this topic is. Electromobility is taken into account twice here. The reduction in VAT and a double environmental bonus should make it easier to switch from combustion engines to electric vehicles. Unfortunately, there is still a lack of reliable and compatible charging infrastructure. This is precisely where Wirelane GmbH comes in: The company stands for a new generation of intelligent charging solutions.

If more and more people drive e-cars, the need for charging options will, of course, also increase. When purchasing charging infrastructure, companies should ensure that it is user-friendly and expandable at the same time.

The timeless design of the charging station, which fits into the environment without looking like a foreign body, is indeed very advantageous. The charging station portfolio and Wirelane’s well-thought-out mobility concept meet all the required criteria. 

Three Reasons That Speak For A Holistic E-Mobility Concept

Become Part Of A Network

If a company provides charging options for electric cars, you become part of the charging network. Customers can use apps to see precisely where charging points are located. This allows you to become a popular contact point for new and existing customers. Simple access media such as payment functions via the app, RFID card, or tap payment should not be dispensed here. 

Charging Point Management

Flexible management software includes all the charging station operator’s features to provide EV drivers with a seamless charging experience. According to the German Measurement and Calibration Act, individual charging points can be managed, controlled, and billed. You track how often charging points are used and information on the average length of stay. This information can be used to adjust offers and charge tariffs flexibly.

service And Customer Loyalty

If customers are allowed to charge their electric vehicle during their visit, this can increase customer satisfaction. A reliable system with little to almost no risk of failure is crucial here. Professional installation and commissioning of the charging points ensure smooth functioning. In addition, maintenance routines and after-sales services in Wirelane’s extensive range of services leave nothing to be desired. 

The Question Is: Become An Operator Yourself Or Use Third-Party Providers?

A significant advantage of electric mobility is that all property owners who are open to the public, commercial properties, and companies that want to retain their employees or electrify their fleet can provide charging options. To what extent and with what concept is up to each company.

It is an individual decision whether you become the charging station operator yourself or prefer to outsource this to third parties. With the concept for charging infrastructure, Wireline GmbH addresses the publicly accessible charging points and specifically addresses the needs of companies in the B2B sector. Flexible business models, suitable backend software, and billing services enable companies to equip themselves with state-of-the-art charging infrastructure. 

The Hotel Industry Has Good Prerequisites For The Expansion Of Electromobility

In particular, the hotel industry has good prerequisites and is one of the many industries affected by the mobility revolution. The Hotel Union recently published the catalogue of criteria for hotel classification. Topics such as digitization and sustainability are clearly in focus here.

Under the point of parking/charging options, the charging station for the electric car is now also given a weighting of ten points. Therefore, owners of electric cars can soon expect to be able to charge their vehicles on site. Hotels are in the best possible position for guests to stay overnight and have enough time to charge vehicles, providing sufficient parking spaces and charging points.

In addition, the image of a company also benefits from this because the expansion of electromobility actively contributes to the reduction of exhaust and noise emissions and shows the courage to change. But guests and customers will be grateful: Employees can also use the charging options and benefit from the local charging options for their e-cars.

With Wireline To The Modern Charging Station

Founded in 2016, Wireline makes charging electric vehicles available everywhere and offers stylish charging stations, backend software, and applications for tomorrow’s mobility needs. Hardware, management tools, and access media are optimally connected and tailored to the needs and requirements of cities, communities and companies from different industries. 

Invest In The Future 

Based in Munich, Berlin, and Saarbrücken, the company already works with customers from many sectors, including large corporations such as BMW, VW, Vattenfall, Bouygues, and companies from the tourism industry, and municipalities such as the district of Munich. 

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