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Construction Software: Become The Master Of Construction!

Are you a building professional and want to manage your business more efficiently? The appraiser has the solution for you: a selection of construction software made by us awaits you to find THE software adapted to your needs. Quotes, invoices, site management, planning, and document management are designed to make your life easier! 

What Selection Criteria?

Adopting software means acquiring a tool capable of solving several problems to increase your company’s productivity. But how to choose the right software among more than a hundred tools? The appetizer is based on essential criteria, so the selection meets your expectations!

Here are the main features that caught our attention:

  1. site monitoring,
  2. the construction schedule,
  3. handling quotes and invoices,
  4. performance indicators,
  5. follow-up of labor and suppliers,
  6. utilization facility,
  7. And the price!



Adibat is a software adapted to site monitoring with additional features to manage SMEs and VSEs from A to Z. With its new version presented at BATIMAT 2019; this software is a reference in the sector.

The Advantages Of Adibat

Adibat is a complete web solution 100% connected to all media (computer, tablet) and Windows, Mac, and Linux.

  1. time-saving: fast entry system, instant sharing, and automation;
  2. delocalized input to empower each employee and compatibility with other solutions such as SAGE or EBP;
  3. personalized support with quality customer service in the event of a problem;
  4. management of purchases and stocks, and inventory for better organization;
  5. Management of invoices and quotes allows you to avoid potential input errors.

What We Like

Adibat relies on customer feedback to constantly improve its interface. Updates are plentiful, and you can choose features according to your needs.


  1. Adibat offers on-demand pricing with a free trial.



Batappli offers three software (Estimate, Artisan, and SME) enough to provide a complete solution. It includes a library of works to encrypt your work.

The Advantages Of Batappli

  1. Three software, including a light version for auto-entrepreneurs, another adapted to SMEs, and finally, a specialized version for artisans,
  2. mobile version (android, IOS) to quickly and remotely manage your business,
  3. description of works and orders for faster entry,
  4. Activity tracking to improve your strategy.

What We Like

Batappli emphasizes mobility with three complementary software and the possibility of managing your business from your mobile phone. Its customer service is also efficient, with experts who answer your questions.


  1. Batappli Quote at €590 excluding tax,
  2. Batappli Artisan at 1290 € excl. tax,
  3. Batappli PME at 1590 € HT.

The Craftsman and SMB versions offer a free trial.



Gladiasoft is a free, open-source software that adapts to all construction workers, whether you are an entrepreneur, a VSE, or an SME.

The Advantages Of Gladiasoft

  1. site management with monitoring of hours, forecasts, mail, and purchase orders to better organize your site schedule;
  2. performance indicators and activity reports with follow-up of regulations for a proper intervention;
  3. a contact database with a CRM and a communication system between users to share in real-time;
  4. Customize the interface and models of quotes, invoices, or letters for better visualization.

What We Like

Although the software is free and does not have as many features as the others, it is straightforward and intuitive.


  1. The software is free!



A grant is a management software dedicated to SMEs in the construction industry, taking care of these companies’ financial and administrative monitoring. It, therefore, helps managers to manage their business better while saving valuable time.

The Advantages Of Grant

  1. 100% web-based and easy to deploy, Graneet has many advantages:
  2. Functionalities perfectly adapted to the specificities of the sector:
  3. management of sales opportunities and calls for tenders,
  4. quotation and costing,
  5. declaration of work situations,
  6. billing,
  7. budget control and cash monitoring, etc. ;
  8. a very efficient DPGF import system;
  9. optimal support from the Graneet teams, as well as unlimited training;
  10. a solution co-constructed with its customers to develop new functionalities aligned with the real needs of construction companies.

What We Like

A grant is software firmly oriented towards the profitability of your activities. You have many tools to monitor your performance and better control your budget.


  1. Grant offers prices on request.

Kizer Forms


Kizer Forms is an online solution and a mobile application dedicated to building professionals. Simplify all types of day-to-day field processes: daily site report, project management, work report, chat sign-off, equipment verification, etc. Easy to use, the application transforms your smartphone or tablet into a work tool for better information collection.

The Advantages Of Kizer 

  1. Reduce time-consuming administrative tasks and increase productivity,
  2. Automate the generation and sending of your documents and processes,
  3. Centralize field data,
  4. Streamline information between your teams,
  5. Improve adhesion between office teams and field teams.

What We Like

The French application is a 100% customizable tool with various functionalities adapted to the problems of both management and field teams. Deployment is quick, and a 15-day free trial is available, with no credit card required.


  1.  €9.90 per month per user with an annual formula. €14.90 per month per user with a monthly plan.



Mediabase is a software developed in France that has an excellent reputation. Its multiple functionalities make it one of the complete software on the market and are suitable for all business sizes.

The Advantages Of Mediabase

  1. it is very comprehensive, from start-up to collection;
  2. access to custom business libraries;
  3. a mobile app to keep you up to date anywhere;
  4. intelligent dashboards to help you make the best decisions;
  5. customer file management to improve customer satisfaction and build loyalty;
  6. The software takes care of your receipts to save time.

What We Like

This software has thought of all the valuable features for construction workers and offers additional options to go further.


  1. Count 956 € to take advantage of all the features.



Obat specializes in quotes and invoices for building professionals. It is aimed at SMEs and VSEs. The software is renowned for being easy to use and easy to install.

The Advantages Of Obat

  1. creation of down payments, work situations, and credit notes to optimize your accounting;
  2. VAT certificates, calculation of out-of-pocket costs and margins which allow you to gain speed and avoid calculation errors;
  3. site monitoring and electronic signature of quotes to find all your documents on a single platform.

What We Like

The software includes 30,000 job descriptions and the possibility of integrating Batichiffrage.


  1. €25/month excl. VAT,
  2. €19/month excl. VAT for an annual subscription.



ProGbat is a building estimate and invoice software that works without installation from the browser and offers a freemium version. It is suitable for businesses of any size.

The Advantages Of ProGbat

  1. A free version is available:
  2. it is easy to learn and use;
  3. it offers extensible business libraries;
  4. tracking down payment invoices and labor to help them with their daily tasks;
  5. accounting support to focus on your interventions.

What We Like

The software is hosted online and accessible from a browser. You, therefore, need an installation to do.


  1. The introductory rate at €10/month excl. VAT (free up to 50 documents),
  2. Tarif Essential à 16,58 €/mois HT,
  3. Tarif Premium à 24,17 €/mois HT.

Biggest Sage


Sage Batigest is a solution more focused on the overall management of a building company. Sage, a reference in terms of ERP and accounting software, publishes the software.

Benefits Of Sage’s Biggest

  1. it works without installation,
  2. you can create quotes, invoices, and work situations, as well as the management of purchases and subcontracting to relieve you of administrative and commercial tasks;
  3. the management of stocks and construction sites allows for optimal organization;
  4. the after-sales service that takes care of glitches,
  5. financial management for up-to-date accounts.

What We Like

Tools to improve its profitability are available with the software. Strategic data is produced thanks to the performance indicators of each site to guide you in your strategic choices.


  1. Essentials price at €30/month,
  2. Standard rate at €46/month,
  3. The premium rate is €102/month.



  1. Toltec is a 100% online quote and invoicing software that is very easy to use. This software is best known for its speed and fluidity.
  2. The advantages of Toltec
  3. available on all media;
  4. the tool is ergonomic, which significantly facilitates its use;
  5. the legal notices are automatic to provide documents in good and due form;
  6. images and logos to personalize and create an authentic corporate identity.

What We Like

Saving time to create quotes and invoices, not to mention the possibility of using the software offline.


  1. The monthly rate at €25/month excl. VAT,
  2. The annual rate is €19/month, excluding VAT.



Virtuosa is an all-in-one, easy-to-use management software specially designed for building contractors. Available on PC and tablet, you benefit from the help of building experts and complete management functionalities (quotes, site management, interventions, stock, etc.).

The Advantages Of Virtuoza

  1. effective management of profitability by the site (margin calculation directly in your quotes, allocation of supplier invoices by location, etc.);
  2. building experts are at your disposal at all times and support you at all stages of your activity;
  3. a visual and intuitive summary that gives you an overview of all the elements of your project (status of invoices, provisional margins, orders, etc.);
  4. an automatic and real-time update of your invoices’ status, thanks to your bank account’s connection.

What We Like

It’s all-in-one site not only helps you save time by centralizing all the levers of your activity but also improves your decision-making thanks to constantly updated data.


  1. Price on request in the form of Packs.

Our Latest Tips

It’s already the end of our selection, but take your time; we still have some advice! If you still need to decide which software to choose, consider listing your needs in order of importance on a draft; it could help you see more clearly. Although most software takes quotes and invoices into account, you will need more advanced tools depending on your interventions and the size of your business, such as labor tracking if you have several teams working with you.

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