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FilmyHit – Watch Hindi, Punjabi HD Movies For Free [2024]

Having a movie night watching your latest favourite movies with friends and family is fun but not free of cost. Movie-based platforms come with costly subscriptions, but most people can’t afford the subscription amount. Many pirated sites came to exist to solve this issue, and all these pirated websites are not authorized. FilmyHit is one of the pirated sites popular among people, and it is entirely free of cost. All these websites contain illegal content that is stolen from popular OTT platforms.

People are always attracted to these pirated sites as they let them watch movies free of cost. If you are using these pirated sites, it comes under crime due to the illegal nature of these websites. These websites don’t provide any safety or security, and there is a chance of malware actions taking place while using these pirated websites.

All these pirated websites are restricted by many government sectors in many countries. However, these pirated sites create several torrent sites with different domain names and make them always available to their website users. All these websites steal movie content from popular sites and are unauthorized to access.

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What exactly is the FilmyHit website about?

FilmyHit website allows users to unlock unlimited latest movies and web series. All the films and web series are from popular OTT platforms. The website provides movies free of cost to everyone who wants to access the latest films and web series. On this website, all the movies are available in Hindi, irrespective of the movie categories.

As a specific feature, the FilmyHit website provides Punjabi history storybooks like Maharani Jindan and Rooh Punjaban Di. There are also various sections of movies like today’s movies, yesterday’s movies, this week’s movies, and the last 15- and 30-days’ movies. Majorly all these movies are available in HD quality, and there is a category with the name of the s p e c i a l z o n e on the FilmyHit website, which contains Movies by parts, Game of Thrones, Robbery Heist, Marvel Series, DC Extended Universe, and All movies.

The FilmyHit website updates the content regularly to attract more visitors and mainly provides the latest movies and web series to everyone. Usually, people are easily attracted to pirated websites because of the latest movies at zero cost. Even this website has an unlimited collection of films and web series with different genres of movies. One of the most irritating things is many unwanted advertisements and unusable web page redirections.

Downloading process of a movie on the FilmyHit website

With its easily understandable interface, anyone can easily download movies from the FilmyHit website. The process of downloading movies and web series is as follows.

  • Open the FilmyHit website on the supported web browser.
  • Select the movies or web series from the home page (or) from the categories (or) by searching the name on the search bar.
  • Click on the selected movie or web series, and it will take you to the webpage of film details with downloading links.
  • Click on the download link to start downloading a movie or web series.
  • The downloading of movies or web series gets directly stored in your device storage.

Mirror sites / Proxy sites of FilmyHit website

All pirated sites are illegal and unsafe to use, and based on this reason, even the government tries to restrict these sites, including the FilmyHit website. But these websites always create Mirror/Proxy sites to provide movies and web series to their users continuously. A few of the Mirror/Proxy sites of the FilmyHit website are as follows.

  • Filmyhitcom
  • Filmyhitin
  • Filmyhitag
  • Filmyhitapp
  • Filmy hit com
  • Filmyhitwork
  • Flimyhitorg
  • Flimyhitme

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Pros & Cons of FilmyHit website

Pros of FilmyHit website

  • Accessing the movies or web series on the FilmyHit website is free of cost.
  • Multiple genres like action, adventure, animations, biography, cartoons, drama, epic, friction, horror, thriller, and many more are available on this website.
  • Anyone can access unlimited movies and web series libraries.
  • The FilmyHit website contains the oldest to the latest movies and web series.
  • Easily download movies and web series anywhere and anytime.
  • Majorly all the movies or web series on the FilmyHit website are available in HD quality.
  • This website regularly updates the latest movies or web series to engage its users.

Cons of FilmyHit website

  • Very irritatable unwanted advertisements and webpage redirections.
  • The FilmyHit website doesn’t assure safety and security.
  • There is a chance of collecting the users’ data, which may lead to malware actions.
  • This website is entirely illegal and unauthorized to use.
  • Mostly, all the movies are available in the Hindi language.

Film Categories on the FilmyHit website

On the FilmyHit website, many categories are available with the latest movies and web series. Anyone can choose their required movie from these categories easily, and here is a detailed description of the accessible zones.

All Hindi Movies

A few of the sub-categories are also available in the All Hindi Movies category, and they are as follows:

  • Hindi Movies Theatre & DVDrip
  • New Hindi Movies Theatre Print
  • Hindi Movies Original DvDrip
  • Hindi Movies Trailer

All Punjabi Movies

This All Punjabi Movies category contains all Panjabi language movies that are available with subcategories.

  • Punjabi Movies Theatre & DVDrip
  • New Panjabi Movies Theatre Print
  • Panjabi Movies Original DvDrip
  • Panjabi Movies Trailer
  • Dub in Panjabi movies DvDrip

South Indian Movies in Hindi

In this Category, all South Indian movies are available in Hindi languages. Usually, South Indian films are in Telugu and Tamil language, but all these movies are dubbed into Hindi. The available films are PS-2, Funbar, Popcorn, Mardini, Thugs, Virupaksha, Custody, Ravanasura, Chatrapati, Rama Banam, 2018, and many more.

Netflix series in Hindi

Here, all the Netflix series are accessible in the Hindi language, and other popular platforms’ content is also available in this category. Also, you can watch different original web series of famous OTT sites. A few of the movies from this website are as follows, Asur2, City of Dreams, 500 Meters, Black Knight, Dahaad, Sweet Tooth, Mrs Undercover, Pop Kaun, and many more.

Cartoon Animation All Hindi Movies

This category is helpful for people who love to watch cartoon animations, and even all these animated movies are also available in Hindi audio. All these cartoons are from popular websites and are available in HD quality. The available films are The Super Mario Bros, Maya and Bee, The Magician’s Elephant, Choota Beem and the Legend of El Magnifico, and many more.

Chaupal All Movies

In this category, many movies are available. The available films in this category are Tunka Tunka, Zakhmi, Gandhi 2, Rocky Mental, Moosa Jatt, Panchhi, Mirza the untold story, Jindari, Harjeet, Baaz, Just You and Me, and many more.

Alternatives of the FilmyHit website:

Many alternatives for the FilmyHit website are available, and all these websites work with similar features, and a few of the choices are as follows.

  • Justwatch .com

Safety and Legality of the FilmyHit website

The FilmyHit website doesn’t provide any safety measures and is entirely illegal. All the unwanted ads and unidentified webpage redirects may inject harmful viruses into your device that may cause malware actions. The available content on this FilmyHit website is taken from the popular website without their intimation, and it is a crime to access these pirated sites.

No pirated sites are safe to access, even though they provide the latest movie content for free of price. If you are accessing these pirated websites, which implies you are in the risky way of unexpected troubles.

Concluding Words

Every website which provides free content like Filmyhit is not safe and secure, and every website that needs a subscription is not unsecure. Everyone must think once or twice before accessing pirated websites and check about the Legality of the website.

If the government finds anyone accessing these leaked movie sites, they will immediately take serious action against them. You can have safe and secure streaming of movies and web series with legal OTT platforms.

In this article, we never promote or support pirated websites, and mentioned information is only for awareness purposes. A friendly suggestion, try to avoid using pirated sites and be legal and use legal websites for the safety and security of your information.

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