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How To Do Personal Branding The Right Way In 2023

Personal Branding is essential to appear as an expert in your reference sector. When you start your own business or want to relaunch the current one, you need to create a new image that allows you to establish yourself as a professional. But if you are new to personal Branding, how can you create a compelling image of an authoritative expert in an increasingly competitive environment? Simple … read this article! With my help, you will learn how to build and manage your professional reputation to create a unique and memorable personal brand that will differentiate you from everyone else in your industry.

 I’ll help you build a high-impact online profile, establishing yourself as a credible source of information and expertise so that I can serve you as a valuable resource for others and attract new customers. This will allow you to establish yourself as an authority and expert in your field while allowing for your personality. It will give you a massive advantage over the competition and increase your sales.  What are you waiting for? (take a look at my FREE RESOURCES, you will find the Method I use myself to build online projects for professionals and startuppers)

What Is Personal Branding

Personal Branding is a combination of many different disciplines:

  1. marketing
  2. branding
  3. public relations
  4. business model
  5. networking
  6. social media
  7. and much more.

In other words, it is the art of creating a unique identity that stands out in the crowd.

Personal Branding intends to make you memorable, with the short-term goal of making you earn more and the long-term goal of perhaps leaving an impact on history. Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Leonardo da Vinci, and Newton … are some of the most famous Personal Brands in history. People who changed the world made a name for themselves and will forever be remembered as great scientists, leaders, and artists. According to Jeff Bezos, Amazon Founder, a personal brand is what people say about you when you’re not around. In the modern world, on the other hand, it can be listed as:

  1. Personal Branding for entrepreneurs
  2. Personal political Branding
  3. For Sportsmen
  4. For Rockstar

In general, all the people who want to elevate themselves from the crowd need a personal brand and can obtain many benefits from their reputation.

What Are The Advantages Of Personal Branding?

Undeniably, the most crucial benefit is the recognition and respect it brings you. When people recognize your name, expertise, job, or personal Brand, they know they need to pay attention to you. In this, you will have many new business opportunities to increase your turnover.They know you are worth their time. You become more valuable. In business, this translates into more customers, more orders, and more profits.

Above all, it means no longer having to deal with doubt, skepticism, endless quotes, downward negotiations, and all those things that waste time and patience. As a politician, this means more votes. And as a person who wants to make a dream come true, it means your life has more chances than if you didn’t have a personal brand. That’s why you need to download my free guide. So you will know how to build a winning image for your Brand.

The Three Pillars Of Personal Branding

Soon I will explain in great detail how to set up some examples of strategies to improve the reputation of your name. But first, we must talk for a moment about what are the characteristics that distinguish Personal Branding:

  1. Competence
  2. Authority
  3. Network

These factors act as cognitive biases for all humans; therefore, we must learn to know them.


Competence is the ability to get the desired results in a particular competitive scenario. You have to learn a lot if you want to be competent in a field. And above all, you have to show that you know them, that you master them, and that you have control over them to get results.

How can you do this? It depends on the sector, but in general, the best way to increase the perception of your competence is to show the following:

  1. your qualifications and certifications
  2. valuable content for your audience
  3. the results you have achieved in your field


Authority is defined as a person’s perceived power – the ability to get others to do what you want them to do based on your knowledge and skills. It is a critical parameter, perhaps the most important, when creating a solid and lasting personal brand.  How can you increase your authority? By becoming an opinion leader, making people understand how you think about your sector and influencing it with your content, expertise, and way of seeing the world.

  1. Specialize in a small market segment
  2. Teach through content
  3. Build a community
  4. Participate in discussions about your industry
  5. Write a book
  6. Do public speaking


The third pillar is to broaden your sphere of influence and surround yourself with a network of contacts that talk about you to others. This is a compelling element. Think of any of your friends or acquaintances with a vast social circle. By being known and known, he has more prestige and “perceived value” than a person who perhaps knows more but communicates worse.

These people are the ones that are addressed when:

  1. Need an advice
  2. you have to find a specialist, and you don’t know who to turn to
  3. you want to organize an event, and you need to bring people there
  4. other things that have to do with “sociability.”

The masters in this are the PR, the public relations experts, whose primary skill, thanks to strong interpersonal skills, is that of having a large social circle, a network of contacts to rely on to receive favors or solve problems.

How to do personal Branding

We have seen why it is essential to improve your Branding in today’s world. And we also understood what the fundamental principles behind it are. But how to build a Personal Brand? How to make your Brand successful, reliable, and desired by the public? It would help if you had an effective strategy like the one I’m going to show you now.

 Define A Strategy

The first thing you need to do to create a personal Branding strategy before starting any communication action is to think about yourself. Not about your company but you as a person:

  1. What do you want from your life? 
  2. What do you want to bequeath to others?
  3. What would you like to communicate?
  4. How will you help others? And to do what?
  5. Answering these initial questions will be essential to define a plan and objectives to be achieved in the strategy context. In particular, you will have to analyze the following:
  6. your starting point (the current situation)
  7. your point of arrival (what you want to achieve from your Brand)

Identify Your Audience

Knowing who you are and who you want to become is not enough. You will also need to know precisely who you want to contact. You must therefore have some marketing and market analysis skills. You will have to understand how to be a reference for your audience, and to do so; you must first know the following:

  1. who I am
  2. how old are they
  3. what they love
  4. what they hate
  5. what they envy and why
  6. what problems do they have
  7. that you want to satisfy

When you have a clear idea of ​​who your target audience is, you can also decide whether to target a particular segment or not. 

Develop A Story

Stories are essential to remaining in people’s memories for a long time. So you will have to build a story around the values ​​you want to communicate and the goals you want to achieve. It would help if you told a coherent, consistent, and appealing story to your particular reference area. A story about yourself and what you have achieved is called a ” Brand Story. ”  To take a classic example based on the typical Customer Journey called “Hero’s Journey,” you have to consider the following: 

  1. your prospect as the main character
  2. yourself as a mentor, helping the protagonist overcome the problem and fulfill the call

Make sure you are authentic! You don’t have to pretend to be someone else or give a false image. To create a compelling personal brand, you must have strengths and weaknesses, successes and failures, and positives and negatives.

Define A Unique Positioning 

To build a brand, you need to have a clear, unique positioning strategy, and your uniqueness should be connected to your audience. It should also be tied to your competition to ensure that others perceive you differently.  But if this is fundamental in building a corporate brand, it is less critical in a personal one. Because? Because if you are authentic, you will already be unique! It is challenging for two people to have the same story and identify ways of thinking. In any case, you cannot leave things to chance; you have to plan, know the competition and define a unique strategic positioning. Based on this, you can also specify an adequate visual identity that focuses on your distinctive traits.

Create A Content Empire

Content Marketing is the primary source of authority and competence with which you can (and must) build your Brand. To prove that you are an expert and give credibility to your story, you need to ensure that you have a lot of high-quality information and blog articles on your website or social profiles. To do all this efficiently and preserve your sanity without going crazy by posting billions of things everywhere, I recommend that you adopt a multi-channel digital marketing strategy that allows you to work, using the same appropriately adapted content, on different channels of communication:

  1. blog article
  2. Youtube channel
  3. Facebook
  4. Instagram or Linkedin (depending on your audience)
  5. TikTok
  6. etc …

You should also publish at least one book every two years to maximize your skills and leverage them.

Video Marketing

Video marketing is the most powerful marketing tool available today. It is no longer enough to have written content. The video must be reasonable and well-produced, with the right length, message, and voice. People need to see your face while you speak for several good reasons:

  1. So they will understand that it is you who knows what you are talking about (the writing instead could have been created by others)
  2. They will be able to read your paraverbal and understand the confidence with which you express yourself.
  3. They want to get to know you better.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the easiest way to interact with your target audience. You can share content, ask for advice or help them with their problems. It’s essential to make sure your profile is consistent, authentic, and engaging. Make sure your content is relevant, well structured, and interesting, that you are always visible, and that you respond to your followers promptly. Create engaging posts where you talk about what you think in your industry. If possible, use controversy to spark a bit of discussion and polarize your audience, bringing your ideal customers closer and driving away those who are not on target.

Manage Your Online Reputation

Online reputation management is a must! Your potential customers will look at your social media profiles, websites, blogs, articles, reviews, etc. So if someone doesn’t like what they see, they can spread damaging rumors about you. To protect your Brand, you need to have a solid online reputation management strategy. You will need to be notified of what people are saying about you and where, so you can step in (either yourself or by reporting it to some of your hardcore fans so they can defend you) It’s essential to keep an eye on your online presence and make sure it reflects how you want people to perceive you.

Create Your Professional Network

The more connections you have, the greater the chances of your ideas being heard, and the more they will be heard, the more visible you will be to your potential customers. 

First, start building your network. You can do it simply using Linkedin. It’s simple: Ask them to connect if you don’t know them! If you do, follow them to show them how much you appreciate their help and content. Then, it would help if you got involved in the social media groups where you work or where you want to work:

  1. Expose yourself
  2. brings value to communities
  3. of yours
  4. Always offer your point of view.
  5. Help others solve problems.

By doing so, other professionals will see you as a point of reference, and you will easily be able to expand your network. This will surely bring countless benefits, including more customers and new jobs.

Examples Of Personal Branding

Well, we’ve seen why you should invest in your Branding and how to do it. But perhaps you may need some examples to understand better how to move. So here are some examples declined on various professional figures:

Examples Of Personal Brands For Professionals

For a professional, creating personal Branding means significantly increasing their fee, having fewer objections in the negotiation phase, and being able to impose better commercial conditions.  But what are good examples of professional personal Branding:

  1. Luca Taglialatela: accountant expert in international tax planning, he has been very good at building an ecosystem of contents over the years that allow him to offer consultancy services for € 1000 now
  2. Luca Mazzucchelli: he started as a psychologist; he is now an entrepreneur and an influencer. I know his story about him and that he started from nothing. Year after year, his branding di Lui has exploded to become one of the number one in Italy.

Examples Of Personal Brand For Coach

For a coach, personal Brand is everything. By not selling physical products or services, he cannot help but focus on the results of his customers, on the testimonials, and on the story, he is good at creating through his channels. Here are some examples of Coach personal branding:

  1. Roberto Re: he is the one who brought NLP to Italy. But he has been good at repositioning himself as a leadership coach over the years.
  2. Filippo Ongaro: ex-astronaut doctor. He did an incredible job reaching 7 zero results in a few years. 

Examples Of Personal Brands For Entrepreneurs

Personal Branding is essential for an entrepreneur beyond his company. There are many entrepreneurs who, after launching a successful company, have invested in themselves to become influential in other industries and become celebrities. Here are some examples of personal Branding as an entrepreneur:

  1. Flavio Briatore: an extremely controversial character but a very successful entrepreneur, he has built a name on his Branding that goes far beyond his companies.
  2. Bill Gates: He has long been the wealthiest man in the world. But after being the entrepreneur who launched Microsoft, he worked on his Brand di Lui to launch many other successful projects.

Political Personal Branding

Politics is another area where personal Branding is everything. If you think about it, very often, the personality of the party leader matters more than the party himself.

The most striking example is Silvio Berlusconi: Italy’s most loved and hated man. This polarization made him famous beyond his successes and personal and judicial events di Lui. One thing is sure: he does not leave you indifferent.

But many other politicians are more famous and have more votes than their parties:

  1. Matteo Renzi
  2. Giorgia Meloni
  3. Matteo Salvini (note that he does not have his website, but his name is in the name of the party)
  4. Enrico Letta

These are all names we can love or hate but have indeed worked very well at the personal brand level, as Oscar Wilde said: for better or for worse, as long as we talk about it.

Indeed, the purpose of a personal political brand is to polarize the voters strongly. So it is suitable for the politician to be intensely hated by a part of the electorate. This is also personal Branding.


In summary, personal Branding is a must for entrepreneurs, professionals, and startups who want to build a business from scratch. Thanks to it, you can reach more people, get more customers, and get paid more. 

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