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Microsoft Cloud: The Advantages For Your Business

To support productivity and collaboration within the new digital operating ecosystem, access to company data must be immediate and reliable, and the management of connected devices must be quick and reliable to protect the data. Thanks to the service delivery model, the Microsoft cloud makes it possible to achieve all these objectives without incurring heavy investments. 

With its unified communication & collaboration platform and endpoint management functions, the Microsoft cloud represents the key to enabling a safe, simple, always up-to-date and performing hybrid workplace. Let’s see what the advantages of this solution are in detail and how to obtain them, all thanks to a mature and conscious adoption.

Taking Full Advantage Of The Strengths Of The Microsoft Cloud: What Is The Secret To Succeeding?

The Microsoft cloud, with the applications of the 365 suite, allows you to create, edit and share documents, make calls and video conferences, chat, write and collaborate with all corporate (and non-corporate) users from any device and from anywhere, even on the move.

 An Enterprise level M365 license, For example, offers a complete set of business services such as e-mail, Office tools available on the web, file storage and sharing system, video conferencing and instant messaging apps, and advanced security, analytics and voice. 

In short, it is a highly complete and advanced unified communication model: making the best use of  What a license of this type offers can give a decisive boost to the business in terms of productivity and is essential to value the investment. The difference between an average cloud adoption and a genuinely profitable one is defined by the level of awareness reached by users.

How can you be sure that you are maximizing the use of these tools? The solution is to rely on an expert consultant who boasts a Microsoft Gold Communications certification and is, therefore, able to accompany the organization on a path of adoption of the platform that is personalized and adherent to specific business needs.

The Company Phone System On The Microsoft Cloud: Why Teams Voice Pays Off

Thanks to the integration between all the tools included in the platform, Microsoft 365 allows business users, collaborators and partners to interact with each other and share documents, projects and workflows fluidly. In particular, among the most advanced advantages that the Microsoft cloud offers to business, the Private Branch Exchange functions included in Teams undoubtedly stand out: this application can become the only interface of the company telephone system, accessible in the office as in intelligent working. 

The switchboard in the Microsoft cloud can be configured both by integrating the traditional telephone system and with the whole cloud mode, which includes all the features of Microsoft 365. This way, all company users will be reachable on their number without necessarily having to be present at the desk: you connect through your Team’s account via the web or mobile app. All without losing the company numbering already in use.

The Benefits Of Endpoint Management With The Microsoft Cloud

With the spread of remote work, the number of devices that connect to the operating environment outside the traditional network perimeter has increased exponentially. This scenario lends itself to a series of critical issues and vulnerabilities that must be seriously addressed.

 A Device Management & Deployment solution is included with the Microsoft 365 suite and the Microsoft Cloud, Azure, through which it is possible to manage the access policies to corporate data for PCs, smartphones and tablets through a single platform. The system allows you to easily update applications, quickly configure access settings (even on personal devices) and ensure that all actions performed within the workplace comply with the defined security requirements.

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