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Scan The QR Code On The PC: This Is How It Works

You can likewise peruse QR codes on a PC. Notwithstanding different projects, a few free web-based administrations are accessible to you.

Read The QR Code On The PC

The two-layered QR code is a critical instrument for scrambling and decoding data. The innovation saves information space and makes it accessible to beneficiaries as basically as could be expected. Up to 177 x 177 components can be scrambled and put away, which can be called up again with a good scanner. A ton of data can be passed along these lines: these incorporate abbreviated URLs, infographics, or sound documents. The innovation additionally fills in as an option in contrast to OCR programming. In addition to the fact that you can sweep the QR code with your cell phone, you can likewise peruse it on your PC.

In Which Cases Do You Need To Scan QR Codes On The PC?

Typically, the information is read out with a smartphone. This method has proven itself for years and works very well in marketing or the area of ​​augmented reality in e-commerce. However, you may have to scan the QR code on the PC, for example, if you don’t have a smartphone. It is also conceivable that the code is on the smartphone itself, and you need the information on the computer. If the encryption is embedded in an email and you want to read the QR code on the PC, the smartphone is of little help either. So instead of first calling up the data with your smartphone and then sending it to your computer, you can also scan the QR code directly with your PC. A QR code generator is the most straightforward and practical solution. In the following, we will also show you which other programs are available and how you can scan a QR code online on your PC.

Scan The QR Code With A PC Via The Website

Numerous free websites allow you to scan a QR code on your PC. Usually, the functionality is always similar:

  1. Go to the website of your choice.
  2. Activate your webcam to scan the QR code with the PC. If you don’t have a webcam, upload the image to their website and possibly mark where the code is located.
  3. You can then read the QR code on the PC, and the data it contains will be displayed directly.

Alternatively, if the code is on your smartphone, create one screenshot and email it to your computer. Then you can upload the image and read the QR code on your PC.

Scan The QR Code On The PC With Special Software

If you often want to scan a QR code on your PC, you can also use one of the numerous programs available. Many of these tools are free. Besides various providers that enable code tracking, the most popular option is the code two QR Code Desktop Reader & Generator, which allows you to scan QR codes in Windows 10 and create them yourself. If you would like to use the software to scan a QR code with the PC, proceed as follows:

  1. Install the software using the setup wizard.
  2. Open the program.
  3. You now have four options for scanning a QR code on the PC: Directly from the screen (“From screen”), via the webcam (“From webcam”), via a saved image file (“From file”), or from the clipboard (“From clipboard”). You can find all of these options in the top left. Select the appropriate variant.
  4. Now scan the QR code with your PC.

If the attempt fails, this may be because you have not set your screen scaling to 100 percent. To fix this, go to your desktop, right-click and select “Display Settings.” Under “Scaling and arrangement,” set 100 percent. This setting is also recommended.

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