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Which Construction Site Monitoring Software To Choose?

After closing the previous year with encouraging figures, the construction sector continues to evolve. Indeed, the sector is increasingly moving towards digitalization. Represented by the  French Building Federation, the sector has made its place to become an essential economic area. The Public Works and Building sectors have long been out of step with the digital transition. However, today, these areas are seeing genuine interest and the need for the benefits provided.

The Digitalization Of Businesses Is A Matter For Everyone

The global digitization of processes has made it possible to maintain the activity of many companies during the COVID-19 crisis. Many projects have been put on hold. To be able to sustain their activity, digitalization was, therefore, a fundamental step to take. Currently, more and more entrepreneurs and business leaders say they are ready for an assertive digital transition. 

Several changes are affected, such as the business model, the exchange of information, productivity, and site monitoring. Digitalization represents a significant asset for these players. First of all, it makes it possible to increase activity through new digital tools, and it allows overall growth of the sector. There are more and more tools, such as the site monitoring solution, which allow for smoother exchanges, sharing, and simultaneity of documents. 

The objective is to work remotely and in real time between all employees. Working conditions and construction sites are organized in a more controlled manner, and the time savings are significant. The aim is also to prevent the risk of work accidents using these digital tools. Safety is a crucial point in the construction sector.

Focus On Construction Site Monitoring Solutions In The Market

 Among the digital tools, the site monitoring solution stands out. It allows the centralization of your sites on a single platform. It integrates a multitude of information and provides access to numerous personalized features. In the construction sector, once the estimate has been signed, the tasks to be carried out to complete a project multiply. It is, therefore, helpful to opt for construction site monitoring software

Mastering the planning and monitoring of employees is fundamental for good coordination between all stakeholders and for overall and optimal management. A number of solutions exist on the market. However, it is challenging to choose which solution is suitable based on business needs. Discover a comparison of solutions specially designed for construction, with the advantages and disadvantages of each solution. You are not a construction company? Discover our study on project monitoring and time management solutions!


Synchroteam offers a multitude of services on its construction site monitoring solution. The latter is intuitive, mobile, and customizable according to the needs of each company. Instead of focusing on purchasing, administration, or even accounting professions, Synchroteam optimizes costs, planning, and file generation.

This web solution is ideal for managing field services, so it is also suitable for the construction sectors in the broad sense. It is a relevant choice for SMEs. However, the number of users of this solution is limited and may be blocking more complex projects in the longer term.


Onaya has many characteristics, such as the multifunctionality of its offer, which allows it to be in our selection today. The French construction site monitoring solution allows data hosting on the national territory. However, it quickly finds its limit when it comes to the mobility of the solution as well as its ease of use. Although the solution is specialized to meet the business specificities of construction companies, it does not allow working in real-time via an application. Its number of users is limited, which marks the limit of the solution when carrying out more significant projects.


Graneet is a site monitoring solution specialized for construction companies in the management of work. A single interface provides global visibility of construction site progress. Graneet is a French solution that offers a monthly subscription without commitment and does not apply installation fees. The solution is adaptable and customizable. However, it has more of a financial vision than a global vision of site monitoring. The goal is to manage your finances better. Concerning mobility, the solution does not have an application allowing remote access and work to be updated in real time. 


Kraft is a French solution that allows you to visualize and monitor the progress of construction sites. Designed for field teams, this solution is organized like a digital construction site diary. His particularity? It has the same features as Excel and instant messaging like WhatsApp, which makes this solution a 2.0 dematerialized data collection. Kraft is a simple tool that as many people can use as possible. 

However, this software has limits when monitoring more complex projects. There is no single interface that allows information to be centralized. The different services are broken down over several pages. Finally, Kraft can generate site reports in one click but does not take into account the management of team working time.


novaTime represents the perfect alternative for construction companies seeking to optimize the monitoring of their construction sites. Thanks to this solution, you gain visibility and flexibility. Task planning and management are optimized, and you gain efficiency. Thanks to an intuitive and global interface, you monitor the progress of construction sites, optimize team planning, and consult construction sites on the move. 

In addition, through a mobile application, the information is updated simultaneously, and you transmit the information to your teams in the field. Do you have a CRM? Pair it with novaTime to get functional software customized to your needs! novaTime meets your needs and allows optimization of your working time while being a complete and easy-to-use tool. 

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