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15 Essential Collaborative Work Tools

The collaborative work tool is a set of digital tools to facilitate collaboration between a company and third parties. They are used for the online sharing of work files between collaborators. These tools make it possible to organize a schedule, follow a budget or communicate internally. Here are 15 essential collaborative work tools.


Monday is a project management tool that combines all the perfect features for managing team projects, even remotely. With an easy-to-use interface, it is centered around the management and monitoring of daily tasks. The advantage of this tool is the automation of workflows, making information more fluid and saving time.

Monday provides an overview of the progress of all projects. It is mainly intended for all software development teams, marketing, and sales teams, human resources, etc. We talked more about it in our dedicated test. Try monday.com for free


Miro is a collaborative whiteboard solution that allows you to share ideas with collaborators. This tool meets different needs: meetings, workshops, Brainstorming, etc. A dashboard of various tools, such as a pen, a post-it, a comment tool, etc., accompanies it. 

Miro can be edited simultaneously depending on the degree of authorization chosen. Sharing your screen or making audio or video calls is also possible. This platform provides a library of templates intended to help users organize whiteboards. This can include a mind map, kanban board, event planning, etc.

Miro provides 300 templates. However, it also offers the possibility of creating your templates. This tool offers several integrations for the workflow: Dropbox, Google Suite, Jira, Team, Slack, etc. It is available on the web browser and has desktop (Windows and Mac OS) and mobile (Android and iOS) applications.

Team Leader

Teamleader is a software dedicated to working management. It is an essential collaboration tool for companies, freelancers, and organizations, offering them a 360° view of their activities. Although it incorporates multiple advanced features to automate and optimize your daily activities, it is simple. Moreover, you can customize its handling by yourself or by calling on an expert from his team.

Indeed, the solutions offered by Teamleader have been designed to improve collaboration within the departments of your entity. With productivity at the center of your concerns, this software package offers essential strategic tools for tasks related to invoicing, project management, customer relations, customer service, and sales, allowing you to save time and increase efficiency.

A collaborative

The realization of a project could be more precise. You must be innovative and find ways to make things easier while moving quickly and confidently. A collaborative platform is a solution. Existing for more than ten years, Acollab presents itself today as an excellent alternative because it has all the features that can change the situation.

You can save time for the development phases of your project thanks to the possibilities offered by the virtual workspace. This French collaborative platform boosts the efficiency of your employees and, therefore, your productivity. In addition to chat, directory, global search, and collaborative publication, Acollab offers many other advantages for teamwork.

  1. Share and save GED files
  2. Follow the tasks related to each mission via a Gantt diagram
  3. Develop a group agenda
  4. Create slide workspaces for each team, for each project, etc.
  5. Record the working time spent on a task to assess its duration.
  6. Enter the expenses subject to the completion of a mission to estimate an activity’s profitability.


The notion is a complete management tool that allows users to write, plan, collaborate and organize. It eliminates the need for multiple tools by bringing multiple features together in one software. It offers features for notes and documents with lists consisting of verifiable items, which are also crossed out once verified. Notion even offers features to create and maintain a neat and categorized knowledge base for the team.

Users can manage their tasks and projects using Kanban boards, calendars, and list views. Tasks and issues can be created and maintained, and information about them can be tracked. The statutes can be modified, and collaboration between teams is possible. The tool also allows for managing spreadsheets and databases.

 Users can also access several keyboard shortcuts using slash (/) type commands. The user interface is adapted to drag and drop. The notion also integrates several other apps, including Google Sheets, Docs, Drive, Maps, Figma, Invision, Framer, Twitter, and more.


The instant messaging tool Slack can be used from a computer or smartphone. It allows all members of the company to access collaborative workspaces to exchange. Public or private, participants can find themselves around a conversation chain organized by project or subject. Slack allows sharing of information, files, and documents to reduce the exchange of email.

This collaborative work tool also makes it possible to integrate external applications. The goal is to complete its functionalities or to carry out orders to carry out actions. Slack is a fun tool to unite the team internally. There are also many tools similar to the latter.

Google Drive

Google Drive allows data to be stored and shared across the organization in the cloud. It is accessible from a Google account and synchronizes with all search engine tools. This tool is accessible to all employees, regardless of their location. Thus, they can access the company Drive and all the data stored by the teams.

Each collaborator can thus consult them, modify them, add them, etc. Google Drive is very fluid and collaborative, allowing access to office tools such as Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides. Thus, participants can create presentations or working documents.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a platform dedicated to teamwork in the Microsoft Office 365 suite. Facilitating teamwork, this tool brings together in one place a range of valuable features for collaboration: PowerPoint, Excel, Word, etc. Regardless of location, Microsoft Teams allows teams to work together on the same project from workgroups. Members can thus share files to view or modify them in real-time in the formats of the 365 suite.

Ideal for collaboration, Microsoft Teams allows communication via messaging, audio, or video conferencing. This tool makes it possible to create communication channels by project so that users can meet in a dedicated space to move forward together. The platform also allows the addition of external applications to complete its functionality.


French project software, Wimi, helps companies organize teamwork. It helps to plan and track projects, manage tasks and improve productivity. This tool centralizes data, calendars, and discussions. In addition, it allows the creation of spaces for each project and sends real-time notifications to inform about the progress.

 It offers the possibility of inviting customers and external partners of the company for better collaboration. Wimi can be integrated into employees’ daily tools: Microsoft, office 365, G suite, and Outlook. It easily integrates with over 100 apps, including Zapier, Dropbox, Skype, Slack, and more.

Offering a unified workspace and discussion channels, it includes private messaging. The same applies to a document manager with access rights and a Drive to share files. It also offers a project manager, a task manager, shared calendars, audio and video calls, and a reporting tool. Attaching great importance to security and data protection, Wimi is a GDPR-compliant solution.


Live or remotely, Beekast optimizes the organization of meetings while encouraging participants’ commitment. This tool allows you to create dynamic presentations in just a few clicks. You can add your content, whether it is PowerPoint, PDF, or native videos. This also allows access to interactive activities such as a word cloud, a multiple-choice question, a vote, or a survey. Beeks embeds a discussion space with an integrated video conferencing solution allowing interaction with interlocutors.

 Note that the session leader becomes the moderator of the content exchanged on the chat or the activities. Beeks automatically generates minutes at the end of meetings in an editable format. This contains the entire presentation, the results of the contributions, and the discussions.


Klaxoon is revolutionizing meetings while improving teamwork efficiency in the classroom or remotely. In particular, with various collaborative tools intended for meetings, workshops, training, project management, team animation, etc. This solution allows all participants to express themselves, make decisions more quickly, and reduce meeting time.

This tool can be connected to any digital device without having to install anything. Users can, through a dozen formats, instantly share their ideas. Including Brainstorming, questions, polls, vote, word clouds, quizzes, etc.


Talkspirit is a French collaborative work tool aimed mainly at SMEs and ETIs. This tool covers the needs intended to streamline collaboration and communication. In particular, thanks to its document management, messaging, video, and audio conferencing, task and calendar management, online office suite, etc. Talkspirit brings together the functionalities of many tools on the market within the same space.


The schedule is a marketing software suite for product managers, entrepreneurs and marketing teams to improve productivity. It provides tools to organize all marketing-related work and content in one place. CoSchedule is primarily used to collaborate with teams, automate workflows, and organize content.

The suite’s tools include Marketing Calendar, Work Organizer, Content Organizer, Resource Organizer, and Social Organizer. The marketing calendar includes a multi-functional calendar. Work Organizer helps in work management with automated workflows.


Jamespot is an informal interior community uniting the necessities of associations. It contains informing, record altering, a corporate interpersonal organization, a video conferencing device, an undertaking the board instrument, and so on.

 This stage gives a store numerous business applications making the stage completely configurable per your cooperative requirements. It likewise has a complete and present-day intranet committed to projecting the executives and inside correspondence. This apparatus can coordinate with the arrangements currently set up in the organization, for example, Office 365 or Google Suite.

Workplace By Facebook

The world’s most prominent web-based entertainment organization, Facebook, offers a group cooperation administration, Facebook Working environment, which can go about as a corporate intranet entrance.

The stage has an exceptionally easy-to-use interface where groups can team up through their entries, Facebook pages, notes, and reports. In the Facebook Work environment, colleagues can team up on errands using voice/video calls and texting. The stage additionally coordinates AI bots to mechanize explicit assignments.

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