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The Six Best Project Management Programs

Appetizer features center business involved in this correlation of venture the board and arranging devices, with a determination of 6 undertaking the executive’s programs – see the advantages of each to find the best web-based answer for your business needs! 2019 is an excellent year for a project on the board. 

The premise of this recharged interest is located in the social changes of organizations that undeniably value joint effort between workers. For instance, it is fantastic to see that the “Light-footed” project, the board technique, has become vital for creating the executive’s abilities, initially intended for IT improvements, it is significantly utilized by promoting, backing, and HR groups. 

We never again see ourselves doing an enormous scope promoting activity and settling on choices without sharing information, gaining from everybody’s encounters, arranging our actions, and estimating project accomplishment through dashboards.

This development is leaned toward developing the product in SaaS mode (open through an internet browser), which upsets and works with the administration of online undertakings for experts by eliminating spatial imperatives. Whether in a similar room or on various mainlands, no activity on a venture is unimaginable.

Benefits Of A Project Management Program

Project management programs are fundamental tools for managing a project. They are an indispensable component of the project team because they allow smoother communication and ensure no step is skipped. Plus, with visibility into the progress of each task, errors due to lack of visibility can be avoided. Project management programs are often highly configurable and leveraged across multiple business environments.

For example, project managers can:

  1. structure activities in phases
  2. Define parallel tasks and activities
  3. Divide a complex project into sub-projects that need to be monitored
  4. Simplify the allocation and management of resources (human, material, or financial) for each activity included in the project plan
  5. Provide fully detailed reports
  6. Better follow the workflow.

There is a wide range of project management tools that offer various features. Some are simple and allow you to manage tasks, while others have more complex features. There are also those suitable for very complex projects, which allow you to group activities into ‘ subprojects’ in a hierarchical way and to work collaboratively on tasks given to team members. 

The latter types find particular application in large-scale projects where they help achieve better time management and reduce communication costs because there is less back-and-forth correspondence between company employees. 

If you are looking for a project management program, things have likely changed since you started planning your project, and you already have a program in mind—quite a bit. Furthermore, when you search for solutions on the web, you will probably be faced with an avalanche of information on various platforms that can leave you with few ideas.

Clarizen: World Leader In PM

Clarizen is a 100% Web-based solution that, soon after its launch in 2006, became a credible alternative to MS Project (Microsoft Project). The internal communication functions give the strength of Clarizen. They facilitate the transformation of unstructured information (ideas, comments, comments, observations) into data that can be used for the project (adding milestones, defining activities, knowledge base, modifying specifications, assigning and planning resources). In terms of customer relations, Clarizen is an actual vector of trust thanks to sharing the roadmap with the project stakeholders. Clarizen is ideal for IT companies, R&D environments, and service companies.

Teamleader: Project Management To Get Your Business Off The Ground

The team leader is an incredible ally in project management. It is an easy-to-use tool with powerful results. It allows you to take a large project and divide it into tasks and milestones to simplify it as much as possible and be able to see it from multiple perspectives. Furthermore, he can guarantee better use of human and non-human resources thanks to his planning skills.

In this perspective of maximum optimization, with Teamleader, it is possible to analyze the most profitable projects to choose the best way to intervene. Finally, time management and budgeting will also be significantly improved by this tool. All that remains is to test it with the free trial.

Wimi: Interoperability And Collaborative Uses At The Heart Of Performance

Wimi is appreciated by teams of SMEs and large companies for its communication and collaboration tools: the software is designed according to user needs, taking advantage of the known and most widespread uses. For example, the software offers storage space and allows you to connect to Google Drive.

In a single interface, employees centralize their workspace and communication tools right in the software. On the interface side, you can connect Wimi with the Salesforce Sales Cloud CRM, Microsoft Office 365, or popular storage spaces like DropBox.

Sciforma: For Project Portfolio Management Experts

Sciforma is an uncommon answer for incorporating explicit issues like gambling the board and famous task the executive’s techniques like Deft, Basic Chain, Prince2, and numerous others.

Sciforma is, in this manner, an organizing and effective device from 3 perspectives:

  1. project portfolio the board (PPM)
  2. asset association, using time effectively, arranging
  3. progress following
  4. Sciforma is focused on IT organizations, Research and development conditions, and administration organizations.

Smartsheet: Complete And Intuitive

Smartsheet is a simple cloud project management solution that adds project-oriented intelligence to spreadsheets like Excel that most professionals already use and master. Organizing and managing tasks over time and across resources happens on the fly and in real-time. 

The project is monitored on an automatic Gantt chart and in the agenda integrated into the solution. On the collaborative side, Smartsheet integrates seamlessly with your documents and professional agenda. Smartsheet is aimed at small workgroups such as SMBs who want to tackle IT or marketing projects productively.

Asana: The Simplification Of The Assignment Of Tasks

The origin of Asana is curious: the two developers worked on it to simplify tasks for Facebook workers. Starting from the name, which in Sanskrit means “easy to learn,” the idea was to develop something genuinely supportive of task management without complicating life.

Then marketed in 2012, today it is a web-based software that also offers a mobile version. It allows you to manage a project by dividing it into tasks and sub-tasks and following team members’ activity and task completion to maximize resources.

Our Opinion To Better Choose Your Solution

Start with your environment and ask yourself the right questions:

  1. What are my project team’s current uses?
  2. What are the needs to improve collaboration?
  3. What tools are becoming essential for productivity?
  4. Which applications are already present in the company?
  5. Which project management software best meets my expectations?
  6. Does this software communicate seamlessly with my existing applications?
  7. Will my employees’ familiarity with the software be apparent to them?

Different rules supplement your reasoning, for example, the number of your representatives, more essential elements like PPM, security, and information protection, or the capacity of the board programming to offer natural purposes to work with its reception by the whole group.

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