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The Best Software To Create A Gantt Chart Online

A Gannett diagram is fundamental for the compelling preparation of undertakings and exercises. From the meaning of the undertaking rundown to the development of the exercises. It is a down-to-earth device for demonstrating exercises simply. Is it said that you are a novice in projecting the board?

The course of events of your Gantt diagram is attracted to a Succeed sheet, and would you like to furnish yourself with a committed Gantt programming? This article is made for you. You will track down our determination toward the finish of the article. Contrast online Gantt graph programming with getting your activities going.

What Is A Gantt Chart?

The Gantt graph is a fundamental task the executives model to complete your exercises in the ideal circumstances. It permits you to draw up an arrangement and view every one of the exercises to be done and, as of now, finished, thanks to their graphical portrayal. There are many devices to make a Gantt outline with a couple of basic mouse clicks. However, its development is dependably something similar:

  1. left column: list of activities and associated sub-tasks
  2. header line: time unit
  3. Each bar corresponds to an activity, represented by a rectangle, more or less long according to the duration of the activity, or by a diamond for a milestone of the project (punctual activity).

Gantt also highlights the interdependence of tasks and activities with each other. In other words, to perform an N operation, the N-1 operation must have previously been performed. For example, to perform an “emailing campaign sending” operation, the tasks of content creation, graphic creation of the email, segmentation of the contact database, etc., must have been performed. In concrete terms, tasks are connected by an arrow to represent their interdependence graphically. It is an important component of the Work Breakdown Structure.

What Is The Gantt Chart For?

Planning Assistance

Managing and meeting deadlines are one of the toughest business challenges. With a Gantt chart, you can precisely define each milestone, start date, duration and due date. You will have better control over your project’s progress and costs.

Structuring The Project

A Gantt chart allows you to precisely define the activities to be carried out and manage resources (time, budget, human resources) in each project phase. You know where you’re going and your deadlines, and you can move from one task to another logically without wasting time.

The advantage of the Gantt is that it is suitable for all activities: launching a marketing campaign, developing a software release, setting up a communication strategy, IT project, etc. It can also be adapted to all business sectors.

The graphical representation of the activities and milestones is the heart of the Gantt chart; the use of colors to define priorities or any delays and the progress of the activities make the visualization of the project’s progress very fast. In the blink of an eye, you can get a clear idea of ​​the project’s progress and make appropriate decisions, for example, in case of delays.

Strengthen Teamwork

All project stakeholders have access to the plan, the list of tasks and, in general, all information relating to the project. Communication and cohesion are consolidated within project teams. How to make a Gantt chart in excel?

Step 1: List Of Tasks

First, you need to list all project tasks. For large projects, sub-tasks can be defined to further structure the project. Remember that the goal of the Gantt chart is to give you a better view of your project; prioritizing and grouping them by type of activity can help. Feel free to go into detail to list your tasks: the more precise you are, the more visibility you will have on your project, and the more you will avoid delays due to omissions.

Step 2: List And Assign Resources

Resources are usually calculated as a percentage – a full-time person is 100%. If a task requires two full-time people, the resources allocated will be 200%.

Step 3: Definition Of The Project Timetable

Your activities are listed, and you have identified all your assets. Now you need to define the start date and duration of each activity. This phase is essential to monitor the project’s progress and ensure rigorous monitoring. It also allows you to view the possible overlap of multiple tasks and anticipate resource availability, for example.

Step 4: Establish Links Between Tasks

This step may seem less important, but it’s just as important as the others because it helps define the sequence of your tasks and, therefore, follow your schedule correctly.

You can create links of various types between your tasks:

  1. Activity B can only be started if activity A has been completed.
  2. Activity B cannot be started if Activity A is not started.
  3. Activity B can only be completed if Activity A is started.
  4. Activity B cannot be completed if activity A is not completed.

Arrows represent the connection between the tasks. A task can be linked to several previous tasks (all of these must be completed to complete it) or the following ones (completing this task affects the others).

Step 5: Adding Milestones

Achievements mark significant task occasions and address key dates for project progress, like the marking of an agreement. They help to picture the advancement of the exercises.

Why Use Project Management Software?

Centralize Information

With free venture-the-board programming, you can deal with the development of your assignments, document sharing, group correspondence, and so on in a similar climate. It is not important to duplicate the product to deal with your activities or documents for Gantt outlines on the off chance that you are accustomed to destroying them. Succeed, for instance. Succeed is all that could be needed for easier activities. So here is our free format to download:

Strengthen Collaborative Work

The software helps promote team collaboration, an essential part of a successful project. Communication tools (such as instant messaging) facilitate the exchange of information.

Mobile Work

Some Gantt software also offers a mobile application to manage your projects anywhere. Work wherever you are, follow your projects more precisely, and write down your ideas even outside the office!

Top 4 Gantt Chart Software


Clarizen is the market leader in project management software with a very attractive price/performance ratio. Connect employee conversations, tasks and projects in a collaborative environment that engages all project stakeholders. A notification system provides access to information in real-time. You will no longer have unpleasant surprises in the course of your projects.

Among the features:

  1. real-time monitoring of the progress of tasks,
  2. prioritization and validation of the project portfolio,
  3. better problem management,
  4. roadmap management, etc.


Sciforma is based on three complementary modules for optimal use of the solution: optimizing resources, managing projects according to company strategy and allowing each employee to follow their tasks. The solution synchronizes with teams following the agile method. It corresponds to IT companies, research and development groups and service companies.

Monday.Com is an extremely versatile software and suitable for all teams that have to work on a project. It allows you to intuitively use different agile work styles thanks to its clear and captivating graphics. Furthermore, it is the perfect software for teams located in different countries or simply working according to start working methodologies.

Among its main features, we find:

  1. Project backlog management
  2. Project Portfolio Management
  3. Resource, priority and incident management

Projectmanager.Com is an extremely user-friendly online software. It allows you to create Gantt charts to add tasks by differentiating all the columns according to color to make everything more visually understandable. It also allows you to collaborate with your team and monitor project progress and performance. It can be integrated with the Office package to avoid conflicts with the shared file format.  The software can be tested free of charge on the online platform.

Which Online Project Management Software Is Right For You?

To get to know it and make the best choice, start by analyzing and precisely defining your needs. The right tool for you may vary depending on the size of your company, your sector of activity, the type of projects you are involved in, your customers, etc. Choose a trial version to get a clear idea and decide which features you need.

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