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Discover Our Selection Of The Best GDPR Compliance Software

With the emergence of digital technology and connectivity, our data can multiply unimaginably. Therefore, the appearance of a tool for controlling and managing personal data was essential. In 1995, the European Parliament had already attempted to pass a law on handling personal data. 

This attempt was, it must be said, a failure. But a few years later, with the development of social platforms and e-shops, the need to create a legal framework was felt. The GDPR was, therefore, born, now forcing website owners to protect the rights of their users. Many companies have developed GDPR compliance software. We present to you the best that exist on the market today.

The Obligation To Install GDPR Compliance Software?

It is relatively easy to find open-source GDPR compliance software on the market. However, most tools companies put online are available in SaaS mode or through license acquisition. GDPR software is intended to simplify and automate all processes linked to managing personal data collected by a website. 

Technically, it is a tool that serves two purposes. It allows companies present on the web to keep a data processing register easily. Public establishments, companies, SMEs, and VSEs must install GDPR compliance software on their sites.  The CNIL (National Commission for Information Technology and Liberties) requires them to have a data processing register. The commission can also, at any time, request its register from any company. 

The second goal of GDPR compliance software is arguably the most important. These solutions reassure Internet users by ensuring that their private data is respected. GDPR compliance software should be able to detect sensitive information whose processing is prohibited by the General Data Protection Regulation.

How Do You Choose Good GDPR Compliance Software?

In addition to being legally obliged to install GDPR software, companies must ensure that it is of quality. To do this, they may take into account specific criteria that we list below:

  1. the ease of use and ergonomics of the software;
  2. the functionalities that the tool offers;
  3. the price of the software.

It should be noted that the functionalities offered by the tool must be related to the needs of your sector of activity. In addition, it is advisable to compare the quality/price ratio of several software programs before choosing the one that suits you.

Any GDPR compliance provider may also store typically confidential data about your business. So, in addition to the criteria previously listed, ensure the chosen software has a solid layer of security in place. GDPR software that is not sufficiently secure will probably not protect you against personal data theft.

Our Selection Of The Best GDPR Compliance Tools

If companies are legally required to use a GDPR compliance tool, it must be said that they are generally spoiled for choice. There is indeed a host of software that can help you comply with the General Data Protection Regulation. Some are less efficient than others. To help you with your choice, we offer you this small selection of software that will perfectly meet your expectations.


Witik software is a collaborative SaaS tool that facilitates GDPR compliance. It is one of the best platforms for ethics and data protection. It is a complete solution that allows you to manage several different compliance programs, including:

  1. the GDPR;
  2. ISO standards;
  3. the Sapin II law; etc.

The Witik platform manages many internal standards, making it a powerful compliance management tool. Therefore, software is ideally suited to both large and small businesses. It is 100% made in France and designed by engineers who wanted to offer a good user experience to businesses and Internet users. 

Witik has several advantages. One of its most obvious advantages is the enormous time savings companies who install it on their sites benefit from. But in addition to saving time, the Witik platform also helps avoid errors in risk management. You should know that the company that publishes the Witik software has a partnership with a law firm known for its good reputation. It is, therefore, a tool that, in addition to helping you manage your GDPR compliance, allows you to avoid errors that could penalize you legally.

Other Advantages And Features Of Witik Software

If you install Witik on your website, you will benefit from several online training courses that will allow you to get started with the tool. In addition, the platform provides you with several models to choose from with customizable registers. These templates were designed by real Data Protection Officers (DPO).

Thus, your data processing records will comply with the requirements of the CNIL and the competent organizations regarding personal data protection. Furthermore, with the Witik software, you will be entitled to an ethics program and a reporting system. The software also offers a collaborative space exclusively dedicated to consulting firms and independents (freelancers).

It is a space that provides the opportunity to work as a team on compliance issues for the company’s customers. Finally, the GDPR compliance tool Witik has over 140 integrated third-party services (Twitter, Hbspot, Vimeo, etc.). It also offers a “Privacy By Design” module, which allows you to configure a GDPR banner in just a few clicks.

The Disadvantages Or Limitations Of Witik

This GDPR compliance software only has advantages. We know of almost no technical limits. The only drawback that can be noted relates to pricing. It varies depending on the module you choose and the type and size of your business. The price may increase if you select several services and several modules simultaneously.

DPO Drive

Launched by Odpo Expert, a company specializing in management IT consulting, DPO Drive offers a range of practical and intuitive management tools. It is a platform that stands out for the quality of its internal functionalities. DPO Drive provides you with a certain number of collaborative functions:

  1. alert devices;
  2. mapping of personal data processing;
  3. GDPR compliance and security checklists, etc.

DPO Drive’s collaborative features will allow you to assess the level of compliance and define a better compliance optimization strategy. In addition, it is a tool that integrates several contract models and offers companies a documentary space. This documentary space aims to promote self-training on the GDPR.

The Advantages And Features Of DPO Drive Software

As one might expect, this tool for complying with the GDPR offers several advantages to its users. It is a consent management platform with an intuitive dashboard and other assets. You can control access and manage incidents and crises with DPO Drive software. Furthermore, it is also a tool compatible with the DPIA CNIL software. 

This software (DPIA CNIL) guarantees good governance of personal data. The publisher of the DPO Drive application has also developed APIs to facilitate integration with other IT solutions. Thanks to integrations, you can, for example, connect to a database, exchange information, or synchronize files between different computer programs. 

DPO Drive software can even connect to some WordPress plugins. In addition, it is a tool perfectly compatible with most business information systems and almost all OS (operating systems). DPO Drive is therefore consistent with Windows, Mac, and Linux and accessible from a web browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc.)

The Disadvantages And Limitations Of DPO Drive

The first element that can hinder the adoption of DPO Drive software is its pricing. You must explicitly ask the publishing company to determine the tool’s price. In addition, the price can change considerably depending on the options you choose to add and the needs of your users. 

The cost, therefore, varies depending on the number of additional functions, licenses, or add-ons. But DPO Drive also offers a free trial. However, this brief trial only provides access to some of the tool’s features. In addition, the software is entirely in French. Non-French-speaking users can opt for other software available in several languages.

Data Legal Drive GDPR

The Data Legal Drive GDPR software is a magnificent French solution developed to help businesses comply with the GDPR. It is a platform accessible in SaaS mode and available in several languages. It is one of the most popular software for this reason. More than nine languages ​​are available on Data Legal Drive GDPR, making it easier to manage personal data. 

In addition, the platform offers businesses more than 20 features that are relatively easy to use. These features ensure and accelerate GDPR compliance in a variety of ways.  The software allows you to create processing records, carry out a GDPR compliance diagnosis, or even manage possible personal data violations. 

The Data Legal Drive GDPR tool can be customized for VSEs and SMEs. But medium-sized companies and large accounts can also use it. So, whatever the size of your company, the tool will help you automate all the steps aimed at digitizing your GDPR compliance.

The Advantages And Functionalities Of The Data Legal Drive GDPR Software

The first element that makes the Data Legal Drive GDPR software popular is its collaborative space. Indeed, the tool was designed so that GDPR compliance within the organization using the software is collaborative. Furthermore, the platform now benefits from a solid partnership with renowned legal publishers (Dalloz and Editions Législais). 

This partnership results in the presence of an extensive library of content on the protection of personal data. You will, therefore, have very detailed documentation that will allow you to inform yourself in real time about the latest developments in terms of GDPR.

Data Legal Drive GDPR also has very competent and responsive customer support. If you encounter a problem using the tool, you can contact support by email, telephone, or live chat. Furthermore, Data Legal Drive RGPD is software with data centers in France. For user companies, this is a guarantee of security.

Disadvantages Or Limitations Of Data Legal Drive GDPR

GDPR compliance software Data Legal Drive GDPR severely lacks clarity in its pricing offerings. We cannot differentiate between the “standard” and “premium” formulas. In addition, the prices displayed for using the software are relatively high. Depending on the number of employees in the company, you will spend between €220 and €830 per month. The total annual cost may, therefore, naturally seem high to you.

Leto. legal

Leto. Legal is also a SaaS solution that automates GDPR compliance and maintains it over time. The platform brings together several automated features commonly found in GDPR software. Thanks to Leto. Legal, you can map your sites’ and web applications’ data and personal information. You can also quickly delete or modify this data when users ask you. Leto.legal is also a tool developed by a French company founded in 2021, specializing in simplifying GDPR procedures.

The Advantages And Functionalities Of The Leto.legal Solution

With this software available online, businesses can benefit from many integrated applications. The solution also integrates monitoring tools that can be used to monitor the various changes in real-time. You also have complete guides, documentation, and legal references to help you get started with the tool.

Unlike other tools, the Leto. The legal platform adopts a more or less satisfactory pricing policy. You can choose between three packages (Essential, Ops, and Tailor-made). Whatever the size of your business or organization, you will find the formula that fits your needs.

Disadvantages Or Limitations Of GDPR Compliance Software Leto. legal

Despite its practical aspect, the Leto. Legal software mainly aims at natural or legal persons already aware of the need to protect personal data. The way the tool works may seem complex for other categories of people. In addition, it is software exclusively in French. It is, therefore, primarily aimed at French-speaking users.

Other software may also be on the list of best GDPR compliance solutions. MyDPO and Mission RGPD are, for example, top-rated solutions for their quality and pricing plans. Which of the software mentioned in this post do you use? Please tell us about your experience with GDPR software.

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