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ATS Software, Which Tools Help HR In Personnel Selection

Stop spending hours reading hundreds of CVs. But also stop the endless waiting for feedback from the candidates. Today, Applicant Tracking System solutions help manage recruiting processes efficiently. It is called Applicant Tracking System (ATS), which literally translates means “applicant tracking system”. We are talking about the software that supports the HR division in the recruiting process, from drafting the job description to candidate selection and even onboarding. 

Thanks to the automation of long and repetitive activities, it is possible to free up time for Human Resources experts, who can thus dedicate it to more valuable activities, as well as create a better candidate experience. But, before talking about the ATS solutions present on the Italian market, let’s see what the technical characteristics are that distinguish them.

The Technical Characteristics Of An ATS Software

An advanced ATS system presents itself as a SaaS cloud software solution, where SaaS stands for Software-as-a-Service, which means that a provider manages the application via a web browser, and this allows access to all users from anywhere via your PC without the need to install the software.

Artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms integrated into the software help in the selection process to speed up operations by guaranteeing a high level of precision, i.e. they help to carry out in-depth analyses of CVs, going as far as analyzing the sentiment of the words spoken in the video interview. But not only. 

AI algorithms increasingly support recruiters in the strategic choices of managing recruitment campaigns, and today, more than yesterday, with the developments recorded in generative AI, they can also represent help in the creative part of the creation of the contents inherent to the job posting activity.

Furthermore, the tool can not only be customized, even graphically so, for example, that the candidate, when making his application, does not have the perception of being in an environment external to the company’s official website, but it can also be integrated with the other software that is part of the company’s IT system.

Going into more detail, then, how does ATS software work? What are their characteristics? How do Human Resources concretely assist in the personnel selection process? In addition to the general opportunity to manage the entire selection process from a single centralized system, following an imaginary line traced by the three steps of recruiting − planning, research and Screening, and selection − let’s see how the tool intervenes to support HR:

  1. Planning: in this first phase, ATS software helps the recruiter in the activities of creating a personalized career page; assistance in completing the job post text; publication of the job post on the company website, on external sites, and social media; analysis of the publication channels with the best response performance.
  2. Search and Screening: in this second phase, ATS software helps the recruiter in CV classification activities, CV search through keyword filters, CV screening on the basis of set parameters that allow the elimination of prejudices present in human choices, matching between the required requirements and the candidate’s skills, sending automatic messages to inform the person about the status of their application. They also allow you to draw on a proprietary database of people potentially interested in the company to design talent acquisition strategies.
  3. Selection: in this third phase, ATS software helps the recruiter to plan the interview agenda by sending emails to selected candidates and also to colleagues from other divisions involved, carrying out video interviews thanks to integrated video-communication systems, creating and administering questionnaires with scoring to explore the level of hard and soft skills.

Added to these features are those linked to reporting and the creation of analyses and statistics on the progress of recruiting campaigns in order to outline increasingly effective strategies based on data.

ATS Recruiting Software, The Solutions Available On The Indian market

There are many ATS system solutions present on the Italian market capable of supporting recruiters in their activity, which is now clear to be strategic for the fate of the company as it is aimed at building that set of human capital on which it will develop its presence on the market. Increasingly competitive market. Below is a (non-exhaustive) list of these recruiting software with some technical details.

Recruiting ATS Software

Recruiting is the new generation Applicant Tracking System of the Zucchetti Group integrated with AI Inda’s proprietary technology. The main features are the career site editor to create your company career page, graphic customization, the publication of job advertisements, the personalized application form, social recruiting, multiposting ads to be present on all selected job boards, and customizing fields in databases.

nCore HR ATS Software

The nCore HR recruiting software powered by AI has these features: an integrated system for video interviews and data analysis function; a calendar manager for the automatic management of interviews; a method for pre-setting closed-ended questions with exclusion; furthermore, the nCore Deep sentiment analysis system allows you to analyze millions of video interviews in real-time, divide them based on sentiment − positive, neutral and negative − extracting significant keywords.

Learn ATS Software

Not strictly an ATS, Leark People First is a scouting platform that finds workers suited to the company. Thanks to AI, it provides in a few seconds a reasoned list of the profiles most similar to the search, facilitating the recruiting process. The software allows you to collect CVs via the company website, social channels or WhatsApp, using the “Work with us” widget and organize them automatically.

Inaz ATS Software

The Inaz HR personnel selection software allows you to manage selection campaigns, archive external candidates, manage search and selection agencies, manage candidate rankings, manage “Work with us”; manage “Job Posting”; draw up CV forms that can be customized and filled out online; and manage the Hiring Wizard.

Allibo ATS Software

Allibo Recruit is Alliance Software’s recruiting software, which allows you to manage job posting on the company website, intranet, social networks and on all the leading job sites active in Italy and abroad; collect CVs in any format; receive all applications in a single centralized database; speed up Screening; perfect candidate evaluation with integrated questionnaires, tests, assessments and video interviews; collect feedback; collaborate online with all company functions involved; process candidates’ data in perfect compliance with the GDPR.

Ada CV – Fiven CV Analytics ATS Software

Ada CV: Given CV Analytics is the ATS from Given (formerly Citel Group) that allows you to analyze thousands of CVs in just a few minutes, extrapolate data through semantic analysis thanks to the AI ​​system, extract salient candidate information by generating an impartial ranking; detect hard and soft skills.

Altamira Hrm ATS Software

The Altamira recruiting software (part of the Altamira HRM human resources management suite, but can also be adopted individually) allows you to publish on job search engines, manage social recruiting activities directly from the platform, create video interviews live or on-demand, generate and analyze reports on recruiting activity; plan talks and interviews by integrating with the electronic calendars in use; involve colleagues in the selection process; set up automatic notifications for each step of the selection process.

Performa Recruit ATS software

Performa Recruit is the ATS software that supports talent acquisition on the international resources market by enabling the publication of job offers in 75 countries on the most important aggregators. 

In addition to publishing ads, the software allows you to upload, analyze and query the candidate database; quickly find the shortlist of candidates using filters, semantics and artificial intelligence; keep track of the selection workflow and communication with the candidate; share processes for non-stop recruiting with the HR team and managers; keep the performance of the selection processes under control using graphs and reports generated in real-time.

Sesame ATS Software

The recruiting software developed in Spain, Sesame, allows you to create a personalized job offer board as well as personalize the job offers themselves. Furthermore, it automatically creates a candidate card in the corresponding selection process when registering and centralizes information for each hiring process. Automation and mappings help keep the entire team involved in the hiring process informed.

Inasoft ATS Software

The French company Inasoft offers two different HR solutions: Gestmax and Simply Jobs, both software dedicated to recruiting in SaaS mode. Customizable and scalable, Gestmax is suitable for large companies and public bodies. SimplyJobs is a turnkey software explicitly designed for the needs of SMEs. To these is added a third: AD-Men, the high-performance recruiting and CRM software designed specifically for personnel selection agencies.

Teamtailor ATS Software

Attracting visitors and converting them into candidates is the goal of the Swedish recruiting software Teamtailor. Through the tool, you can create your own personalized “career site” without needing any knowledge of programming codes. All blocks have been developed with potential candidates in mind to give them the best experience possible. You can also create custom application forms, schedule feedback emails, create tests and surveys, campaign pages, lead pages, blogs, use chat to communicate directly with candidates, and more.

Zoho ATS Software

Zoho Recruit is the software from the Indian Zoho Corporation that offers an interesting free basic version designed for small businesses with user access from which you can manage every aspect of the recruitment process, from the job request to interview planning and candidate search corresponding. Additional functions to the basic ones are then available for larger entities.

Glickon ATS Software

Not strictly an ATS software, but developed to integrate perfectly with the one already present in the company, Glickon is the platform for the Candidate and Employee Experience enhanced by artificial intelligence, which takes the name of Flow. Flow, thanks to the GPT-3 model of Artificial Intelligence and OpenAI, generates and analyzes content in just a few minutes, for example, job posts and feedback to send to candidates. Among its functions, Glickon for HR also displays applications and completion rates in a single dashboard, shares feedback with the HR team and relevant managers, and helps to build your digital job board in just a few steps.

Arca24 ATS Software

Talentum is Arca24’s ATS solution designed to select candidates with automatic matching and ranking technology that returns candidates compatible with the company, carries out tests on soft and hard skills, a system of killer questions, job tests, video CVs, automated video interviews and deferred video interviews. 

Talentum integrates with the company website, providing visual continuity to the user thanks to a customized graphic layout. The multiposting system allows the simultaneous publication of adverts on over 100 job portals and the main social networks. Finally, an integrated reporting system will enable you to make data-driven assessments of the different phases of the selection process.

IBM ATS Software

In this context, although it is not strictly an ATS itself, space should also be given to IBM Watson Recruitment (IWR). Part of the “Watson ” family (the AI ​​system capable of answering questions expressed in a natural language developed by IBM), IWR is a Talent Suite application that uses cognitive power to offer a talent acquisition experience to the cutting edge within the ATS already present in the company. 

 Recruiters can use IT’s cognitive capabilities to prioritize requisitions, match candidate skills to requisition requirements, identify candidates with the most expected success, and track company sentiment trends using news feeds, reviews, and social media.

Applicant Tracking System Solutions Integrated Into Human Capital Management Suites

Added to these independent Applicant Tracking System solutions is the software that can be integrated into the Human Capital Management suites. We are talking about the Workday Talent Acquisition tool which assists the recruiter in all phases of the process, from workforce planning to interview management and onboarding into the company; 

The new Oracle Recruiting Booster solution that supports HR in improving candidate engagement, creating talent communities, accelerating the hiring process and personalizing the recruiting experience for each candidate; of SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting , the software that helps companies find the right talent through results-oriented recruiting practices, increased engagement integrated with automation; of ADP’s new talent search and selection software to offer an optimal experience to candidates and attract the most capable talents with the skills necessary to optimize the business; 

Cornerstone Recruiting Software to attract the most suitable candidates and reduce hiring costs and times; of the TeamSystem personnel selection management software which guarantees the HR department complete management of the recruitment process of the new workforce: from search and selection activities, up to the onboarding and inclusion of selected candidates; of Talentia’s Recruitment Software , an innovative solution to attract talent, manage the selection and shortlisting process which accelerates the recruitment process and promotes internal mobility.

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