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A Historic Report For Mobile In 2023!

The mobile sector has developed at lightning speed in recent years and is not about to stop! Users prefer this version to the desktop. Moreover, we will enter a new decade in less than two weeks. Therefore, your agency gives you an update on 2023 and discusses the expected outlook for 2024 concerning games and mobile applications.

Resounding Figures

The mobile sector had a historic year in 2023. According to data from the App Annie study, users worldwide are on track to reach 120 billion application and game downloads on the App and Google Play stores. An even more staggering record is when we know that re-downloads, updates, or even downloads from alternative Android stores to the Google Play Store are not considered. Added to this, the Chinese market, which does not enjoy full access to the Google Play Store, sees its users using a lot of third-party app stores.

If the integrity of these figures is confirmed, it would be an increase of 5% compared to the previous year. Regarding user spending, App Annie forecasts a 15% increase over the year, with a global toll approaching $90 billion. Demand has never been so high, and estimates do not expect these figures to be revised downwards. So, apart from games, the applications that are very popular with consumers are those for entertainment or photo and video services. Users favor these.

Ultra-Sominant Facebook, TikTok Settles

Facebook is establishing itself as a digital leader, and this ranking of application downloads over the year proves this. The Silicon Valley company is four times in the top 5, with Messenger, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Instagram placed first, second, third, and fifth in this top 10. The favorite platform of community managers was again the target of accusations and controversies, whether at the level of protecting the data of its users or political subjects. 

But it continues to establish itself as a world leader in its sector. Then, short video applications continue to grow. The crazy growth of TikTok illustrates the perfect example of this trend; it is currently the most potent start-up on the planet (ahead of Uber). Mainly driven by the Indian and American markets, the ByteDance application moved fourth among the most downloaded applications of the year.

Towards An Even More Thunderous 2024?

Regarding the companies that have met with particular success this year, 2023, the forecasts do not announce a slowdown. On the contrary, TikTok, for example, is promised a good year in 2024. In addition, deploying Ads ads globally will allow the Chinese company to move into a new economic dimension. Then, the appearance of the new generation of the 5G network on a global scale will offer varied opportunities to the mobile sector. The concepts around Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Artificial Intelligence will be developed dazzlingly. 

These tools will finally be able to move into a new dimension thanks to 5G. Finally, the development of streaming video services will take a new turn. App Annie predicts 674 billion hours users will spend on entertainment and streaming apps in 2020 on Android alone! The arrival of the new Disney+ service will have a considerable part in the continued growth of this sector.

What To Remember?

Mobile usage now has a significant element of digital. The arrival of 5G will amplify this trend, and companies will focus their digital strategy more on Mobile. This is not an unexpected trend, especially when you see the rise and impact of mobile-first on digital for years.

So, with such an audience around these application stores, your digital agency recommends making yourself visible. Its experts can develop a strategy for your applications using Apple Search Ads or Google Ads on the Play Store or optimize the natural referencing of the latter. Feel free to call on its specialists, who will be able to provide you with valuable advice.

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