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Innovation: Google Maps Accelerates On Artificial Intelligence

In 2023, new features are expected on Google Maps. The American company announced on its blog, through the voice of its vice-president, Dane Glasgow, that several modules of the mapping tool will be optimized using artificial intelligence. What new Google Maps features will you get soon?

Live View On Google Maps

Among the hundreds of innovative features that Google intends to integrate soon into its mapping software, some are particularly interesting to users. Indoor navigation in augmented reality is the first module you will want to test. Dane Glasgow explains that Live View is intended to prevent app users from getting lost. You must have taken a direction opposite to what you were supposed to take using Maps.

Thanks to live navigation, based on the environment and global location, it will be easier to find one another. Indeed, artificial intelligence will analyze many visual files from Street View. At the same time, improvements are being made to the software to more accurately interpret the location of objects and signs inside an establishment. Thus, the  Live View will be a very practical feature for moving around large structures such as train stations, airports, or other real estate where it is easy to get lost. 

The novelty brought up is that Google Maps can guide you more precisely. The tool can, for example, show you where the toilets, check-in counters, stairs, and escalators are nearby, etc. Moreover, the  Indoor Live View can already be used in certain structures in American cities such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, and Long Island. It is possible to move around in these areas, especially in shopping centers, using augmented reality interior navigation.

The Generation Of Layers

Google will soon invite the weather into its mapping software through layers. These provide information on air quality in addition to conventional weather data. Thus, users can be directed to a destination while learning about the weather there. For this,  Google Maps collects the information provided by the local monitoring stations of your destination. 

The weather overlay will be available without further delay on the European continent. Access is more complex for air quality, meaning more deployment time. The first states that have the honor of being chosen for the launch of the weather and air quality slaps are India, Australia, and the United States.

 The layer will be accessible at the top of the interface on the right side. Some pictograms appear on the maps and inform you of the 4-day weather forecast. Likewise, users have an idea about the cloud cover of the selected area. This innovative feature, therefore, makes Google Maps the guide to consult at all costs to plan a stay or outing.

Ecological Routes

If you like to travel ecologically, the ”  ecological routes” function is for you. Google uses data from the US Department of Energy’s National Renewable Energy Lab to suggest routes that reduce the amount of fuel consumed. To do this, the software is based on elements such as traffic jams and the slope of the road.

In addition, it should be noted that the final objective of this module is to indicate to road users the route that offers the lowest carbon footprint. A comparison is also made on the travel time to allow you to find the best path, from an ecological point of view, but also in terms of speed.

Thus, when a route considered more ecological considerably lengthens the travel time, the software leaves you the choice by offering you a more detailed comparison. By having information on the carbon dioxide impact of each route and the arrival time associated with it, you are free to choose the one that seems most appropriate to you. A launch of this functionality is first planned this year in the United States on Android and iOS. 

Of course, an international deployment is envisaged after that. To accompany the green route module, Google Maps will provide notifications on low CO2 emission zones. The first countries that will be able to test these alerts are France, the Netherlands, Spain, and the United Kingdom.

Google Car Assistant Mode On Maps

Auto Assistant mode is now accessible via Google Maps. Many drivers no longer use GPS. They prefer mapping software like Google Maps, which is much more practical for following a route. However, as a road user, you take risks by glancing at your phone while driving. Having understood the needs of Maps users, Google decided to launch the Google Assistant driving mode for smartphones. 

This feature is included in the mapping software: voice commands and a convenient interface allowing you to control the phone without leaving Google Maps. You will soon be able to use your voice to write messages, make calls, open your messaging apps, and more. 

France is one of the 16 new countries that can access Google driver assistance on Maps. Subsequently, it will be simpler to focus out and about while performing various tasks on a cell phone. Immediately track down replies by posing the Google Partner the significant inquiries. Additionally, request that he complete a few tasks from Google Guides.

Home Delivery And Collection

With the coronavirus pandemic, delivery and collection have become very common in many parts of the world. To follow this dynamic, Google Maps has opted for a useful update displaying the restaurants and businesses offering these services. On the tool’s home page, you’ll notice two ‘ take-out ‘ and ‘ delivery ‘ buttons below the search box. 

Application users are then entitled to new shortcuts in addition to those that were already available on the software. They can thus consult the list of open restaurants, which will be able to provide them with meal delivery via Google Maps. This improves the user experience since you no longer need to resort to specialized services for delivery. 

Everything is done on a single interface. Likewise, you can see the telephone quantities of businesses that convey to your home and put in your request straightforwardly. The application highlights the most popular dishes and the affinity score for more comfort. Thus, you can quickly determine the restaurant that will meet your expectations.

More Customization

To provide sustainable options for Maps users, Google customized its software a little more. You will soon be entitled to an integral view of all the routes and means of transport that crisscross your journeys. This is without having to navigate from tab to tab. All travel modes (bus, bike, car, ferry, etc.) will be on the same drop-down list.

Using advanced analysis tools, Google Maps also prioritizes the means of transport you prefer. Thus, those who regularly practice motorcycling will most often see routes for two-wheelers automatically displayed on the interface. So expect to see bike paths on the software’s homepage if you live in a city like Buenos Aires or Tokyo. Likewise, it offers you a list of the most popular moving gears in the area.

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