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New From Google: Tools To Boost Commerce

With the health crisis that shook the world at the start of 2020, consumption habits have drastically changed. Following confinement, the Indians, like the rest of the Europeans, were led to consult the Google search engine for local or home purchases and services. Google has opted to launch several measures to meet this demand and stimulate the economy through digital commerce. These are mainly intended for businesses and merchants. For example, the Google Shopping tab will be free for all merchants, who can also display product sheets there. Focus on its novelties and their consequences for e-commerce.

A New Ad Program For Local Businesses (Local Services Ads or Local Services Ads)

With the crisis, home services are in great demand. Similarly, consumers prefer to shop close to home. Local Services Ads or Local Services ads are intended to help customers find professionals (artisans, electricians, plumbers, etc.) near them. They can also see reviews from previous clients and compare and contact the professional of their choice.

The professionals concerned belong to various types of trades. They do not necessarily have to have a website, and above all, they only pay the platform if a client contacts them via their ad. Customers don’t have to pay anything, either. You should know that this service has been launched in about ten European countries, including India. Local Services Ads, therefore, increase your chances of finding customers.

The Creation Of A Trust Badge Provided By Google Called “Google Protection.”

The “Google Protection” Trust Badge accompanies your business listing. It supports the “Local Services Ads” because it indicates to potential consumers that the search engine approves your structure. Indeed, merchants or companies wishing to obtain this badge must meet specific criteria and obtain validation following the registration procedure on the Local Services Ads. 

Note that Google verifies the integrity of the information professionals provide. In addition, Google undertakes to reimburse the costs corresponding to the tasks carried out within the framework of the Local Services Adsup to a limit of 1,500 euros to customers who are not satisfied with the services of a merchant holding the badge. This measure only concerns establishments located in France. Google will not take into account the following:

  1. additional services,
  2. material damage,
  3. cancellations,
  4. lack of responsiveness from the merchant and poor appreciation of the price by the customer, etc.

This type of claim will, therefore, not receive any reimbursement.

Obtaining The Reliability Badge

Getting the Google Protection badge through your listing is relatively easy. First, you need to create a profile in Local Services Ads. The creation of the profile follows different steps where you must give information related to your company, in particular:

  1. name of the company,
  2. address of the website (not mandatory),
  3. telephone number,
  4. family name and first name of the proprietor,
  5. professional or personal postal address (you can tick a box if you do not want customers to have access).

After that, you must define the area you cover, specify the services you offer and fill in your operating hours. You can also preview your ad. You must also check a box to validate your professional license during this process.

  1. add your professional license,
  2. define your advertising budget (the latter can be adjusted at any time),
  3. validate the information for invoicing.

At this level, you only pay when customers contact you via the ad. In addition, you can put your ad on hold if you are unavailable, for example. So your ad appears when a local customer searches for your services or goods.

Free SEO In The Google Shopping Tab

The Google search engine allows French, European, Eastern and African merchants to display their product sheets for free through its Google Shopping tab. This revolutionary offer has been launched since April in the United States. It aims to breathe new life into the economy by supporting companies in the e-commerce market.

With a free listing in the Google Shopping tab, businesses and businesses reduce the cost of displaying their products and promote more of their items. They are even closer to customers who can also compare based on opinions left by other customers. If you already use Google shopping ads or are registered on the Merchant Center, you automatically benefit from the system of free product sheets. You will also have access to it via the dedicated tab.

If, on the other hand, you want to get started, you must register at the Merchant Center. In addition, you will have to fill in the various information requested from you (information on the company, on the website, on your payment options, etc.). Finally, you will need to import your product catalog. Note that this offer does not remove paid advertising. Instead, it combines two options to increase your visibility: site visits and sales.

Finally, an excellent site is now available on Google for SMEs wishing to create their digital showcase. It is intended to facilitate the registration and opening procedures. At the same time, the Grow My Store tool available on the search engine platform has been optimized to allow companies to compare themselves to other companies in the same sector.

There is no doubt that thanks to these various new features, Google is strengthening its position as a privileged partner for e-commerce players. It is up to businesses and merchants to seize the opportunity. In addition, these new products will help you develop your business and increase your turnover.

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