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Twitch: A Marketing Opportunity For Brands

With the global Covid-19 pandemic, many brands find themselves helpless and must change how they communicate to consumers to continue to exist in their eyes. Digital, which has been available to us for several years, could be exploited more by these brands to reach their target, a different target, or even to swap an aging brand image for a trendy brand connected with its time. 

For a year now, with the boost of the health crisis, Twitch has experienced a meteoric rise in power, with nearly 6.3 billion hours watched for the first quarter of 2021; Twitch’s audience time has more than doubled in one year, which brands should take into account when carrying out their digital communication campaigns.

Twitch, What Is It?

Created in 2011, then bought in 2014 by Amazon for 970 million dollars,  Twitch is a live video streaming platform. Historically,  it is intended for video game enthusiasts who wish to share their center of interest with an audience. Viewers, mainly between 15 and 35, can find live videos of their favorite influencers and reruns of these lives. The main advantage of Twitch is the spontaneous and instantaneous interactivity, thanks to a chat, with the streamers during the live broadcast. This digital format promotes the formation of close-knit communities around their idols and is experiencing a significant increase.

The Importance Of Community

User engagement is critical on Twitch. Indeed, to support their favorite streamers,  they do not hesitate to put their hands in their pockets by subscribing to monthly subscriptions of €5, €10, or €25, giving access to additional advantages for spectators such as replays, badges subscribers, particular emoticons, etc. Most of these subscriptions are paid directly to the streamers to repay them; the viewers know it and do it by support. Also, a virtual currency system called “bits” allows viewers to donate live during broadcasts to streamers. 

What Types Of Content Are Found On Twitch? 

Currently, Twitch offers very diverse video content for different targets. 


Initially,  Twitch was created to meet the needs of gamers to share their passion. It is the first traffic source on the platform, and it will remain so for a while. Since the launch of video game competitions and championships, Twitch has been the preferred platform to attend. We have the example of the French league of the game League of Legends named LFL, which is a hit on the forum. 

Charity Events

Twitch’s most significant charity event is the  Z Event, which has occurred yearly since 2016. It brought together more than 50 streamers in 2020 over three days in a charity marathon to collect donations which will be donated to an association. Over 5.7 million euros were donated to Amnesty International in 2020, a world record for a charity stream. 


Great athletes like Romain Grosjean and Pierre Gasly for F1, Rudy Gobert for basketball, or Gaël Monfils for tennis have invested in Twitch because the pandemic has disrupted their schedules. 

Web TVs

Web TVs need help to make their place on Twitch; only LeStream, Solary, and OTP stand out, while Millenium or Eclypsia need to be more profitable.


The most famous Jerk show is Popcorn, facilitated by Domingo, a previous host on NRJ, on Sunday evenings. This program, broadcast each Tuesday at 8 p.m., draws over 50,000 audience members and is routinely supported by brands to guarantee its supportability. Different shows like Ponce la Nuit and La Nuit de la Culture are week-by-week hits.


At long last, TV is coming to Jerk! With the renowned writer Samuel Etienne having made his Jerk station to complete everyday press surveys and seeing its prosperity, significant French TV slots need and are starting to make a put for themselves on this eccentric medium.

A New Way For Brands To Communicate 

A Changing Audience

With their exceptionally drawn-in networks because of their nearness to the crowd, Jerk decorations are powerhouses by their own doing and contact various individuals and profiles. In short, the platform has become more democratic and is no longer exclusively reserved for gamers. Even if the audience remains essentially male and aged between 15 and 35, the audience has grown significantly, increasing the age of the target to around 55, and the audience has become more feminized, with a share of 35 %.

The Means Used

Luxury brands like Burberry, failing to welcome the public to the latest fashion shows,  created a completely immersive experience on Twitch on September 17, 2020, to present their latest collection. Also, food brands like Kellogg’s have collaborated with gaming streamers to produce commercials that can be broadcast during live streams.

Or partnerships to finance projects and communicate on the brand are made like PokerStars with  Gotaga.  There are a thousand and one ways to communicate with your target through Twitch, especially since it is a social network that still needs to be saturated by advertising. 

Brand Image

Twitch is a platform that allows sincere, unfiltered, intimate dialogue between the streamer and the viewer. Therefore, by investing in Twitch and adopting the codes, the brands’ image will become more authentic and genuine to consumers. The Twitch trend is accelerating strongly, and this is just the beginning. Its model is conducive to convivial exchange and sharing, an asset for brands wishing to communicate this value. 

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