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Best VPN For Android: 3 Deals Not To Be Missed

Since 2015, the Android operating system has been the most used globally, far ahead of iOS. VPN software should interest you if you are one of the many people who use this OS and want to protect your Android smartphone, tablet or television. Installing a VPN on your Android device will immediately get a secure and anonymous connection, no matter where you are connected. 

Faced with the rise of surveillance on the Internet (Google included), these aspects are increasingly sought after. The VPN also has the function of changing the location of your Android device and allowing you to access various contents worldwide. To take full advantage of these benefits, we have compiled a list of the best VPNs on Android in 2023. There will be something for every budget and need with paid and free providers. But first, here’s a market summary.

Ranking Of The Best VPNs For Android In 2023

  1. ExpressVPN
  2. CyberGhost VPN
  3. NordVPN
  4. ProtonVPN
  5. WindscribeVPN
  6. Hide. me

We have identified three paid and three free offers in this list of the best VPNs above. The premium versions are more reliable and, above all, unlimited. If you want to understand how a VPN works, you can opt for a no-cost plan. Be aware, though, that ExpressVPN, NordVPN and CyberGhost VPN all have subscriptions with a “money back” period, which makes it very easy to get a refund in case of dissatisfaction. This is how you will have the best VPN experience on Android.

Premium: The Three Best Android VPNs

We start this article with the best (paid) VPNs for Android. Only the offers will give you unlimited access to their service: bandwidth, number of servers, customer support, warranty, etc. You will never have so many features with a free VPN. By opting for one of the providers presented below, you will not feel frustrated because no limit will be imposed on you.


Unsurprisingly, ExpressVPN is at the top of this ranking of the best VPNs for Android. And for good reason: it has a very accomplished and secure VPN application that works perfectly on Android, and you can install it on as many devices as you want and use it on five devices in parallel. It is also the most popular VPN among Android users.

From the application interface, you can connect to one of its 94 locations (and 3,000 servers) to maintain your anonymity and simulate a new geographical location. You will thus unlock access to many video streaming platforms (Netflix, Prime Video, etc.), including TV channel applications. 

Watching your movies and series from your tablet, mobile or Android TV is ideal because ExpressVPN has unlimited bandwidth. Thanks to its connection, all traffic passing through your Android device will also be encrypted, and your data will be protected. To use ExpressVPN, subscribe by signing up for one of its plans. Then, at that point, you can download the application from the Google Play Store. 

The APK format of the ExpressVPN application is also secure and compatible with Android 10, Pie, Oreo, Nougat, Marshmallow and Lollipop versions. Although the installation is simple on smartphones, tablets and Android TVs, there are many tutorials from the supplier to help you. They are written in French and very detailed. You can also contact the technical teams from its live chat, accessible 24/7.

ExpressVPN’s pricing may seem high, but when you compare its speed, stability, and number of countries covered to some competitors, it’s well worth a few extra bucks. So that you can see for yourself without taking any risks, ExpressVPN offers a free 30-day trial version. This is also the case if you use this best VPN on Android.

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN is the ideal candidate to increase your security on Android and hide your IP address. It’s not for nothing that it is one of the most popular VPNs among Android smartphone and tablet users. By activating CyberGhost VPN, your traffic will benefit from AES 256 encryption, one of the strongest in the cybersecurity sector. This encrypted tunnel will allow you to protect all web data passing through your Android smartphone or tablet (passwords, emails, downloaded files, banking transactions, etc.), whether you are connected to your box or from the point of public Internet access. 

Its Kill Switch function in the CyberGhost VPN application on Android guarantees adequate protection at all times. Le VPN provides Android users an extensive network of over 9,000 servers in 90 countries. Thanks to these numerous locations, CyberGhost can accompany you on business trips and trips abroad, so you don’t miss anything from your series or TV programs. The only downside is that, unlike ExpressVPN, CyberGhost VPN does not work in China. VPN publisher CyberGhost also stands out with its live chat with an interface in India.

This way, you can contact an advisor anytime and explain your problem in your native language, which is often more straightforward. If CyberGhost has already attracted millions of Android users, it is also thanks to its attractive prices. With a long-term subscription for less than €3/month, it is remarkably accessible. In addition, it offers simultaneous connection on seven devices. As soon as you have subscribed, you will be eligible for the 45-day “satisfied or refunded” guarantee. If CyberGhost VPN has not convinced you within this period, all your costs will be fully refunded upon request.


We couldn’t do this ranking of all the best Android VPNs without mentioning NordVPN. This very reputable software is well known to users, whether for Samsung, Huawei, HTC, LG devices or any other device equipped with Android. By encrypting your data, NordVPN protects you from hackers and theft of personal information. Its secure connection will not let anyone spy on what you are doing on your Android smartphone or tablet.

You can select a location from 59 countries and more than 5,400 servers on its interface. Once connected, your IP address is hidden, and your geographical area will be changed to the one you choose. In the eyes of the Internet, your Android device with a VPN will no longer be located where you are, and you will benefit from anonymous browsing. 

For added protection, NordVPN provides features like Double VPN to encrypt your data twice, CyberSec with antivirus-like options, and Onion Over VPN to access Tor. Its application is not as stable as that of the giant ExpressVPN (nor the CyberGhost VPN), but it is still a good provider. If you opt for its long-term plan, you will benefit from the best rates (around €3.30 per month). 

While its significant weakness was its speed, NordVPN recently developed a new protocol: NordLynx. With NordLynx, the objective is to allow its users to benefit from a better connection speed without compromising security. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee to give you time to test the application of the third-best VPN on Android. For any questions, NordVPN provides a live chat accessible 24/7 from its website.

Free: The 3 VPN Software For Android

By choosing a free VPN over a better-paid Android VPN, you will have to be prepared to make some concessions because you will find that you will not have as many advantages. You won’t find it better than the paid VPNs offered above in terms of features, speed, and overall service. That said, you may have your reasons for using a no-cost plan. That said, let’s move on to our selection of the best free VPNs for Android.


ProtonVPN is one of the most widely used free VPNs on Android. It has several paid offers, but it’s free plan interests us. This Virtual Private Network based in Switzerland is reliable and guarantees an encrypted connection to its customer base, including those who have opted for the free offer. The other significant advantage is that it keeps no logs, and its free app on Android is ad-free.

Installing ProtonVPN on your Android smartphone or tablet from the Google Play Store allows you to enjoy it unlimitedly because there is no bandwidth limit. For a 0€ service, this is a significant advantage. You can activate your VPN when you use applications, browse Google Chrome, or even play online. 

ProtonVPN’s free-tier servers only cover three countries: Japan, the United States, and the Netherlands. Faced with so few locations, the ProtonVPN application will be handy for securing your connection on Android because you will be very limited in terms of changing your geographic position. If you are abroad, you cannot obtain a French, Swiss or Belgian IP address, which can be problematic if you want access to your sites and television programs.

Finally, subscribers of the free ProtonVPN plan will not be able to benefit from very high speeds but only from an average rate and relatively high latency times. We prefer to tell you that ProtonVPN is not optimal for online gaming or video streaming activities on Android. If you don’t mind, don’t hesitate to try this VPN. After all, the service will cost you nothing.


Windscribe is the second-best free VPN on Android. You will first need to create an account to benefit from its free plan. The process only takes a few seconds. Once that’s done, you must download the Windscribe mobile app from the Google Play Store. With Windscribe, you will have access to many advantages in addition to paying nothing. This VPN provides an end-to-end secure connection to protect your Android device.

When Windscribe is activated, you can connect to the web anywhere without fear of anyone accessing your data and activities. However, please note that this VPN does not work in areas of the world that have internet censorship, such as China, Russia and some countries in Africa or the Middle East. Windscribe will also allow you to change your IP address and choose another in 10 countries. 

Windscribe servers are located in 10 countries, including France and the United States. It is, therefore, possible to access your content and some international content with this free VPN. Windscribe Free on Android also has some exciting features like anti-ad and tracker software, double VPN and P2P support, which is rare for a free plan.

The only negative point that could slow your browsing is its limited bandwidth of 10 GB per month. Worse, if you do not indicate your email address, you will be limited to 2 GB monthly. If, like a large part of the population, you use your Android smartphone daily to go online, this restriction can be problematic. It’s up to you to see if that’s enough for you or if you’re ready to reduce your data consumption.

Hide. me

Hide. Me is another preferred free VPN on Android since it does not record any logs, and its plan gives access to a private and anonymous connection. Its application is also straightforward to use on all Android devices. You can simulate a location in 4 countries: the United States, Canada, the Netherlands and Germany. This is compromised if you want to connect your smartphone to regions other than these and access various content.

Like the Windscribe VPN, you must limit yourself to 10 GB of bandwidth per month. Once this limit is crossed, you cannot use Hide. Me. You will have to wait for the renewal next month. Finally, if you live abroad in a country with web censorship, Hide. I am not the best VPN to use on Android as it is not very stable in these regions. If this is your case, you should opt for ExpressVPN instead.

Conclusion: The Best VPN On Android Is ExpressVPN

In 2023, ExpressVPN is the best VPN on Android – and the best VPN at all. Its application offers rock-solid stability and unlimited bandwidth. With its high level of security and over 3,000 servers in 94 countries, this VPN is effective worldwide. It is so powerful that it is one of the only ones to bypass the Great Firewall effectively and operate in these strict censorship zones. Likewise, it is one of the few that can give you access to all Netflix catalogs (US, UK, Canada). 

Others have trouble not getting banned or detected. In terms of security, it has proven its resistance for over a decade. This is our best choice; it’s up to you to make yours. Although it is not officially free, this VPN for Android offers a 30-day “Money Back Guarantee” period. You can, therefore, use it during this period and obtain a full refund if you cancel in time. ExpressVPN is ultra transparent; you will have no trouble canceling your subscription. Everything happens automatically.

Android VPN FAQs

We’ve collected the most frequently asked questions about VPNs for Android, and we’ve answered them unfiltered in this FAQ.

What Is The Best-Performing VPN On Android?

ExpressVPN is the best VPN on Android; many experts even recommend it since its application is 100% secure. It also offers over 3000 servers in 94 countries and an end-to-end encrypted connection to protect your device.

How Do I Install A VPN On My Android Device?

Like all apps, just go to the Google Play Store to download a VPN and install it on your Android smartphone or tablet. The subscription and the creation of an account are then required to be able to use it.

Is There A Free VPN On Android?

Yes. Opting for a free VPN for your Android device is possible, but not just any. This is why we recommend a selection of secure free VPNs on Android: Windscribe, ProtonVPN, or Hide. Me.

How To Test A VPN For Android?

Thanks to the trial versions offered by the VPNs we recommend for Android, you can test a VPN without taking any risks. If your test is unsatisfactory, you can request your refund anytime without any conditions.

Relatively Free Or Paid VPN For An Android Device?

There is no “right” answer to this question. This will indeed depend on your needs and expectations. If you want to see what a VPN looks like and how such a service can benefit you on an Android device, then a free VPN is a good choice. Suppose you want to access geo-restricted content (on Netflix, for example), watch Indian TV channels abroad, download files securely, or even unblock inaccessible sites. 

In that case, installing a VPN on your Android device is better. The latter has the advantage of being more efficient, functioning in all cases, not imposing limitations (on data consumption or speeds), not endangering your anonymity, or respecting your private life by making solid and verifiable commitments. As a reminder, many free VPNs only offer very few servers and do not hesitate to resell your browsing data to the highest bidder to finance their service.

Can An Android VPN Make Me Completely Anonymous?

Many Internet users seem to think that using a VPN makes you 100% anonymous on the Internet. This is not entirely true. To be fair, it’s better to say that a VPN will significantly improve your online anonymity, including hiding your IP address (and the associated location) and encrypting your internet traffic (thereby making it unreadable). Enjoying complete anonymity on the Internet requires much more than a VPN.

Does Android Have A Built-In VPN?

Yes, Android has a built-in VPN. Now, to be able to enjoy it, you are going to need a subscription to a VPN service. Indeed, without that, you cannot set up an encrypted tunnel. Several services presented in our comparison allow the use of the VPN integrated into Android.

That said, if you don’t want to bother configuring everything, the best thing to do is install the Android application from your chosen provider.  This way, you will have access to a much easier-to-use interface and be able to change servers (and countries) in just a few actions. If you want to learn more about Android’s built-in VPN, we advise you to browse the documentation offered by Google.

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