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Robotics And Microelectronics Drive The Digital Revolution

Economics, Internet and www, search, AI, robotics, microelectronics, education, communication. The older generation exploited the Second World War by giving humanity the radar and the calculator; they took us to the Moon with methods and instruments at the limit. Today, in the face of coronavirus, we adopt practices from 100 years ago: Is something not working? It’s time to get back on track with the digital revolution and not try to harness it by adapting it to evolutionary patterns. A racehorse cannot be used as a packhorse.

Eight Points To Reform


Capitalism is never stationary, Schumpeter wrote in the last century. The time has come to redefine the dominant positions in the most developing sector: the digital world. We have made the new titans, GAFA ( Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple), Microsoft, Oracle, Alibaba, Tencent, and various followers rich. They’ve made their money and had their time; it’s time to emancipate themselves and progress. You don’t need deregulation to do this, as was the practice in the old world. New paths are required, already traced but not fully used: new business models based on technology, Open software, etc.

Internet And www

Let’s start with the Internet and the web. Internet: After about 40 years, it seems the time has come to change the protocols of the so-called “Stuttgart Chalice,” i.e., the ISO/OSI protocols of the 1980s. Just as it is necessary to thoroughly review the ingenious but cumbersome Cern “www” system, it now appears outdated in practice with the entry into sensors and IoT.


It’s time to put Google search to rest with its library indexing and move on to a robust knowledge-oriented Master classification and conversation-based search. Open software, GitHub, blockchain & distributed, non-hierarchical databases (more MongoDb than Oracle, so to speak), classification methodologies different from Warnier, IsA, and all the paraphernalia dear to software engineers.

To The

With the advent of chips like the Sony ones for vision and image recognition, it is possible to resume the severe path of machine learning by overcoming the statistical and brute force approaches linked to neural networks. We can go back to talking about probabilities, the Bayesian network, and reasoning. Now that perception seems to have borne some fruit, let’s return to sense, authentic learning: by doing or being told, to Good Old Fashioned Artificial Intelligence.


It’s time for a new paradigm like the one described in his breakthrough paper of the 80s: “Fast, cheap, out of control.” Today, biology offers us these models, algorithms, and other possibilities. Humanoid robotics must lead towards this goal, based on the many decades of a culture essentially based on automatic controls, on systems of differential equations descriptive of systems with 16 or 17 degrees of freedom: mechanical engineering is more than mathematics and differential equations. Make way for AI ideas in the construction of robots.


With the current state of the art of nanotechnologies, we need another to take us from the chip to the microprocessor, from the microprocessor to… the path of custom chips and microprocessors for everyone is a good start: leave room for imagination.


Another type of University is possible today, closer to the pedagogical ideas of Piaget, Papert, and Schank. The revolution must start from elementary school and accompany the reform at every order and level. The old compartments for differentiated subjects, which some university reforms have also massacred in recent decades, are either renovated or die.


Let’s disengage the public from influencers! The schools of communication that have produced a population of unemployed/misfits no longer have to invent images and fake news to survive. When you have nothing to communicate, you must be silent (Wittgenstein)


It’s time to start growing on different bases: Look beyond profit! A severe scientific reflection must now be opened.

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