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Positioning Tracking: 9 Tools To Track Your SEO On Google

If you are routinely fixated on showing up on the top page of Google for a specific catchphrase, following your position is a fundamental stage in your Website optimization technique.

Why Track Your Positions On Google?

If you have executed a decent Web optimization system for your site, you have tracked down specific pertinent watchwords and, by and large, upgraded each page per these definitions. To be aware, assuming that all your work is working, constantly checking your arrangements for every catchphrase you’re focusing on is fundamental. Finding where your site positions among your rivals is somewhat simple. 

You can routinely look through Google or utilize one of the many devices to recognize your rankings on various watchwords. This last methodology will save time and give you thoughts to outflank the opposition. As your area transforms, you can make fitting changes, such as checking on your substance, upgrading your labels, or laying out specific connections. To work on your referring to, go ahead with every imaginable streamlining.

The 9 Best Position Tracking Tools

There are handfuls, on the off chance that not hundreds, of arrangements that empower area following on Google and other web crawlers. To assist you, I’ve compiled a little outline of the most ideal instruments anyone could hope to find.


Considering the total Website design enhancement arrangement available, SEMrush (see our test) offers its capabilities. This device tracks the place of your watchword and that of your principal rivals in public and local web search tools and premises. Even though it has been trying to get, SEMrush today is the product that assists you with taking advantage of your site with the capacity to dissect references, work on your pages, or even track down open doors from new keys.


Monitoring is another French positioning tracking solution. This tool offers to check the growth of keywords on classic search engines but not only. Indeed, you can test your strategic keywords on Youtube, Google News, Tripadvisor, Yellow Pages, Amazon, and even Leboncoin. 


Planned by an energetic Web optimization group, Allorank is a device to follow your preferred place of the catchphrases. Notwithstanding areas, Allorank allows you to check whether your objections are up or down, see your permeability score, or get notices directly to your inbox. Since a total update in Walk 2020, the device is easy to utilize and permits you to see initial data on the place of your pages by your essential catchphrases. At last, Allorank offers three entirely rational equations as indicated by your requirements.


Myposeo is a French tool that allows you to monitor and analyze a website’s performance, whether organic (SEO) or paid (SEA, type of AdWords). With the Starter plan, you can track up to 1500 keywords and compare them with your competitors. Besides Google, other search engines such as Bing, Yahoo, or Baidu exist in most world countries. Additionally, desktop and mobile results can be separated. 


Rank is one of the pioneer position tracking tools. Despite the slightly outdated interface, this solution includes some great features. Daily, it is possible to analyze the position of a website on different keywords indicated with a summary of the rise and fall. Other attractive measures are given, like the distribution of the first positions, the average positions, or even the impression score.

SEO Lighting

It is a tool to track the position of your site on Google and help with natural referencing. In addition to monitoring the growth of your keywords in the search engine, the online tool includes other useful additional features. For example, all the keywords positioned on a domain can be viewed during a competitive analysis or suggest ideas for new queries using the builder.


Serposcope is an open-source tool for tracking Google locations. In addition to being free, the installed software distinguishes it from other solutions. In terms of functionality, it is basic but allows you to track a website’s position without limiting the keywords and that of competitors. 


Ahrefs is SEMrush ‘s main competitor. Like the latter, tracking your position, comparing your data with five competitors’, and receiving reports automatically is possible. This tool lets you follow your ranking on Google, whether desktop or mobile, in nearly 170 countries. In addition, Ahrefs is a complete SEO tool offering many features such as website audit, keyword research, and backlink check.

SE Ranking

Like many of the software mentioned in this ranking, SE Ranking combines several SEO features into one tool. Google position tracking is one of them, but other great features like website audit, backlink analysis, competitor analysis, or on-page optimization exist. You can track your keywords and those of up to 20 competitors, allowing you to track your competitors. SE Ranking is one of the most affordable SEO tools, considering the number of features it offers.  

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