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How To Buy A Website?

Buy a website? This popular method of making profits online is well-known to online business people. You might be tempted to reap the benefits of a great website with a little effort. But it’s more challenging than it seems. There are many things to consider before buying a website. Limit yourself to the factors to consider before investing in a website.

Why Buy A Website?

By buying an existing site, you benefit from a domain name already recognized by search engines, established backlinks, and pages optimized for SEO. In summary, the phase of creating and researching website traffic and reputation was long. Real-time saver! However, for this strategy to work, you must choose a well-built website matching your business and goals. This will be explained later in this article. 

How to buy a website?

Get off to a good start, as you wouldn’t accept a home just because you like the facade, don’t base your decision on the preliminary site design or description. We research the history of the assets, designers, and site. Discover the opinions collected during their activity—the same if you want to buy a product on this page. 

Visit The Website

Browse the site and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Does it provide the best user experience? 
  2. How fast are searches and commands executed? 
  3. Is your site mobile-friendly? 
  4. What does your domain look like, short, attractive, and modern? 

Refrain from investing your savings in complex URLs, choppy navigation, and slow-loading websites. It is clear that a small number of Internet users who visit your site quickly leave it due to poor SEO. Look at their sales history and see if it is still sustainable. Analyze the marketing strategies and see what can be maintained or improved. 

Analyze SEO

How does your website rank in search engines? Are you well-positioned for relevant requests? Also, check if your site has a blog. It’s easier to make headlines now if you post content regularly. You can use tools to learn the keywords that are used. Alexa or SEMrush. Then do these queries on Google to see what pages your website appears on. If you go beyond the first page, you must invest in SEO to reach the first page. The further away the location, the higher the investment…

Analyze Revenue Sources

To see if the investment is worth it, check how your site makes money, including product/service sales, Google Adsense, affiliates, and subscriptions. If the e-commerce you want to buy has only one or two revenue streams, you may need to make other investments to generate more reliable revenue. If their income is solely from products or services, ensure it’s steady for a year and mainly in the growth phase.

Review Website Maintenance

Maintaining, customizing, and fine-tuning your website is more manageable, depending on its hosted Platform. If you are a beginner, work with an expert or visit a website built on a CMS like WordPress, Prestashop, or Wizishop. Also, remember to ask the seller for a maintenance report.

  1.  How often are updates made? 
  2. When was the last update? 
  3. What is the recurring problem? 


There are no fixed prices on the site. It will depend on his performance. But be careful. If a seller charges much less than the average, there must be a problem! ), which may be a scam. On which platforms to buy a website? Ready to buy a website? Discover our selection of 7 platforms.


The first Platform for selling professional sites, Vente2Site, connects buyers and sellers with complete security. It is his strength! All ads are analyzed before being published. The aim is to avoid false or inferior offers and ensure operations’ transparency. Sellers, like Buyers, are bound by the contracts signed via the Platform. Vente 2 Site also has a support service that can help you whenever you need it (whether you are a buyer or a website owner). 

Dot Market

Dot Market, a marketplace that connects website buyers and sellers, has one keyword: trust. The Platform has a system to verify the actual value of the websites it sells. Buyers benefit from accurate information on site metrics, such as hours needed to manage, report on penalties, the exact number of visitors, and the amounts generated by various monetization sources. Moreover, Dot Market is a complete resource center that can improve the sale or purchase of your website. 


VentedeSite (formerly specializes in marketing websites, e-commerce, and mobile applications. Buyers can access information such as sales generated by your website, domain name age, search engine rankings, and social media communities. Perfect for understanding the popularity and profitability of the site before investing!


A reference for buying and selling sites, offers an extensive catalog where you can find a domain name suited to your needs. Advanced search options allow you to filter your website based on your budget and the CMS platform you use. Perfect if you have technical limitations and are looking for a CMS rather than another CMS. 


Shopify’s official marketplace, Exchange, lets you buy and sell e-commerce sites built with this solution. Before you sell your website, you can get a score for optimizing your ads. You can use the prices suggested by the Platform or define your own. On the shopping side, we have reliable data on the performance of each website. 

Each store’s sales and traffic information comes directly from the seller’s Shopify account. Another advantage of Exchange is security. Shopify owns the Platform, so Shopify handles securities transactions and transfers. Sellers are guaranteed to get their money, but buyers are guaranteed to get quality e-commerce. 


Flippa is a famous stage for trading sites. Flippa has more than 120,000 enrolled purchasers and has worked with the offer of 250,000 organizations. Search by age, cost, or classification across sites, applications, area names, online businesses, computerized content, administrations, and SaaS instruments; from there, the sky’s the limit.

Empire Flippers

If you want a quality website, this marketplace is for you! We only accept sites that have generated $1,000 or more in monthly profit in the last 12 months. Additionally, Empire Flippers manages merchant credibility, checking traffic and sales history before accepting ads. This provides buyers with a substantial guarantee. 


The best and easiest way to find a website is to search for it on a dedicated platform. This selection allows you to browse thousands of websites to find what you want, depending on your activity, needs, and objectives! After making your choice, take the time to discuss with the seller and ask for supporting documents. If he accepts, you can be reassured. But be sure to review the points above to make an informed decision.

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