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Who Are YouTube Users?

Toward the finish of 2022, YouTube uncovered an uncommon concentration on its crowd interestingly. This review, delivered in September 2022, was led by Médiamétrie//NetRatings and is by one more review delivered in June 2022 on the more worldwide examination of the utilization of recordings on the Web. This entire organization today merited a little consideration. Online video utilization originates from the ubiquity of screens in our regular routines. 

As indicated by the “Crowd Web Worldwide” concentration by Médiamétrie, each Indian family has a normal of 6 to 7 screens. The cell phone is recording the most grounded development among these screens: TVs, mobiles, PCs, and tablets.  They are currently present in 8 out of 10 homes. Who says cell phone? Says the Web? The cell phone is, as a matter of fact, the primary screen on which Web clients interface. 

As per the yearly investigation of the Web in India by Médiamétrie, 54% of Web clients utilized their versatility to interface with the Web toward the finish of 2018.  On cell phones, video is the configuration that overwhelms all others. The June 2022 review showed that of the 10 billion recordings seen every month on the locales broken down by Médiamétrie, 80% are seen on portable devices. 

Clients watch it on stages devoted to this configuration, informal communities, news locales, or computer game streaming destinations and applications. Among this large number of destinations, one stage stands apart. This is the YouTube juggernaut, which before July 2022, was not one of the destinations estimated by Médiamétrie.

YouTube, A Video Channel With Weight

Since 2017, Médiamétrie has launched a measurement to analyze the consumption of online video content, both on computers and mobile phones and tablets. This audience measurement includes the main players in the distribution of videos, including television and radio channels and press groups. Since July 2019, the YouTube video platform has joined these players and is the first digital video platform to integrate this measure.

Seeing YouTube appear in this ranking is legitimate, as this platform brings together many users. In September 2019, Médiamétrie identified 41,259,000 unique video users over the month. In this ranking, the digital platform is in first position, far ahead of the 2nd player in this top 10, BFM TV.

YouTube Is A Must-For Video In India

In India, 77% of people over 18 watch videos on the platform. This represents 39 million people who watch an average of 21 minutes of video content daily. Note that this last average increased to 24 minutes of viewing in October 2019. To better understand the typology of users, it may then be interesting to analyze their profile according to their sex, age, and socio-economic category. -professional and their uses.

What Is The User Profile?

The male/female distribution on the video platform is equal since 49% of Indian people watch YouTube compared to 51% of Indian women. On the other hand, the breakdown by age group is very interesting and perhaps more surprising. Young people don’t use YouTube as much as one might think. Indeed, we note that 71% of users are over 35 years old. On the other hand, 18-34-year-olds spend much more time per day on the platform. 

They spend an average of 46 minutes there, compared to 27 minutes for 25-49-year-olds. If this age group uses the platform less compared to other groups, users nevertheless open 93% of the population in this category. However, the Indian CSP+ spends less time on YouTube, devoting 20 minutes daily to it. Finally, if there is common ground among all users, it is at the level of the support used to go on the platform. 49% of French people use YouTube exclusively on mobile to watch an average of 15 minutes of video content daily.

What Are The Uses?

For most users, the interest of YouTube is to be able to watch videos related to their interests. It’s also 3 times more important than celebrity videos and 1.6 times more important than blockbuster videos. The general enthusiasm for YouTube results in the profusion of videos on the platform, which is in various and varied themes. Among the more than 300 Indian channels with over one million subscribers are tutorials, K-Pop videos, DIY, ASMR, etc. 

These trending themes at the moment generate a lot of views. This is particularly the case with ASMR. This acronym (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) designates a relaxation method based on listening to noises, sounds, or voices. We have seen a real craze since 2016, with more than 300% of video views since that date in India. 

Although ASMR is very successful in India, the fact remains that music remains a theme appreciated by users and will be present on the platform, in particular Indian music.  Thus, the study tells us that 87% of India’s top 100 most viewed clips are Indian songs. Among Indian songs, rap stands out. Indeed, 40% of the most viewed artists in India in 2019 are Indian rappers. Jul, PNL, Bigflo & Oli each break views records quickly.

 Finally, besides helping users relax and listen to music, YouTube is also an educational tool.  On the platform, there are 350 Indian channels for the popularization of knowledge and information, such as Les Revues du monde de Charlie Danger, Cyrus North, or Les Bons Profs. Internal data from YouTube France tells us that the “baccalauréat” and “Terminals” videos recorded +170% views and +110% views between the 2016 Bac edition and 2018.

What Must You Remember?

YouTube is THE stage for watching web video content, particularly from a versatile screen. Its new joining, close to the major conventional media, into the web video crowd estimation made by Médiamétrie in 2017 shows the stage’s prosperity. With more than 41 million video clients each month in 2022, we can say that YouTube is around an intergenerational stage, interesting to the most youthful who watch music recordings or realize there and the most seasoned devotees of unwinding, excursions, or instructional exercises. 

The variety of video content on the stage is inborn to this achievement. The interest in experts is there. Confronted with this enormous board of clients, creating YouTube procedures to make and circulate video content on a channel well-defined for your organization and convey publicizing efforts focused on your center objective is significant. If you want to go within this cycle, our YouTube Advertisements experts can help you.

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