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Facebook Ads: The Best Lever To Target A Qualified Audience

An emblematic social network of the early 2000s, Facebook revolutionized the way we communicate on the Internet. Its story is known to everyone since it has notably been the subject of a film, and its creator – needs no introduction. On the other hand, it is interesting to examine the evolution of this site, which was reserved for students from Harvard University when it was created in February 2004. 

Then, students from other American universities could quickly access it. In September 2005, it was the turn of secondary schools to benefit from it, then the employees of several companies, including Apple. A year later, on September 26, 2006, anyone aged 13 with an email address could register. Then, in 2013,

At the same time, the uses of Internet users are also changing. Initially, Facebook is mainly used to find old-school friends and exchange with them online, sharing photos and videos. In April 2008, its users discovered a new feature that was a great success: instant messaging. Forgetting online games, such as simulation, are very popular.

And like Google, Facebook very quickly developed its advertising network. Facebook Ads appeared in April 2004… two months after the site was launched with students! Nearly 20 years later, Facebook ads have changed a lot, the formats have been diversified, and many features have been developed to meet the expectations of advertisers and the uses of Internet users.

Today, this management is used by many brands and companies to promote their products and services and improve their visibility. It is also one of the tools mastered by our agency. Thus, we offer our clients tailor-made support in their campaigns. We know the best practices to follow, the latest must-have trends, and what’s new. This article is an opportunity for us to present them to you and explain what, in our view, is the ideal Facebook Ads agency in 2023.

An Easy-To-Use And Very Powerful Advertising Network 

Since its creation in April 2004, the Facebook Ads platform has undergone profound changes. The formats offered to advertisers in 2023 are not similar to those of 2004. But they have kept this simplicity of use, which is the strength of this management. Similarly, it has always distinguished itself from its main competitor, Google Ads, by its precise targeting possibilities.

 It must be said that Facebook has a valuable tool: a large database fed by information published or provided by its members. This targeting power is a real asset for advertisers who can reach customers and prospects accurately. This platform is also renowned for its affordable cost and analysis tools allowing you to optimize campaigns. 

And even though Facebook has lost users since other social networks, like Instagram and TikTok, appeared, it remains popular and is used worldwide. It, therefore, offers great opportunities for advertisers who, to optimize the effectiveness of their campaigns, can be accompanied by agencies, such as our Powertrafic team. 

Why Advertise On This Social Network? 

In 2023, facing competitors such as TikTok, YouTube, and Google, is it still useful to do advertising campaigns on Facebook? This is a legitimate question that brands and companies can ask themselves and to which we respond positively. Yes, today, it remains interesting to advertise on this network. This is also why we continue to offer this service to our customers with personalized support, which is our hallmark at Powertrafic.

Indeed, in 2023, Facebook Ads are still effective for reaching a large audience. One figure is enough to fully understand its usefulness: every month, the social network is used by 2 billion Internet users. Thus, thanks to this management, an advertiser can, for example:

  1. broadcast targeted advertisements using specific criteria, including geolocation, age group, language, behavior, etc.;
  2. develop its reputation online;
  3. increase the engagement of Internet users on publications;
  4. develop interactions with its community;
  5. target a qualified audience;
  6. quickly convert prospects into customers.

Nevertheless, it is essential to respect a few rules and learn about new developments to obtain results. At Power Trafic, as in any good Facebook Ads agency, we do this for our clients and help them optimize their campaigns to get the best return on investment (ROI). 

Trends To Follow On Facebook Ads In 2023 

Before explaining the best practices for setting up an effective Facebook Ads campaign, we will present the major trends 2023, which are similar to those of 2022. But it is always good to remember them because they help improve the performance of a campaign. Thus, in 2023, priority should be given to:

  1. Simple visuals, with a few colors, which highlight the product or service promoted by an ad;
  2. Short, clear, and persuasive messages (the choice of words is therefore very important);
  3. diversified content and formats;
  4. Creative ads which stand out from the competition, which communicate the values ​​of a brand, for example, and which encourage interaction;
  5. Broad targeting to reach more Facebook users and promote the popularity of a product or service.
  6. These trends are, therefore, not necessarily new, but they remain unavoidable this year. This is why we advise our clients and help them choose the best advertising formats according to their objectives. 

The Facebook Ads Formats To Favor This Year 

To transform Facebook into a powerful acquisition lever, following the trends mentioned above is necessary. But that’s not all. It is also necessary to pay attention to the formats that are used because they must be adapted to the strategy of a brand or a company. And on this advertising platform, several formats are available, very different from each other, and each offers advantages. 

Photo Ads, The Classic Still In Vogue 

To promote a product or service and redirect prospects to the website of a brand or a company, Photo Ads are the fastest and least expensive solution. To ensure its effectiveness, a few rules are recommended in 2023. Thus, it is necessary to choose quality, impactful visuals that attract the attention of Facebook users (attention which, it should be remembered, is in great demand daily). The message must be short so that the visual can catch the eye of the users. 

Video Ads, The Dynamic Format 

In 2023, video is also essential for Facebook Ads. It is ideal for advertisers who want to immerse Internet users in their universe. With this format, it is possible to tell a brand’s story, explain its values, focus on certain products, etc. The length of the video mainly depends on the purpose of a brand or company. Generally, it does not exceed 40 seconds. But it is possible to go further, provided that quality is taken care of and that a vertical format is offered since Facebook is now very often used on smartphones. 

Carousel Ads, The Most Generous Offer 

Another format is interesting in Facebook Ads: the Carousel. It allows you to broadcast several images or videos (up to 10). Its cost is, therefore, higher, but it has an advantage: it is perfect for storytelling around a product or service. And it meets the expectations of Internet users who like to know more about the products/services they buy. It is also a good format to tell the story of a company or a brand and make it known to a large target. 

Collection Ads, The Most Interactive Format 

The Collection format of Facebook Ads is also very trendy this year. Like Carrousel, it gives an important place to interact and allows Internet users to discover a brand’s products. Collection Ads, therefore, consist of a main video or image and 3 small images and offer users an immersive visual experience, all in fluidity, without having to leave Facebook. It’s a digital mini-catalog, very effective for promoting products. 

Other Formats Available On Facebook 

Facebook Ads makes three other formats available to brands and businesses, which may be less fashionable in 2023 but are still worth showing off. There are advertisements:

  1. in stories for an ever more immersive experience;
  2. Messenger to create a close link with Internet users;
  3. Slideshow to tell a story with animations.

The role of an ideal Facebook Ads agency in 2023 is, therefore, to advise its clients in their advertising formats and to support them in optimizing their campaigns. At Power Trafic, our team specializes in this advertising network and does this daily. We also constantly watch to know the latest trends and novelties and, thus, understand them well and present them to our customers. 

Our role is not only to offer them a strategy. We are also there to share our experiences, introduce them to new opportunities, and help them achieve their goals. It is, therefore, a collaboration to which we are attached. Likewise, we always comply with Facebook Ads’ best practices – which we know by heart! – because they are essential for setting up successful campaigns. 

Best Practices For A Successful Campaign 

Facebook’s advertising network obeys certain rules, which is better to know to create relevant and profitable campaigns. We are used to following these practices at the agency and constantly recommend them to our clients. Here are a few.

Choosing The Right Ad Placement 

When creating a Facebook Ads campaign, one important detail is its location. In other words, the place where it appears on the social network. And this choice should not be made randomly because it determines the space available and the visibility of an advertisement. To date, several locations are available. Thus, it can be distributed in:

  1. The news feed is known for its effectiveness because the advertisements appear less intrusive and better capture users’ attention. This, therefore, promotes the click rate and generates qualified leads. It is available in both versions of Facebook: desktop with longer descriptions; mobile with, this time, concise descriptions.
  2. The right column of the desktop version is a cheaper location, with smaller texts and visuals, but which is ideal for retargeting. The distribution of an advertisement in this column also offers an interesting CPC (cost per click), particularly if the call-to-action is well placed, the relevant message, and the attractive image.
  3. The marketplace is recommended for e-commerce sites because it targets users interested in online shopping who are likely to want to discover new products and receive promotional offers.
  4. Videos, with distribution either in Live and on-demand videos or between videos suggested by Facebook to its users. This placement requires a certain budget but is very effective because Internet users are forced to watch the entire campaign to continue watching a video. However, you should know that users often consider these ads intrusive.
  5. Stories that capture the attention of a large audience because they have an average of 500 million users per day. With this slot, it is possible to broadcast up to 2 min of video in a vertical format.
  6. Instant Articles, with a display of ads in Instant Articles, but only on the mobile version.

Generally, the choice of this placement depends on the objectives of a campaign and the advertiser’s budget. 

Adapt The Advertising Format To The Strategy 

As mentioned, creating an effective Facebook Ads campaign is about selecting the right format. It can be an advertisement:

  1. photo with a visual and a short message;
  2. short or long video;
  3. immersive in stories;
  4. Messenger with an in-app broadcast;
  5. Carousel with 10 images or videos;
  6. Slideshow with animations, sound, and text;
  7. Collection with product presentation;
  8. playable to encourage the download of an application.

This format is chosen according to the campaign’s commercial objectives: notoriety, traffic, interactions, prospects, promotion of an application, and sales.

Clearly Define The Target Of Your Campaign 

On Facebook Ads, the targeting options are numerous and interesting for a brand or a company. This is why it is necessary to take the time to precisely define the target of an advertisement based on various criteria such as age, geographical location, and centers of interest. Then you have to segment a campaign to deliver personalized messages to the different categories of target audiences. This is an essential step in obtaining qualified leads. 

Create An Effective And Neat Landing Page 

To be successful, a Facebook advertising campaign must be based on a well-optimized landing page. After clicking on an ad, Internet users must be redirected to the right page, making them want to continue their shopping journey. 

Focus On Attractive Visuals 

On Facebook Ads, competition can be tough for a business. Therefore, for a successful campaign, the presence of a visual is essential to attract the attention of Internet users because it is easier to memorize than a text. And this visual must be attractive to stand out and be shared. 

Analyze Campaign Performance 

After creating, configuring, and posting an advertisement on Facebook, it must be analyzed and its effectiveness measured. This is another step, as important as the previous ones, which allows you to know if the online campaign is achieving its objectives and if the initial budget is respected. Click rate, conversion rate, cost per conversion… so many criteria that must be analyzed to ensure the performance of an advertisement. 

Moreover, Facebook makes tools available to advertisers to facilitate this analysis: advertising and business managers. If the results are not there, it is always possible to adjust a campaign but pay attention to the changes made not to affect its effectiveness. To avoid this, it is better to contact a Facebook Ads agency from the start, which will take care of a campaign from A to Z by defining its objectives, targeting high-performance audiences, creating attractive visuals and messages, by analyzing its results… In short, complete support, as our Power Trafic agency offers its clients.

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