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Top 10 Video Editing Apps On iPhone

The iPhone is rising thanks to the quality of its images and videos. However, some editing applications are not compatible with Apple products. So, check out your iPhone’s top 10 video editing apps below.


InShot is a software for editing photos and music on a video, and it is one of the few software suitable for iPhone. InShot lets you edit keepsake images and videos while adding music, effects, transitions, and more. At the end of the assembly, sharing it on social networks is possible. It can trim, erase frames, even speed, crop, combine, and compress video. Moreover, it allows assembling several clips into one while maintaining quality. 

With Inshot, it is possible to put animations and custom filters on the image or video. The software is also used to erase a color or a background from a video or a photo. To embellish the creation, you can add personalized music. Enjoy the strengths of the application with an unlimited subscription.


It is a simple video editing software but still very effective. It helps you make fully customizable video editing with better quality on your iPhone. With Splice, filters, background, orientation, and speed are editable. It offers a shortcut to simplify cropping videos and photos. It also incorporates a voice recorder with several sound effects. For audio editing, be aware that Splice allows you to merge and cut multiple audio.

Then users can schedule direct broadcasts to YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Email, Messenger, and more. The edited video can be saved to your gallery. Subscriptions will be posted to your iTunes account upon purchase. The choice is yours between weekly, monthly, or annual payments. You can turn off auto-renewal in the account setting.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Premiere Rush makes it easy to edit and stream your videos anywhere, anytime. The App has been free for a while, but with this version, it offers limited exports. An update is strongly recommended to enjoy the functionality of the App better. If Adobe Premiere Rush is in great demand, it is above all thanks to the quality of the videos by the integrated camera during immediate editing.

 Then, the effects are easy to handle, so content customization is within everyone’s reach (expert or beginner). Multiple soundtracks, sound effects, and loops are fully at your disposal. Note that editing remains possible even if you plan to process several videos. At the end of the assembly, the user can easily share the rendering obtained on social networks and in personalized formats.

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Can Go

Canva is a fun and easy-to-use app, even for beginners in graphic design. Canva meets all your expectations in the field of video or photo editing. It allows you to carry out a montage according to your style or to refer to the 60,000 catalogs (logo, invitation, book cover) that professionals have created. 

The App enables professional performance with these powerful and easy-to-use effects. In addition, it is a tool that allows you to collect all your photos in one, thanks to the ALL-IN-ONE option. The advantage is that working as a team on Canva is possible. Then, the application makes sharing the rendering obtained on social networks very easy.


FilmoraGo is a simplified video editing app for iPhone. It has advanced menus and several editing methods. FilmoraGo makes creating the clip or movie you want to share quickly and easy on communication networks. With FilmoraGo, it’s easy to manage all the edits in every clip with just one click.

The App catalog allows you to create a video in just a few seconds. Add to that the personalized audio and the spectacular effects that embellish your video content. Sharing clips or videos is very fast, whether on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook. Using the FilmoraGo Pro Unlimited subscription gives you access to all the cool features and tools the App offers.


LumaFusion is the #1 mobile multi-video (multitrack) editing app. It is a professional app allowing you to share and create your story. LumaFusion is paid and does not offer a free trial version like some apps. It is possible to use 6 video/audio tracks and 6 more audio tracks with several effects during editing. You can join, split, lock, hide, insert, or erase clips. After editing, you can save and share the movie by customizing the format.


Magisto lets you create amazing videos in minutes. This is mostly thanks to Majisto’s auto-guided smart editor. At the same time, it allows you to merge, edit videos and make photo slideshows. After editing, sharing the videos on social networks, via messaging applications, or by e-mail is easy. Moreover, different options are available on Magisto Video Editor, but it all depends on your subscription.


Videoleap is an all-in-one social platform dedicated to video editing and sharing. All the features and options are easy to use and allow you to work like a pro, even for amateurs. Why choose Videoleap? It helps create and stitch together photos and videos with special effects and custom-sized texts. It provides high-end tools like keyframe animations and clip format. 

The modification you make is very precise with this App. For each feature, VideoLeap presents a tutorial to help you master it. Then, the recording is done automatically after the treatments. Free trials are automatically canceled after subscribing to the VideoLeap app. Subscription fees are charged to your iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.


Thanks to its design and multifunctional nature, .iMovie can create great movie trailers and movies uniquely and originally. iMovie automatically edits a group of selected videos or images. However, it is possible to customize the style after the automatic assembly. When creating, the movie offers 8 themes with matching titles, transient, and music. There are already 11 styles of animated titles, so the user has plenty to choose from.

What better way to create Hollywood trailers? Save your movies to your photo library with resolutions up to 4K and 60 frames per second. Considering all its performance, iMovie is worthy of professionals in video editing, even if it is also suitable for amateurs. Once completed, the video can be broadcast on frequently visited networks like Instagram, YouTube, and other popular platforms.


CapCut gives access to all the desired options, and this is for free. With its unique features, CapCut allows you to make high-quality videos. It offers many options to customize all the videos: animation, filter, speed, trim, transition, etc. CapCut has several smart features, like voice recognition and automatic video captions. It can also apply text-to-speech in several languages ​​and remove the background automatically. All CapCut videos can be shared on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook.

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