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CMS Should You Choose To Get Started In Online Sales?

To start and test an e-commerce activity, it is often interesting to start with a turnkey e-commerce solution in order to limit initial development costs. Indeed, these solutions are simple to implement and do not require in-depth knowledge of web development. Before getting started, however, you will need to choose a CMS from all the options currently offered on the internet.

Shopify: An Ideal E-Commerce Solution To Get Started

Shopify is a significant player, used by nearly 20% of online stores. It is an easy-to-use solution suitable for entrepreneurs who are new to online commerce. Shopify is a paid application; no free version is offered.

The Benefits Of Shopify

The first advantage of Shopify is its ease of use. This is a real advantage compared to other solutions. With Shopify, a beginner e-retailer will be able to launch their business without necessarily having to work with a web agency. The installation will be carried out quickly and at a lower cost. Then, there is a wide choice of themes with exciting and easily customizable designs. You will, therefore, have more chances of finding a piece that perfectly matches your expectations.

The Disadvantages Of Shopify

Shopify has a significant disadvantage for e-merchants: the solution requires payment, and part of the cost corresponds to transaction fees, which are calculated directly on sales made on the platform. Shopify, therefore, takes a commission on each sale. The margin is, consequently, impacted. If the business grows, the platform costs will be high.

The second weak point of Shopify concerns SEO. At this level, the work to be done will be more challenging to carry out than with other competing solutions. The intervention of a professional will then be necessary, and you will have to budget accordingly.

Prestashop: A Solution For Essential Projects

Prestashop is a free, open-source e-commerce solution. However, installing the online store is not easy on this system, and it will take time. Around 300,000 e-commerce sites run on Prestashop today.

The Advantages Of Prestashop

First of all, the Prestashop solution is free, which allows you to launch an e-commerce activity while minimizing expenses. Prestashop is also a system well-suited to natural referencing, which is essential in this field of activity. Prestashop is a widely customizable solution that allows you to obtain an e-commerce store that meets your expectations. 

Many themes are available. You will also have access to numerous modules to develop your site. Finally, you have the possibility of managing several online stores from Prestashop, with centralized management within a single administration area.

The Disadvantages Of Prestashop

Prestashop is a solution more suited to experienced e-retailers. You need to have all the necessary skills to delegate the design and configuration of the site to a specialized web agency. In addition, several paid modules can be helpful in developing a successful store.

Woocommerce: The Most Used E-Commerce Solution

Woocommerce is an open-source internet business augmentation for the WordPress CMS. This is the arrangement generally utilized by e-retailers (over 25% of online stores). It is easy to use and requires no information on web advancement. The essential augmentation is free. Then, to profit from extra highlights, it will be necessary to pay.

The Advantages Of Woocommerce

Woocommerce is a speedy and free answer for setup. The web-based store depends on WordPress, which makes it conceivable to be exceptionally proficient as far as Web optimization, which can be arranged in advance. It is feasible to introduce a subject streamlined for Search engine optimization and advantage from the numerous Website design enhancement expansions of WordPress (like Yoast, for instance). The WordPress CMS will likewise permit you to add a blog segment to your web-based business webpage. This usefulness, which is the core of WordPress, is relatively easy to utilize.

The Disadvantages Of Woocommerce

The Woocommerce expansion must be utilized through the WordPress CMS, which is a massive hindrance to its utilization. Furthermore, there might be similarity issues between the module and other modules used on the WordPress side. Then, information on web improvement will be essential to customize the internet-based store. In any case, the mediation of an organization is fundamental and involves costs.

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