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Five Solutions For Successful Retirement Home Web Marketing

The retirement home market has a bright future since, according to INSEE, people over 80 will represent 10% of the Indian population by 2060, compared to 4.5%. Demand is, therefore, not about to dry up, but how do you do well and attract residents to choose your establishment? Here are five ideas that will allow you to succeed in your web marketing actions and stand out from your competitors.

Natural Referencing

Referencing your site in the Google search engine is the starting point in building your online visibility. Here is the proof: Google is used by more than 95% of Internet users in India! It is, therefore, essential to be present on it so that your prospects easily and quickly find your establishment. Your goal is, therefore, to make your site appear at the top of Google results, as this increases your chances of being clicked on by Internet users. 

Given the intense competition in the market, it is essential to develop an effective strategy with more specific, so-called “long tail” keywords such as “retirement home with therapeutic activities in Normandy” or “retirement home with places available immediately. ” These expressions generate less traffic but bring you very qualified visitors interested in your services.

AdWords Advertising

Creating AdWords advertising campaigns effectively captures your future residents’ attention on your services. Sometimes, we see that the advertisements of retirement homes are not well configured because they do not correspond to Internet users’ requests. For example, here we typed the keywords “retirement homes in Normandy,”

Here are the results: Of the three outcomes, the last one is irrelevant since the announcement concerns retirement homes throughout France. The first two do not sufficiently highlight the location of retirement homes. On the other hand, it is an excellent point to highlight availability, an essential criterion in the final choice of the establishment.

Creating Landing Pages

The goal of advertisements is to turn your visitors into leads successfully. Creating landing pages is a crucial step in optimizing your conversion rate. Indeed, they will allow you to collect the personal data of your visitors via a form to fill out so that you can contact them later. It is, therefore, essential to take care of the design of your landing page (call-to-action buttons, choice of colors, location of buttons, balance between visuals and texts, etc.) to establish a climate of trust that will encourage your visitors to take action by contacting your establishment directly.


Sending regular newsletters (once a month) is an excellent way to:

  1. Inform the families of residents about the events you are organizing
  2. Attract new residents by communicating about your services

Social Networks

Developing a strategy on social networks is an excellent way to stand out from your competitors and to federate a community around your establishment. Contrary to popular belief, more seniors use Facebook because it’s a great way to stay in touch with loved ones. It is, therefore, in your interest to be present where your prospects are. This will make all the difference with the other establishments that have not dared to embark on it.

 If you want to know how to be present on Facebook, go to our article Retirement home managers: communicate via social networks! Since video is the most shared format today, it would be in your interest to create a YouTube channel on which you could broadcast videos illustrating the life of your retirement home for free: activities, theme evenings, special events, birthdays of residents, presentation of your services and your team, etc.


The possibilities to develop your visibility on the Web are numerous. We remind you that the solutions cited here are not exhaustive. If you want to go further, our digital marketing experts specializing in the retirement home sector will analyze your needs and issues and offer you tailor-made solutions. Please don’t wait any longer to tell us about your project!

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