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HR Management: Top-Notch Tools To Drive Toward Performance

HR management is one of the strategic pillars of human resources management because it allows you to visualize your strengths and weaknesses. Is it objective? Adjust the HR procedure and improve its presentation. Past the examination and detailing issues, it also makes it conceivable to produce fundamental HR correspondence media. We should investigate the difficulties of overseeing HR and the instruments it depends on.

What Is Human Resource Management?

HR Management: Definition

HR management is part of the company’s overall strategy through its HR policy. It can be global or focus on specific points, in particular:

  1. Functional or legitimate administration: Does
  2. Does the organization consent to all lawful, regulatory, and working commitments?
  3. Customized administration: What

are different organizations of a similar size or in a similar area of movement doing?

  1. Vital administration: Is
  2. Is the HR strategy set up compelling and beneficial in the long haul?

The Challenges Of HR Management

Between analysis, monitoring, and reporting, its primary purpose is informational  :

  1. What is the company’s current situation from an HR point of view?
  2. What are its objectives?
  3. What are the HR indicators to monitor?

The information collected is then a valuable decision-making aid to determine the actions to be implemented in terms of:

  1. recruitment,
  2. talent retention,
  3. improvement of working conditions,
  4. reduction of accidents and illnesses,
  5. development of the CSR policy, etc

Why Manage Human Resources?

The principal targets of HR the board are, subsequently:

  1. the assortment and centralization of applicable and solid data,
  2. dispersal of this data to all chiefs and workers,
  3. the ID of issues and blockages connecting with HR, the board,
  4. estimating the consequences of HR activities,
  5. the estimation of the profit from venture (return on initial capital investment) of the HR technique.

To accomplish these targets, HR executives depend on a few instruments permitting the HR division to:

  1. Elevating its activities to all representatives;
  2. Exhibit to the board its commitment to the general presentation of the organization.

What Are The HR Management Tools?

The four main HR management tools are shown in this diagram:

The BSI, The Communication And Motivation Tool

A summary and educational document, the Individual Social Report, is issued by the human resources department to the employee once a year, in paper or digital version. It is not a mandatory document. It summarizes for each employee, individually, their rights and benefits, such as:

  1. compensation,
  2. bonuses,
  3. training proposals,
  4. the participation.

It allows the employee to realize the company’s competitive advantages and concrete evolution from one year to the next. This rewarding tool is ideal for retaining talent: it is a technique for retaining employees.

The BDESE, The Inter-Hierarchical Information Tool

The Economic, Social, and Environmental Database  (or BDU, single database) serves as a preparation tool for the annual consultation of the Economic and Social Committee ( CSE ) with management. The latter is required to make it available to the CSE or staff representatives from 50 employees. The BDESE is composed of the following:

  1. social data ( social investment, gender equality, etc.),
  2. remuneration (executives, employees, funders),
  3. accounting data ( equity and debt, investments, financial flows, commercial transfers, etc.),
  4. environmental data ( environmental impacts of the organization, management, activity, etc.).

Its Objectives Are Multiple:

  1. simplify and deepen the exchange of information between employers and employee representatives;
  2. recall the company’s strategic orientations  ;
  3. show their consequences on activity, employment, the evolution of professions and skills, and work organization.

With the GrafiQ software, quickly set up a BDESE in the rules of the art by importing your DSN, Excel files, or any other file from your HRIS. Personalize it to your needs and your image, then distribute it securely (restricted access, secure IP, etc.) to authorized persons.

The HR Dashboard, The Decision Support Tool

The human resources dashboard is one of the essential management tools for decision-making, thanks to the measurement and synthesis of statistics  :

  1. workforce,
  2. staff turnover ( turn -over ),
  3. absenteeism, etc.

Produced by the human resources department, sometimes by a social management controller, it can be used in situations:

  1. recruitment follow-up,
  2. training, _
  3. performance evaluation,
  4. career management,
  5. or monitoring the state of the social climate.

The HR dashboard contains a bunch of execution markers zeroed in on the essential achievement factors (or activity switches), all characterized by the organization’s size, area, and technique and introduced as tables and charts. You can have an HR table inside HR the board programming. For instance, Nicola HRIS utilizes Business Knowledge to consolidate your information and make customized reports that work with direction. You get a good and exact vision of your tasks while getting your data. These KPIs ( Key Performance Indicators ) reflect the following:

  1. targeted objectives,
  2. deviations and performance,
  3. but also the participation of human resources in the results of the company.

HR Reporting, The Control Tool

Initially used by marketing teams to get to know the customer better, HR reporting is now also used in HR management. Built a posteriori, it completes the HR dashboard thanks to a set of result indicators to inform the hierarchy of the performance of human resources stopped at a given moment. It is a control tool to highlight:

  1. absences,
  2. diseases,
  3. salary differences,
  4. accidents at work,
  5. turnover rate,
  6. training needs, etc.

Unlike the dashboard, an examination device utilized by the HR division, it is a report of the consequences of the help, of their development, for investigation and evaluation by the organization’s chiefs. At the point when HR the board is decentralized, detailing makes it conceivable to check and bind together the activities, everything being equal.

The HRIS, The HR Management Software Par Excellence

Do you know the HRIS for HR The Board Data Framework? This arrangement combines a few HR programming (finance, work arranging, labor force the executives, and so on) with the assortment, investigation, and combination of all your HR information from a solitary space. It is a powerful administration instrument offering a total 360° vision and critical mechanization prospects.

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