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Mail To Gmail: Send Mail With Google’s Web Application

How to open Mail to links on web pages with Gmail instead of any email clients installed on your PC. The use of the URI mailto: is quite common in web pages. When you hover over a Contact Us link or similar, something like mailto: followed by the recipient’s email address, will appear in your browser’s status bar. 

As explained in a guide for creating mail to URIs, the web page can also pass the subject and body text to the user’s email client to insert by default into the new email message being composed. To use the Gmail to open mail to links, apply a simple trick that can be used with all major web browsers. Gmail is a Web application that can be used as webmail instead of a traditional email client: how to ensure that Gmail manages the clicked mail to links in any HTML page?

Manage Mail To links With Gmail: Chrome, Edge, Opera, Chromium, And Derivative Browsers

In Google Chrome, Chromium, and browsers derived from the latter (including Edge), it is possible to configure Gmail as the default program for managing email by applying the following steps:

  1. Type chrome://settings/handlers in the address bar of the browser ( chrome://settings/content/handlers in Edge).
  2. In The correspondence with Protocol managers, select Sites can ask to manage protocols and remove the mail.google.com entry (click on the corresponding “X”) if it is in the Not authorized to manage protocols list.
  3. Open the Gmail home page, then click on the icon depicting two small diamonds on the right side of the browser address bar. Then select the Allow option and click the Finish button.
  4. In Windows 10 and 11, the system screen for choosing the default Apps opens.

Click on Mail from the list and modify the current association displayed in the MAILTO box. Instead of Mail, the browser you usually use should be in the MAILTO box. This way, mailto: links opened on the local system will also be handled with Gmail.

In case you want to remove the association between the URIs mailto: and Gmail, go back to the chrome://settings/handlers page in the browser address bar ( chrome://settings/content/handlers in Edge), then click on the three dots to the right of mail.gmail.com, and then choose Remove.

Open Mail To Links With Gmail From Mozilla Firefox

Because of the Firefox program, setting Gmail as the default instrument to oversee Mail to joins is much less difficult and more prompt. Access the Firefox settings by squeezing the ALT key and tapping on Devices and Settings (on the other hand, you can expound on: inclinations in the location bar).

Looking down the Overall tab of the Firefox settings in the Applications sheet, you should search for mail to, then supplant the choice there with Use Gmail. For those who regularly use Gmail to manage email, it is possible to go to the general settings page, scroll down to locate Desktop notifications, and click on Click here to enable desktop notifications for Gmail. 

With a click on Blocked notifications on the left of the address bar, you must finally select Allow for this site. By typing Notifications in the Windows search box and then clicking Notifications & actions, your browser must be configured to display notifications at the operating system level.

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