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PC/Phone Monitoring Software: The Complete Guide

For parents, it is essential to control their children’s online activities. The dangers of the Internet are indeed numerous. For this, PC/phone monitoring software is a must. 

What Is Monitoring Software?

Also called “spyware,” surveillance software is a tool that offers the possibility of monitoring or consulting the activities of other users when they connect to the Internet. This type of software can be installed on a PC and a Smartphone (Android or iPhone). In most cases, its installation is simple. And once it is installed, it is very difficult for anyone using the phone (or PC) to realize the presence of this software on their device.

This is also one of the great advantages of spyware. On the phone, it runs in the background and does not consume resources. In short, he is very discreet. As for the features offered, you should know that these can change from one solution to another, but most of this software has “basic” functions. Individuals can use this kind of software, professionals and law enforcement.

About individuals, we can cite parents and people who want to spy on their spouses because they have doubts about their fidelity. Warning: if you plan to install monitoring software on someone’s phone without the latter being aware, be aware that you are exposing yourself to heavy penalties. According to the law, this is neither more nor less than an invasion of privacy.

You, therefore, risk up to 2 years in prison and a fine of 60,000 euros. First, ensure that the person gives you their consent in a written and signed document to prevent this. It is different if the individual we will monitor is still a minor. His parents can effectively provide this surveillance without them breaking any laws.

Why Use This Type Of Software?

Many reasons can justify the use of PC/phone monitoring software. For starters, this solution is of great use to parents. With the growing development of the Internet and social networks, children are unfortunately not immune to the actions of malicious people. This tool allows parents to monitor their teen’s online activities. They can anticipate and take steps to protect their children from harm. 

How many parents have regretted not having been able to intervene earlier to prevent a tragedy from happening? Apart from parents, monitoring software is also useful for employers who wish to monitor their employees, particularly those who are teleworking. The employer can track the use of working time, analyze productivity, monitor emails, etc. Finally, law enforcement agencies use this type of software to monitor communications. It is an effective tool that enables police officers to achieve their objectives and obtain results.

Features Of Monitoring Software

As mentioned above, surveillance software does not suggest the same features, but they have essential functions in common. Among these “basic” functionalities, we can mention, for example, the display of SMS and other text messages, GPS location, site blocker, monitoring of social networks, etc.

Read Sent / Received SMS

Today, SMS is a preferred means of communication for teenagers. Do you want to know who your children chat with daily and, above all, know the content of the messages exchanged? One of the interesting features offered by monitoring software is the ability to read SMS (sent and received) remotely. Better, some solutions are even able to show you the text messages that have been deleted. In this way, even if your teenager systematically deletes his messages, you can still consult them. Your child cannot hide anything from you despite his discretion because you will know everything.

Read Messages On Messaging Apps

Teenagers also enjoy messaging applications (Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, WhatsApp, Skype, Viber…). The problem is that the child risks potentially dangerous encounters. In addition, he may be the victim of cyberbullying or of receiving sexual and inappropriate content.

Thanks to phone monitoring software, parents can access the content of conversations at any time. Along these lines, they will be aware if, for instance, their kid is being badgered or, on the other hand, assuming he is conversing with outsiders who expect to hurt him. Guardians can pursue the essential choices and tell the police, assuming they consider it significant.

Monitor Social Networks

 Are you worried about the idea that they could have bad encounters? To end worries, you can use monitoring software to monitor your teens’ activities on these different social platforms. If exposed to shocking content, you will know who they talk to daily and how they behave. And all in full discretion. Your child cannot know that his phone is being monitored unless he is a real computer whiz.

GPS Location

This is certainly one of the most appreciated features by parents. This GPS location lets you know the exact location of the device your teenager uses. Therefore, locating the latter if he was taken somewhere against his will will be easy. You will know which are the places where he went. Some software can alert you if the child has exceeded a geographical area you have set beforehand. You’ll also be notified if your teen is somewhere else at a specific time. This is useful for parents who want to ensure their offspring do not make mistakes.


As its name suggests, the Keylogger memorizes all the words typed on a keyboard (whether that of a telephone or a computer). This is a great way for parents to discover their children’s login credentials. They will be able to be informed of what their offspring are doing on their Smartphone. This way, you will know exactly what your children are looking for on Google and other engines. But the Keylogger is also a tool that entrepreneurs can use. If a few employees begin to divulge or share information deemed confidential, they will quickly be unmasked. And the most interesting thing is that they cannot deny it.

Take Screenshots

Monitoring software can also have a “screen capture” function. Thanks to this, parents and employers remain informed of all conversations, including the most secret ones. The software, therefore, records everything that happens on a PC or phone.

Monitor Web History

The Internet is a unique source of information and entertainment for any teenager. However, there are always risks that the child will come across sites simply unsuitable for him. He may be confronted with scenes of violence, hatred, or content reserved for adults. With the help of monitoring software, know that you can remotely monitor the web history on your child’s Smartphone. 

You easily access a list of sites he has visited. For this purpose, you will know if he consults, for example, pornographic sites. In addition, you have other information available such as the time of navigation, the duration of navigation, or the network used. Having all this data allows you to take the necessary measures quickly.

Blocking Apps And Sites

By browsing the web history, have you noticed that your teenager regularly visits adult sites? Monitoring software offers the possibility for parents to block certain sites and applications. You only need a few clicks to do this, and you’re done. After that, your teen will no longer be able to access inappropriate content, and you will have peace of mind wherever you are. In addition to blocking sites, you can configure time slots where access to certain sites is blocked or limited. You can also apply filters on the sites visited.

How To Install Monitoring Software On A PC?

Installing monitoring software on a PC is a relatively easy operation. It does not require specific computer knowledge; therefore, anyone can do it. You have to follow a few steps. The first step is to subscribe to an account (free or paid subscription) to have a login and a password. These will be useful for you to follow your children’s activities on the PC from a control panel. 

You can connect to your account using any medium (tablet, laptop, Smartphone). After you create your account, you will get a download link from the software provider. You must perform the download from the computer used by the child. You need about ten minutes; for this purpose, you must act when your teenager is out or busy with his friends outside. 

For installation, you have to follow the guide provided by the manufacturer. You will be given different authorization requests and the privacy policy during the operation. You have to accept them. Finally, the last step is to configure the monitoring mode. And remember to check that the installed software works discreetly.

How To Install Monitoring Software On An iPhone?

Want to install monitoring software on your teen’s iPhone? Nothing’s easier. First, you need to purchase the software in question, and then you will receive a download link. Then all you have to do is download and start the installation. You must insert the license key and wait for confirmation to complete the installation process. The installation procedures may differ depending on the software you want to install.

How To Install Monitoring Software On Android?

In general, to install monitoring software on Android, you must ensure that you have the phone of the child (or employee) to be monitored in your hands. Indeed, you have to download the software from the target Smartphone. Once the download is complete, you can immediately install the software. This will only take a maximum of 2 minutes. 

And there it is, neither seen nor known. A word of advice: installing monitoring software cannot be done remotely. So beware of these websites offering remote installation because there is a good chance it is a scam. It should be noted that to function properly, some software requires rooting. Otherwise, you can only take advantage of some of the features.

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