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Phone Trade-in: Top 10 Sites To Resell Your Smartphone

You’ve decided to upgrade to a new phone, but what to do with the old one? Don’t let it collect dust in a drawer! It is currently easy to resell it online. In this article, we present to you the top 10 of the best smartphone trade-in sites. This allows you to make a responsible gesture for the planet while earning money.


At the top of our selection is CompaRecycle, the ideal destination for the resale of smartphones. This site compares all the advantageous offers on the market, thanks to its network of professional recovery and reconditioning partners. Its objective is to guarantee you the best price for your device. With a user-friendly interface, CompaRecycle facilitates the sales process in just a few simple steps. 

It all starts with selecting your product, which you can search by brand, model, or IMEI. Then, a quick diagnosis is carried out using a questionnaire. Once you have compared and chosen the best offer, you have two options. The first option allows you to stay at home. You fill out an online form, send your phone for free, and receive your payment a few days later. For the second option, all you have to do is go to the store nearest to you to present your old phone. You will receive your money immediately, without waiting.


EasyCash offers a fast, convenient, and reliable solution for selling your smartphone. In just a few clicks, it gives you an estimate of the value of your phone. You can then choose to send it by mail or come directly to one of its physical stores. EasyCash has 120 stores in mainland France, so there is necessarily a collection point near you. 

The advantage of this site is that it buys all brands of phones, whether Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, Oppo, Google, or others. Its transparent and hassle-free process allows you to earn money quickly. Payment is made immediately in-store or 72 hours after checking the product for online recovery.


BackMarket is another exciting site for reselling your cell phone. It is the French leader in the field of reconditioned products, both for sale and repurchase. As for the recovery, the process is done in the blink of an eye and does not involve any costs on your part. Select your product brand and model, then fill out the review form.

You will then get an offer from a professional refurbisher. If you’re happy with the price, you’ll have 21 days to prepare your device, package it carefully, and ship it for free. Your payment will then be sent to you by bank transfer. Note that BackMarket even accepts non-functional devices for recycling of their internal components.


Rebuy unquestionably dominates the market for reconditioned electronic products in Europe. Of German origin, this platform has online stores in several countries, including Spain, Italy, Austria, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and, of course, France. It buys the products that you no longer use and takes care of reconditioning them in its reconditioning factories to give them a second life.

When you decide to resell your old smartphone on Rebuy, the process begins with an online evaluation. You select the make and model of your phone, and the trade-in price is instantly displayed. Then, you can ship it for free with a prepaid label. Once the package is received, technicians check the condition of the device to confirm the initial assessment. If necessary, a new price will be offered to you. Payment is made within 4 to 7 working days after receipt of the product.

Sell ​​My Mobile

Vendremonmobile is a price comparison tool that allows you to optimize the resale of your phone. It freely compares more than 2,000 buyback offers from its certified purchasing partners, making it the most extensive mobile trade-in catalog on the market. The Vendremonmobile platform is easy to use. Using the search bar, you type in the model of your device. 

After specifying its condition (new, marked, scratched, broken screen, etc.), you will obtain a list of prices sorted in descending order. By clicking on one of the offers presented, you will be redirected to the partner’s site to finalize the resale of your phone. The following steps depend on the buyer selected, but on average, payment is processed within two days of receiving the product.


Specializing in the fields of leisure, electronics, and household appliances, the French giant Boulanger also offers a take-back service for your multimedia devices. You can resell your smartphone, your tablet, your MacBook, or your games console, regardless of their origin.mThe Boulanger recovery happens as follows. First, the site estimates the value of your phone based on the make and model. 

Then, he asks you questions about the cosmetic condition of the device: is it perfect, sound, or damaged? Does it turn on correctly? Do the screen and buttons work? The amount of the recovery will then be communicated to you. In exchange for your smartphone, Boulanger offers you a gift card that can be used for one year, valid on all product categories available in-store.


The Indian e-commerce site Cdiscount also offers the possibility of purchasing your mobile, tablet, or game console. The process is straightforward and takes just a few clicks. You start by selecting the brand and model of your phone. Then, you enter its current state. Among the three trade-in offers proposed, you choose the one that suits you best. 

Once your request has been validated, you can return the phone to the selected recycler free of charge. The latter carries out a diagnosis within 48 hours of receipt of the device. If the diagnosis matches that carried out online, you will receive a transfer corresponding to the recovery amount announced within seven days.


The Japanese Rakuten is also among the best cell phone buyback sites. As on other platforms, you can quickly obtain an estimate of the resale price of your device in just a few clicks. If you are satisfied with the offer, confirmation of the recovery is immediate, and you will receive a shipping slip to send your package free of charge. Once experts have verified the full functionality of your trade-in phone, payment is made directly to your account.


In addition to the sale of refurbished devices, Cadooz is also a pioneer in the buyback and recycling of electronic products. It can take over your smartphones, tablets, laptops, and game consoles to give them a well-deserved second life. The recovery process is quick and easy. You select your product from the models offered, then answer a question to estimate its value. 

You will immediately receive a trade-in offer. The simplicity continues with sending your device, which Cadaoz supports. Once the package is received, it is carefully checked, and if everything is in order, you will receive your payment within 15 days. Before being resold, your old phone will be refurbished for a new life on the market.


E-Recycle represents an ecological option for reselling your phone that you no longer need. The operation is simple, quick, and secure. You can estimate the value of your phone in just a few steps, then send it for responsible recycling for free. This allows you to contribute to preserving the environment while earning money. Payment is made within 48 hours. All products taken by e-Recycle are checked, tested, and reconditioned in its workshops located in Lyon for resale.

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