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Refurbished Phone: How Does It Work?

There are more and more refurbished phones on the market. These represent more than 15% of the mobile phone market. They are guaranteed and sold at 20% to 50% cheaper than new devices. This is a good alternative, but how does it work? Here are some explanations on the subject!

A Refurbished Phone: What Is It?

When you take the time to dig a little online sales platforms like Smaaart, you will realize that the universe of refurbished phones is quite large. Compared to new products, refurbished cell phones are cheaper. Initially, these are new devices returned or resold to a supplier by its buyer after use. There are many reasons why a telephone user may decide to part with his device.

He can thus make this decision if it is no longer to his liking, if its functionalities are insufficient, etc. This is possible thanks to several shops offering the right of withdrawal or return. Once the phone is repossessed, the vendor begins reconditioning to return it to new. This operation consists of checking the device’s good condition by carrying out tests. On this occasion, he checks the state of solidity, autonomy, connection, cameras and many other elements. 

Subsequently, he makes the necessary modifications and repairs to correct all the problems identified. As soon as everything is back in order, the phone is put on the market again. In addition to refurbished phones, there are also devices that manufacturers repair and offer to consumers. The latter attract more buyers since they come directly from the manufacturing houses. These notify that they have used original spare parts to refurbish these devices.

Why Choose A Refurbished Phone?

Several reasons may lead you to buy a refurbished cell phone. Here are some of them!

The Low Purchase Cost

According to buyers, the purchase price and the possibility of saving are the main reasons for turning to refurbished phones. Therefore, taking this type of phone allows you to have new generation devices with a small budget. For example, on  Smaart, it is possible to find an iPhone 11 for less than €400, more than half the price of a new model.

A Way To Change Phones Frequently

With refurbished phones, your purchasing power increases. Indeed, instead of taking a new phone at a very high price, you can opt for a refurbished model at a lower cost. Thus, you can change it afterwards against a more advanced model newly entered in reconditioning. As a result, you can acquire new ranges of phones, such as those offered by the big brands (Samsung, Apple, Huawei, etc.), at a very affordable price.

Get A Well-Guaranteed Product

Almost all refurbished products sold in stores come with a 12-month warranty. The warranty covers the various operating defects, except for theft, oxidation, breakage and loss. You can then make your purchase with complete peace of mind.

An Ecological Gesture

To manufacture a mobile phone, many natural resources are used. Specifically, 70 precious metals are involved during the manufacturing process. When the device ends up in the wild, it produces more than 174 grams of electronic waste, which is dangerous for the ecosystem. Reconditioning is, in a way, recycling. So using a refurbished phone means helping to reduce this environmental impact.

How To Make Sure That A Refurbished Phone Is Working Properly?

Before any purchase operation, it is important to check the general condition of the telephone. It would help if you examined the front and back of the phone for suspicious scratches and marks, much like cracks. Check the phone’s edges to see if it has suffered shocks. Also, take a look at the power, volume, etc. buttons. You will know if any of them are working or not. Check if your phone’s battery still needs to be oxidized.

After that, insert your SIM card to see if it is compatible with all operators. Also, control mobile connectivity, Wi-Fi, and the phone’s touch responsiveness by manipulating it. Similarly, try to take a photo to check the status of the behind and selfie camera and the flash. Also, please put it on the charge to check the status of the battery and the charger.

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