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The 7 Best Price Comparison Sites

The price comparator serves the buyer but also the seller. Who does not dream of having the thing you want at a better price? Everyone adopts their own little ways to find a good plan or a better offer. But price comparison sites are very popular thanks to their efficiency, and they also save valuable time. Here are 7 price comparison sites that can change your daily life.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is both an e-commerce site and a price comparison site. Previously, Google Shopping was only used to search for products. To do this, users type in the name of a product, and the site pulls out all the links that lead to the product in question. The site has evolved and currently allows us to compare the prices of items, so it is on par with famous sites like eBay or Amazon. 

Why use it as a price comparison? The first obvious reason and its power. Many brands use it to ensure visibility so you will find many products there. For merchants, Google Shopping is our best ally to boost traffic. This is because, statistically speaking, it knows up to 6.90 billion search queries daily.

Cheapest Purchase

Purchase Cheaper is the Made in France price comparison. You will find a wide range of products you need daily, such as appliances, clothing, cosmetics, and everything for the home. Buy Less Expensive is frequently used to compare technology products, including smartphones, televisions, video games, connected watches, cameras, etc. Now very easy to access and use, Buy Less Expensive is available in the application. The latter is available for Android but also for IOS. 

This application optimizes price comparison thanks to its barcode scanner. In an instant, you will find the site that offers the best price on the internet, so you save time while saving money. The advantage of this application is that it can follow you everywhere as long as you have your Smartphone at your disposal. Purchase Cheaper also has a powerful analysis tool that unearths the best offer on the market in a few seconds. Just copy the product URL to the scan tool in question.


Idealo has become a leading e-commerce and price comparison site in France and some European countries. Historically speaking, Idealo was born in Germany in the year 2000. At that time, it aimed to help buyers make the best purchasing decisions. Moreover, the site is still an astonishing success in Germany, with 1.9 million visits daily. Idealo hosts more than 50,000 shops, so visitors have a wide choice of products that may interest them.

 Idealo also helps sellers because their offer appears at the top of the list when they offer the best price. So, no need to work on SEO to gain better positioning on the search engine. The only condition is seriousness because Idealo cares about the safety and well-being of each buyer. Idealo remains neutral because it does not sell anything, but its role is limited to donating complete and transparent information concerning a shop or a shop.


Kelkoo is a price comparison site that is accessible from 19 countries in Europe. He collaborates fully with agencies, publishers, and especially with merchants. Thanks to the platform’s performance, they can easily capture new customers and boost their sales. Kelkoo promises cutting-edge e-commerce expertise and technology. Kelkoo is recognized as the leader in price comparison in India. 

It has a price comparison network that has been designed to optimize the performance of electronic shops. One of its mottos is to connect merchants to a targeted audience. Millions of consumers visit Kelkoo in a day to find their quest items. All sellers need to do is list their products on Kelkoo’s price comparison. Kelkoo is also available in Germany, Spain, and Italy under the Le Guide.com and Pikengo brands. It is thus an internationally renowned site.

The Unearthed

The Unearthed is responsible for collecting all the reliable and transparent information that allows you to make the best purchasing decision. To help consumers find the right product, PriceSpy uses one of the most comprehensive filters in the world. The site hosts various products, so there is something for all tastes and all budgets.

The PriceSpy brings together the most popular items so consumers can have them at their fingertips. These articles appear at the top of each category page. Visitors also receive accurate reviews from other users. There will be reviews on merchants, especially products, to help customers make the right decision.


CamelCamelCamel is the site founded by Daniel Green that closely tracks the price of products sold on Amazon. So, this site allows users to keep up to date with great deals and the best deals on Amazon. How does he do it? It’s easy: it provides price drop alerts and historical price charts. This applies to all products listed for sale on Amazon.CamelCamelCamel is reliable because it provides accurate prices in real-time. The site also specifies the availability of the product in question by indicating the date and time of publication.


i-Comparateur currently hosts many merchants referenced for computer products, image and sound, and household appliances. Its role is to conduct price comparisons so consumers can benefit from a quality product at a reasonable cost. With i-Comparateur, consumers have a wide choice since the site collaborates with hundreds of serious merchants. Thus, the prices are very diversified, and there is something for all budgets. They are updated every 6 hours to give buyers reliable and up-to-date information.

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