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Top 20 Of The Best CRM Software: Complete Comparison

A key showcasing device, CRM is fundamental programming for all organizations wishing to work on their productivity. It permits you to unify your client information, structure it, and control their relationship. A CRM is great for holding existing clients and drawing in new ones. A CRM further develops deals with certainty. To better choose the CRM that suits your requirements, we have ordered a correlation of the 20 best programs available.

Monday.Com offers a complete CRM solution to optimize the efficiency and productivity of sales teams. It has millions of users worldwide: tiny businesses and large companies. Its functionalities are very extensive. helps manage the entire customer lifecycle in one place, including leads, sales pipelines, customer relationships, order tracking, and goals. 

The platform stands out for its simplicity and intuitive visual interface. Its handling is effortless, allowing teams to save time and energy. Regarding the price, offers affordable plans that start at €8 per month per user.


Pipedrive is a CRM software exclusively dedicated to B2B VSEs and SMEs. It offers a dashboard offering a synthetic view of the pipeline and sales forecasts. Simple to read, this feature gives you a better understanding of how your business works. It also helps you to optimize the monitoring of your annual or monthly objectives and determine the priorities for the success of your business. 

The Pipedrive CRM is easy to set up and customizable according to business needs. It has an ultra-practical mobile application for salespeople working in the field. Pricing-wise, it offers a 30-day free trial version. Then you have to subscribe to a subscription of up to 12.

Team Leader

Teamleader offers an ideal CRM solution for the easy management of your customers. Specially designed for growing VSEs and SMEs, Teamleader provides a global view of the company’s activity. This software integrates all the essential functionalities for optimal treatment of the customer relationship.

 It offers a single database for all your prospects and customers. It allows the creation of professional digital quotes, tracking tasks, sales progress, and much more. Teamleader is easy to master by all your internal team, thanks to its simplicity. Its subscription prices depend on the number of users and the features used. A free trial allows you to measure its relevance for your projects.


Axonaut is a complete CRM, 100% made in France. It simplifies your life and saves valuable time with various features. The management of customer and prospect databases is carried out via a detailed table. The software can be connected to your emails and your calendar. A dashboard displays the statistics of prospecting carried out by your sales representatives, commercial opportunities, and turnover with their analysis.

 Added to this is the editing of quotes and invoices that can be personalized in the image of your company. Axonaut subscription starts at €49.99 per month. The price decreases according to the number of users and the duration of commitment. It offers a 15-day free trial period to test the product’s effectiveness.

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM is customer relationship management software suitable for businesses of any size. It is one of the best-known solutions on the market. It has an excellent quality/price ratio. Its user interface is easy to learn and customizable as desired. Zoho CRM stands out for its performance in automating processes to make you more productive. 

You can automate all repetitive and time-consuming tasks, such as collecting data from your visitors, sending emails, etc. It comes with a mobile application, which is very useful for managing your contacts from anywhere and at any time. On the price side, Zoho CRM offers various very affordable commitment formulas: at $12 per month and per user (i.e., €10.59).


It is more powerful and older, with an ultra-complete ecosystem. This innovative tool is constantly evolving to meet all needs. Among its many features is the creation of customer databases, the automation of various tasks, the management of field employees, the sending of personalized and targeted emails, and other exciting capabilities. 

In addition, Salesforce is connected to several social networks, which enriches the collection of information concerning customers/prospects. Opting for this software also allows you to be part of a large community offering great advice. Salesforce is very expensive on the pricing plan (between €25 and €300 per month per user).


With this software, you can quickly improve your customer relations and the effectiveness of your marketing strategies. Very rich in features, it allows you to centralize all your customer exchanges in the same platform, automate repetitive tasks that waste your time, and obtain detailed reports daily.

Copper can be used directly on Gmail and other Google apps. This feature allows you to automatically import your contacts from Google Mail, view past interactions, create Google Calendar events, and more. Copper subscription pricing starts at $25 (€22.06) per month per user for a Basic plan,


Dolibarr is a benchmark in client relationship with board programming. Dolibarr is a CRM and an ERP (Incorporated Administration Programming) that permits you to deal with your business. It offers various highlights you can initiate as indicated by your necessities: Client relationship, the board, Deals, Messaging, Stock, Invoicing, Showcasing, Bookkeeping.

Dolibarr is not difficult to introduce and utilize. This is an Open Source item. This implies that all clients can add to its improvement. Another benefit of this instrument is that it is reasonable for organizations, everything being equal.


Streak is an excellent CRM that resides entirely in the Gmail inbox. Easy to install, it comes in the form of an extension that you can download free from the Chrome Web Store. It offers a user-friendly interface that also works with all G-Suite applications. Suitable for small and large companies, it allows you to track all the information about your pipelines, sales, teams, tasks, contacts, etc.

 The CRM Streak can be used for free, but the functionality is limited in this case. To benefit from more possibilities, you must take out a subscription. Streak offers three subscription plans whose prices vary according to the type of customer (from $15 (or €13.24) per month per user).


Bitrix24 is the most exploited free CRM globally, with more than 10 million users. It is complete and allows salespeople to manage the entire sales cycle easily. With Bitrix24, you can enter all the information about your prospects: name, status, the number of their last transactions, address.

 It also allows you to contact them by email, SMS, or instant messaging. This CRM offers other features, including invoicing, quote, online payment, sales automation, etc. Bitrix24 is a free version of its platform with limited functionality, so you can try it out before it is fully rolled out in your business.


Nutshell is a complete software that manages all aspects of a company’s customer relationship. Sales teams particularly appreciate it for its user-friendly interface as well as its ease of use and configuration. This tool benefits salespeople from the information, assistance, and collaborative tools, allowing them to sell more intelligently. 

Its dashboards give sales managers access to real-time reports on new leads, win rates, pipeline development, goal achievement, and more. In terms of pricing, Nutshell offers two subscription prices: the Starter plan of $19 (or €16.76) per month per user and the Pro plan of $35 (or €30.88) per month per user with excess functionality.

Hubspot CRM

Hubspot CRM is software that offers a 100% free version, regardless of the duration of use, the number of users, or the number of contacts registered. This tool is powerful and easy to use for all your teams. Its main objective is to help companies improve the quality of their customer relations. 

Hubspot CRM is based on the automation of many tasks related to the sales cycle. This allows your sales teams to save considerable time. It also offers a complete and up-to-date view of your sales pipeline in an easy-to-read and user dashboard. Even though Hubspot CRM is free, it provides paid versions with more advanced features.


Nimble is a simple and powerful CRM software for small businesses. It intelligently collects and automatically aggregates your contacts, communication history, emails, and calendars into a single platform. This allows you to use them on any channel: LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Skype, phone, or email.

 Nimble’s interface is clear and intuitive. Its use is more expensive than just the desktop. Thanks to its mobile versions on Google Play and App Store, you can continue your project anytime and anywhere. Regarding the price, it offers a single offer for each user: $19 (or €16.76) per month for an annual subscription or $25 (or €22.06) per month for a monthly subscription.

Sugar CRM

SugarCRM is one of the most powerful open-source customer relationship management software. It is suitable for both small businesses and large groups. Its objective is to simplify the process of managing your customers throughout their life cycle within your company. 

For this, SugarCRM offers all the essential basic features of CRMs, such as contact management, customer or prospect interaction history, sales opportunities and leads, etc. But in addition, it integrates other functions useful daily, such as a complete dashboard and sending emails or SMS… Its interface is simple and can be personalized for a better customer experience.


Efficy is a highly customizable CRM solution according to your needs. Its modules can be modified according to your structure, teams, processes, projects, customer follow-up, and support technique… A dedicated team of experts supports you in all the necessary modifications. Efficy offers four tailor-made versions. 

Each company will thus be able to opt for the CRM solution best suited to its needs. Efficy Starter is recommended for VSEs or start-ups wishing to start using CRM software. Configurable and easy to implement Efficy, SMB is aimed at SMEs and ETIs. Efficy Enterprise, on the other hand, is a complete solution adapted to each service. And finally, EfficyCorporate is dedicated to ETIs and large groups to automate their processes.


Freshsales CRM programming offers an across-the-board arrangement and a simple-to-learn interface for every one of your groups. It permits you to screen clients and prospects continually. It will assist you with better dealing with the various phases of your day-to-day deals process. 

It coordinates different functionalities like personalization, a 360 º vision of client cooperation, the pipeline of the executives, and computerization of explicit errands… Furthermore, the product is outfitted with an informative administration. The last option allows you to connect with your possibilities or clients via email, phone, or talk. Freshales offers a 21-day let loose time for testing before getting paperwork done for a membership.

Vtiger CRM

Vtiger CRM is the most popular free customer relationship management software in the world, with several downloads that exceed 4 million. It is a tool intended to help your teams increase productivity while saving valuable time. It makes generating and tracking leads easier, regardless of the channel used: website, email, or social networks.

 Its functionalities are many and varied: automation of marketing actions, customer support and services, inventory management, reports, and dashboards. Vtiger CRM can be installed on your company’s servers for free for business use. You can also purchase a subscription to take advantage of more advanced features.

Coheris CRM

Coheris CRM is a flexible and scalable customer relationship management suite. It covers all marketing, sales, and customer service needs. Many companies, from SMEs to multinationals, both in B2B and B2C, have already been won over by this tool. It is adaptable to your business processes thanks to several configuration options.

It easily integrates into your information systems and offers an easy-to-use interface. Equipped with Data Mining and Business Intelligence technologies, Coheris CRM offers an analytical vision and real-time strategic management of all facets of customer relationships. Thanks to this tool, you will have a global and reliable knowledge of your customers.


Sellsy is a complete CRM intended mainly for small and medium-sized businesses. It has an easy-to-use interface and responsive navigation, making it easy to manage your business. It provides many features, including contact and customer management, tracking tools, centralized email management, customer history tracking, quotes, invoices, etc. 

Dedicated professional teams always assist in implementing Sellsy within your company and its use. At the tariff level, it offers three different plans ranging from €25 to €100 per month per user, with a free trial of 15 days.

Agile CRM

Agile CRM is a potent and comprehensive tool that meets marketers’ needs for developing their businesses. Its feature list is imposing, including marketing automation, lead scoring, email management, autoresponder, contact management, task management, and document and appointment management.

 Its customizable interface allows easy adaptability to your needs. Another strong point of Agile CRM is that it offers a free plan for up to 10 users and 50,000 contacts. But you will have to opt for the paid version (from $14.99 to $79.99 (i.e., €13.23 to €70.58) per month per user) if you want to automate specific processes.

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