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Top 7 Inventory Management Software

Overseeing stock is significant for a business. Stock administration should be possible, actually, or through programming. These permit you to have an outline of the store, guarantee the constant discernibility of your items, and deal with different functionalities. Huge, little organizations or people, here is the determination of 7 stock administration programming.

Why Use Inventory Management Software?

The advantages of utilizing stock administration programming are various. First, it permits organizations to have better permeability of their stocks and their developments of products. This works with independent direction and enables administrators to watch out for stock, further developing productivity and business effectiveness. 

Stock administration programming likewise computerizes a few drawn-out undertakings, for example, making reports and following requests. So you can invest more energy in maintaining your business accurately and center around additional essential assignments. At long last, stock administration programming offers greater adaptability and potential outcomes to all the more effectively deal with your stock and meet the particular necessities of your business.

The 7 Best Inventory Management Software


Sortly is an inventory management solution that small businesses can use to manage their inventory. This software is effective regardless of the industry. It allows you to customize your catalog by classifying products, sales, and locations. Shortly helps the manager trace an item by scanning the QR code or barcode integrated into the application. The scan can help modify the information or move a product. 

Viewing the stock and receiving notifications if a movement is spotted, such as a sale or an overstock, is possible. The admin also can give other people access to the stock and manage permission levels. CSV or PDF data can be shared between people with access to it. Large brands such as Lyft or HP use Sortly to manage their inventories.


Erplain is a solution adapted to VSEs and SMEs wishing to modernize their inventory management method. This online software has simple and practical features. It automates commercial management and purchasing management. It also allows you to track orders and create quotes and invoices. Explain offers the possibility of updating its stock in real-time. It allows the management of the inventory and the supply in several warehouses.

 It also centralizes customer contacts and information (purchase orders, delivery, credit notes, refunds, etc.). The software is secure and responsible for users’ data because it has GDPR certification. Its use is chargeable and comes in the form of two subscription modes. The First subscription is 49 euros per month, and the Premium subscription is 79 euros per month.


Monstock is an inventory management software that adapts to many sectors of activity: industry, energy, service, and hotel…. This mobile application (available on Android and iOS) has all the advantages to help efficiently manage your stock. It is also possible to manage its inventory or control its warehouse.

  1. Monstock is divided into three modules:
  2. Monstock mobile: customizable mobile application;
  3. Monstock Google Sheets: collaborative with Google tools to work with others;
  4. Monstock Cloud+mobile: more sophisticated in terms of functionality: QR code, multisite management, etc., available via the Cloud.

The software offers an offer on the estimate and three packages. Of course, testing the features for 14 days of free trial is possible.

  1. Monstock Essential: 14.90 euros excl. VAT/month per user;
  2. Monstock Professional: 24.90 euros excl. VAT/month per user;
  3. Monstock Entreprise: 34.90 euros excluding VAT/month per user;
  4. Monstock Unlimited (on estimate).

Odoo Inventory

Odoo is an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software for professionals. It is often used in the tertiary sector, SMEs, and public administration. It can be used from a mobile or on the site. Odoo software guarantees good customer relationship management. It allows us not to lose any information and to keep track of the supplier to the customer. 

Also, Odoo values ​​and updates the stock in real-time. Users can create a dashboard as well as barcodes to identify products.  Several features are available such as the “pull and push” option, which allows the manager to define the route for each product. Added to this is the possibility of supervising the sending of orders and the receipt of vouchers. Regarding the tariff, Odoo offers free for a single application and two paid taxes:

  1. The standard rate: is $7.25/month;
  2. The personalized rate: is $10.90/month.

Zoho Inventory

Zoho Inventory is a stock and inventory management software widely used in logistics, Supply Chains, and ETI companies. This software supports inventory, purchases, customer orders, payments… This software makes it possible to identify each product by creating barcodes. Inventory lists can also categorize products and track their route from order to delivery to the customer.

Zoho Inventory’s main features are data backup, document synchronization, and order tracking. Like any software in Saas mode (software as a service), Zoho Inventory offers several subscription modes from “Free” to “Elite”:

Free: free;

  1. Standard: $39/month;
  2. Professional: $79/month;
  3. Premium: $199/month;
  4. Ultimate: $329/month;
  5. Elite: $374/month.


Dolibarr is a free open source ERP & CRM software. It mainly aims at large companies, SMEs, the self-employed, and associations. Useful to control your activity from A to Z, it helps you to maintain invoicing, stocks, inventory, etc. With Dolibarr, the management of physical and virtual stocks is facilitated. 

In particular, you avoid double entries thanks to a fast and customizable configuration available on all platforms and infrastructures. We can blame Dolibarr for not being very intuitive. However, it has the advantage of being flexible. What makes it oc How to get Dolibarr? By downloading it online or as a standalone application. You will also find this software on cloud services ready to use.


inFlow is an inventory management software dedicated to professionals. This system is specially designed for item-based businesses: wholesalers, e-commerce, etc. Its availability from a mobile phone or a computer is one of its primary qualities. The movement of stock can be logged, and the items can be classified according to their category.

It is possible to trace each product with an article number, and inFlow is compatible with all barcode readers. The usage price varies according to the size of the company and the number of users. Nevertheless, it is possible to test it for free for 14 days. The following prices are thus distinguished: The entrepreneur rate: is 99 dollars per month;

  1. Enterprise rate: $279 per month;
  2. Mid-Size rate: $549 per month.

inFlow is available in several countries, including the United States, Canada, Germany, and China.

What Are The Features Of Inventory Management Software?

Inventory management software offers a variety of features designed to help businesses better manage their inventory. Inventory management software can help companies improve order tracking, inventory control, vendor management, and many other tasks. 

Order Tracking

The following request is a fundamental capability of stock administration programming. It gives organizations a total and precise perspective on the number of items they have out of the blue and the number of things they need to get. It additionally permits organizations to screen the situation with orders set and shipped off providers, so they can gauge when they accept their products.

Inventory Management

Another essential feature of inventory management software is inventory management. This feature allows businesses to monitor their inventory and quickly identify products that will soon be out of stock. Inventory management software can be configured to automatically send alerts when product inventory is low and allow businesses to order additional products before their list runs out quickly.

Management Of Suppliers

Inventory management software can also help businesses better manage their supplier relationships. They allow them to organize information about their suppliers, such as prices, delivery terms, and payment terms, and to monitor ongoing transactions and order histories. Businesses can use this feature to make intelligent choices when choosing and purchasing products from different vendors.

Stock Control

Stock administration programming can likewise assist organizations with controlling their stock. This product permits organizations to set stock edges for every item they sell and sends caution when a stock drops that limit beneath. This tells them definitively when they need to reorder to restock.

How To Choose The Right Inventory Management Software?

Choosing the right inventory management software can be daunting as there are so many solutions out there. But don’t worry; here are some tips to help you choose the software that best suits your business:

  1. Establish your goals  – Before looking for inventory management software, you must clarify your goals and needs. What features do you want? What are your priorities? Establish your short-term and long-term goals, then choose accordingly.
  2. Consider your budget  – Cost is one of the main criteria when choosing inventory management software. It would help to consider the initial costs associated with support and maintenance. Once you know your budget, you can compare different solutions and find the best one for your business.
  3. Check features and scalability  – Make sure the software you choose has the parts you need to achieve your goals. Additionally, it is essential to check whether the software is flexible and adaptable enough to grow with your business as your business grows.
  4. Ask for free demos and trials  – Most software providers offer free demos and problems so you can test out the solution and see if it meets your expectations. Take your time and do extensive testing to ensure the software is suitable for your needs.
  5. Don’t forget to consider customer service  – When choosing software, make sure the vendor offers excellent customer service and comprehensive resources (documentation, video tutorials, etc.) to help you understand and use The software.

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