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Tame Your Business Workflows With Workflow Software

Are you looking for a simple and effective way to manage your business processes, reduce the processing time of your customer complaints or even limit the risks associated with a malfunction in your production line? The workflow software is for you. A workflow software dictates the procedure and validates the steps one after the other until the request is resolved.

 It analyzes your company’s operations precisely and guarantees greater security in carrying out your recurring tasks. Modeling of business processes, real-time monitoring of the progress of your projects, and simple and personalized creation of a processing circuit… workflow software is much more than a simple management tool; it is a real performance lever. Without further ado, discover our selection of the eight best workflow software on the market.

Our Selection Criteria

To present this selection of software, we relied on several criteria:

  1. The notoriety of the platform,
  2. The relevance and richness of the functionalities,
  3. Ease of use (ergonomics, graphics),
  4. A workflow design studio including process creation tools and using the BPMN 2.0 standard,
  5. Automation of tasks and other recurring business activities,
  6. The presence of a portal or collaborative monitoring module for each employee: visibility of the tasks to be carried out and relevance of the KPIs,
  7. Reliable document management: notices, archiving of documents and contracts, process sheets, etc.

We have therefore taken into account the different elements that would bring real advantages to the management of your activity:

  1. Considerably reduced processing times or complaints issued by the customer.
  2. Clearer business processes, organized and controlled in real-time,
  3. More secure and simplified accessibility of all the data essential to the proper functioning of the production chain,
  4. Harmonious collaborative work and traceability of each action taken,
  5. Scalable BPM and workflow management allow you to quickly identify potential malfunctions in your processes, making you more responsive and efficient. 


Agilium is a French BPM used to improve productivity and collaboration in SMEs. The tool can digitize business processes without coding after start-up training, thanks to its low-code approach.

The Main Features 

  1. A catalog of applications and ready-to-use templates. Agilium provides applications for different processes: business monitoring, production progress, non-conformities, expense reports, leave management, ticketing, etc. It is also possible to customize these applications to create unique solutions to meet the specific needs of each company.
  2. Create your business processes quickly without specific developments. Thanks to its low-code platform, there is no need to be a developer to deploy business processes; once trained, set up workflows (automation) and screens in a few clicks.
  3. Discover the three modules to digitize your most complex processes. The Workflow Factory creates and modifies your procedures via a graphical interface. The interactive page builder thanks to its “drag and drop” mode. The tool overlay tool (BAM) supports you in monitoring your ongoing processes. 

What We Like

  1. Agilium has an accurate BPM engine. The tool allows you to create simple and complex workflows by leaving the door open to the code to implement advanced features to meet your needs fully.     
  2. The solution has an easy-to-use interface, and its low-code platform allows you to create business applications without programming easily. 
  3. A start-up training is included in your start-up package. This training will enable you to create your first application with the Agilium Team and get started with the software. You will be autonomous in creating your second application (without coding)! 


  1. An attractive rate of €150/month.

Avant Team

Avanteam is the French leader in BPM for VSEs, SMEs, and large accounts. It offers its users a powerful graphic design workshop for applications and business processes. The solution is a trustworthy, all-in-one platform with more than 15 years of experience. It makes it possible to model and deploy quickly without programming web and mobile applications through fully customizable workflows.

The Main Features

  1. Thanks to its Process Studio module, the modern and innovative platform gives you access to an extensive catalog of ready-to-use applications that meet the needs of different business processes.
  2. purchasing, legal, quality, human resources, supplier invoices, customer service… the solution efficiently meets all your business needs.
  3. Benefit from a real all-in-one platform that combines eight modules in the same tool while reconciling the power of the BPMN standard and the simplicity of an application generator. Model your workflows, generate your applications in one click, integrate your ERP and messaging quickly and take advantage of a personalized access portal that is as accessible to business decision-makers as to technical experts for ever more performance.
  4. Its ergonomic and customizable Quality Manager module adapts to your organization and helps you have a 360° view of your documents and processes at any time and from anywhere.
  5. Administrative tasks are automated, and your processes’ organizational and documentary management is simplified thanks to adaptable and intelligent functionalities (document life cycle management, action plan monitoring, risk prevention, real-time reporting, etc.)
  6. The Invoice manager module automates the processing of your supplier invoices and thus improves your financial processes’ productivity, traceability, and compliance.
  7. Manage your invoices easily thanks to automatic indexing, reconciliation of invoices with purchase orders, and processing disputes with automated reminders. Integration with your ERP or accounting software is accessible via a secure portal.

What We Like

  1. Its agile “Quick-Start” implementation methodology promotes collaboration and the expertise of your teams while simplifying the automation of tasks;
  2. Its technical assistance is made up of constantly available experts, and its ISO 9001 and GDPR certifications ensure smooth use and compliance with standards;
  3. Its impressive figures and customer feedback: 80% time savings in validating purchase requests and two days instead of 2 weeks of customer processing.


The price of Avanteam is available on request directly via the website. It has a free version but with limited functionality.


DocuWare is a modular and scalable EDM solution that supports SMEs/ETIs in digitizing their business processes via automated workflows and dematerialized document management. With 30 years of know-how and 18,000 customers across 100 countries around the world, the software offers turnkey and customizable cloud solutions that meet all standard business processes (HR, purchasing, accounting, etc.).

The Main Features

Turnkey, fully customizable, and ready-to-use cloud solutions to manage all your business processes:

  1. Purchasing: automation and dematerialization of the processing of orders in progress, contracts and supplier invoices,
  2. Sales: automated processing of commercial offers, orders to be processed, customer invoices and quotes,
  3. HR: archive and digitize CVs, applications, certifications, recruitment plans, leave requests,
  4. GED: store, share, annotate and secure your crucial business documents with preconfigured workflows.
  5. Its preconfigured workflows make automating the most common processes easy and quick.
  6. The processes concerned: management of purchases and supplier invoices, employees, quotes, customer invoices, and commercial contracts, etc.,
  7. Based on artificial intelligence, its intelligent indexing system automatically extracts the most useful information from your documents and then converts it into structured, indexable, and searchable data.
  8. All files and corrections are kept, which makes processes faster, and more reliable and promotes automation.

What We Like

  1. Its availability in 20 languages ​​and its numerous certifications (ISO 27001, NF 203 for the electronic safe, ISO 9001, Qualiopi for training, etc.) ensure smooth to use and compliance with the regulations in force;
  2. Its integration with more than 500 applications and most ERPs on the market (Sage, Cegid, EBP, Microsoft Dynamics, etc.) for a 360° view of your business;
  3. Its transversality: making it possible to extend the scope of dematerialization projects from supplier invoices to purchasing in the broad sense, to HR, to Sales, etc.


DocuWare’s price is available on request directly via the website.


Hello is an online BPM (Business Project Management) software that allows you to model all the processes of ETIs, SMEs, and large groups simply and efficiently. A truly scalable, modern, and ergonomic platform, it combines BPMN 2.0 modeling of workflows and task automation to ensure optimal management of your BPM projects.

The Main Features

Take advantage of an entire library of processes for free to automate your workflows more easily and quickly.

  1. Benefit from process templates according to your business needs: recruitment workflow, product/service purchase workflow, and travel expense management workflow…
  2. Automate your business processes and improve the execution time of your operations.
  3. Your tasks are standardized, so you can quickly identify potential malfunctions in your processes while reducing your repetitive tasks without added value. Continuous improvement is at the heart of your strategy.
  4. The software offers several APIs to integrate with nearly ten computer applications such as Basecamp, Slack, Wave …
  5. These integrations allow you to connect to a database, exchange data, or synchronize files between multiple computer programs via an extension, plugin, or API.
  6. Benefit from critical metrics to promote effective decision-making (constantly updated reporting, real-time KPIs, etc.)
  7. Analyze your activity quickly and improve your decision-making performance. You will be able to follow the progress of your processes and implement corrective actions or modifications in time.

What We Like

  1. Its intuitive Drag & drop and click & edit documentation allows you to optimize your document management considerably;
  2. Its ultra-fast and easy 1-click export (BPMN, PDF, Word, HTML, and Excel formats);
  3. Its intuitive, ergonomic, and responsive cloud-based interface makes it one of the most collaborative workflow software.


Hello offers a relevant but limited free version if you have multiple users. You, therefore, have access to a subscription from 12 euros per month and per user, a good value for money.


Interop is a 100% made-in-France and ultra-adaptable BPM (Business Project Management) software that allows you to manage your processes and workflows. A simple, tailor-made, intuitive tool, the solution promises results in a few days with an immediate ROI and without internal or external technical intervention. Accessible in SaaS and On-premise, benefit from complete mobility and completely autonomous business solutions without integration difficulties.

The Main Features

Benefit from a simple and modern creation of processes and workflows thanks to an intuitive low-code interface by directly integrating your business rules (alerts, timers, etc.) into your operations. And this, without disrupting the overall functioning of your business.

  1. You thus benefit from standard BPMN 2.0 modeling, precise visualization of your diagrams in real-time, and the creation of 100% customizable forms.
  2. Automate repetitive, low-value-added tasks with a complete, customizable, and ergonomic system. Prioritize incoming tasks and configure your automatic alerts for even more efficiency.
  3. You can view the progress of your process and your live positioning and access helpful information while performing your tasks using appropriate forms.
  4. Please take advantage of continuous improvement of your processes without service interruption and adapt them quickly and at any time according to new constraints or malfunctions identified.
  5. Modify your process diagrams, conditions, and information in a few clicks thanks to a versioning system. Be more responsive, more efficient, and more efficient.
  6. Thanks to its “Case Management” module, the solution digitizes all your customer-facing processes and thus facilitates data management, transmission, and updating.
  7. Iterop connects to your document management system and all of your other software (accounting, messaging, etc.), making it a simple all-in-one tool capable of optimizing the management of your business on a single and even platform.

What We Like

  1. It is ultra easy-to-use, ergonomic, intuitive, and responsive web interface allows you to access your data and processes anywhere and anytime;
  2. Interop joined the Dassault Systèmes group in 2021, thus ensuring a high level of security, continuing to innovate, and achieving its ambitions as a leader in BPM SaaS;
  3. Its promise of project deployment in 5 days, unique on the market, which supports you in the digital transformation of your business processes without disrupting your overall organization,
  4. You are surely wondering how such an accessible tool can allow you to deploy your project in 5 days efficiently and sustainably. Interop answers your questions using a complete guide accompanied by five successful examples of business process transformation.


Interop benefits you from complete software at 30€ per month and user. To know: Your Iterop space is free from the start of the project until it goes into production.


Kissflow is a SaaS business process management software that uses more than 50 ready-to-use applications. Fully customizable and ergonomic, the solution allows users to define their workflows and model their processes effectively. Intended for all types of businesses and with more than 10,000 satisfied customers, the software helps you identify your management problems while dynamically analyzing your work data.

The Main Features

Benefit from simplified process management thanks to intelligent and 100% customizable features.

  1. Real-time dashboards presented in a summary format for easy user understanding, automatic optimization of your processes to eliminate bottlenecks, visual process design to allow you to make quick changes at any time …
  2. Take advantage of an agile methodology to foster collaboration, communication, and information sharing within your Team.
  3. Several features are at your disposal: dynamic routing to automatically route items to the right team members, ad hoc/dynamic assignment, agile process deployment, and quick task assignment…
  4. The powerful and scalable tool allows you to automate your notifications to increase speed and reduce errors while easily linking your workflows with third-party systems such as Zapier.
  5. Enjoy a powerful SLA manager, ultra-intuitive task management on every process, and a solution that scales with you to support multiple teams and sites.
  6. A team-friendly solution that prioritizes communication through a collaborative workplace but also enterprise mobility that allows you to have access to the software anywhere and anytime.
  7. Attach your documents from your file storage; the software manages and shares them automatically, contextually, and securely!

What We Like

Its no-code workflow forms allow you to create and modify your forms in a personalized way and with rich content without writing a single line of code; It’s very intuitive, ergonomic, and ultra-easy-to-use user interface allows your teams to familiarize themselves with the software without technical assistance quickly; Its cross-system orchestration is made possible through robust and extensive APIs.


Kissflow does not offer a free version but does have a free trial, which is nonetheless limited. The paid version of the software is available for US$12/month/user.


Lucidchart is a scalable and intuitive solution for creating diagrams and dematerialized processes for all businesses. Thanks to its ergonomic and stylish visual work environment, the free workflow software combines diagramming, data visualization, and collaboration features to facilitate communication and stimulate innovation. You thus benefit from a library of unique shapes and constant business mobility.

The Main Features

Visualize your workflows and improve your operations with intelligent workflow diagramming features.

  1. Workflow diagram creation provides a visual representation of your Team’s processes while including the summary of the different stakeholders to which they are assigned. Your workflows are easily shared and updated, reducing expenses and enabling continuous improvement.
  2. Customize your workflows and diagrams with 100% customizable ready-to-use models and templates.
  3. The software makes it easy to build your online workflow from A to Z. You have access to a vast library of templates, which includes workflows from content marketing, support process, manufacturing… You must customize the lines, shapes, and fonts, which is a significant time saver!
  4. Get integrations to stay constantly connected to your work and your Team.
  5. Take advantage of the apps your Team already uses to access your diagrams easily. The software gives you access to counter modules for Google Sheets, Google Slides, or Google Docs to directly import your charts from the workflow.
  6. You can rely on Lucidchart’s workflow presentation module to professionally and efficiently present your online workflow.
  7. In a few clicks, create an interactive presentation to coordinate your Team’s efforts and thus provide an overview to your leaders. It also allows you to focus on specific tasks or ideas with collaborators.

What We Like

  1. It’s a very wholly free version, almost unique on the market, and is virtually unbeatable value for money;
  2. Its real-time features allow you to obtain buy-in and feedback from your stakeholders immediately;
  3. Its specialization is in creating ultra-intuitive and easy-to-use diagrams and workflows, and it’s a very refined and ergonomic interface.


  1. Lucidchart Individual: $6.95/month. Lucidchart Team: This plan is accessible from €8 per month per user, with a minimum of 3 users. Lucidchart Enterprise: Limitles


Metronome is a ProcessOps software allowing you to consolidate all your Supply Chain or Production/Operations processes in a single platform. Save considerable time daily by creating automation and workflows directly in a tool that helps you standardize your processes, gain visibility and proactivity in problem-solving, and increase productivity. Continuously improve your processes with Self Learning, thanks to feedback from the field.

The Main Features

Metronome has opted for a no-code configuration adapted to changing companies to simplify process deployment.

A rich application library is available to save you time deploying your processes.

  1. This growing library will support you in creating each of your business use cases.
  2. All processes in your supply chain that can be automated are automated or semi-automated.
  3. Let your processes work on their thanks to predefined intelligent triggers.
  4. No need to have well-defined processes in place. With the SELF-LEARNING feature, you find out what natural processes are in place in the field.

What We Like 

  1. the possibility of installing the solution in just a few hours and free of charge,
  2. The automation of a good number of processes, which avoids errors and saves time in operations,
  3. All functions are centralized, which allows employees to have standard working methods and real-time visibility.


An offer from €49/month/user

So which workflow software is right for you? You now know the five most used and widespread workflow software on the market. But for the most curious, Interop and Appvizer have co-authored a complete guide on digitizing and optimizing business processes. In the program : 

  1. Five clear steps to deploy your workflow software project in 5 days,
  2. Five examples of successful business process transformation, 
  3. A complete explanatory video and valuable tips!

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