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CRM For SMEs: 10 Tools To Boost Your Turnover!

Are you running an SME and looking for the best CRM for your business? This SME CRM comparison presents the customer relationship management software most used by SMEs. Compare the leading CRM players on the market and discover the advantages that CRM ( customer relationship management ) functionalities can bring to your SMB and sales team.

Finally, do not hesitate to follow our advice to choose your future tool better! Comparative guide to the best CRM software for SMEs Which CRM software should I choose for my SME? Let’s review the CRMs most used by SMEs:

Axonaut: Complete ERP With Integrated French CRM

Axonaut is SaaS software that allows me to manage my entire SME: the French CRM is backed by an ERP offering multiple functionalities. SMEs such as (France Pari, Adquality, and Axible) use the platform daily to manage their business and develop their customer relationship and sales. A project management tool and real-time data synchronization place collaborative work at the heart of the system:

  1. The CRM tool makes it possible to seize business opportunities thanks to precise follow-up of the prospect,
  2. The monitoring of my stock is automated (production, receipt of goods, etc.),
  3. Editing quotes and invoices are simplified by using the data already available in my database,
  4. My administrative management is facilitated thanks to the assisted editing of expense reports, mileage allowances,
  5. I follow my cash flow by managing the activity of my SME on a dashboard with personalized indicators,
  6. I can set up after-sales service or customer support thanks to the ticketing module,
  7. I can connect to other software such as GoCardless, Stripe, G Suite (Google apps), and Office 365.

GRC Contact: The More Straightforward CRM

Is GRC Contact the best CRM for an SME? It’s up to you: business management software coupled with a functional French CRM tool.

Companies Such As Michelin, Swiss Irfanview, And CP Formation Use It In Particular

The software is equipped with features that promote collaboration:

  1. centralization of information, document management, and easy sharing,
  2. shared agendas, editing of quotes and simplified invoices,
  3. management of tasks and reminders to optimize the progress of projects,
  4. geolocation of prospects,
  5. logging of exchanges with contacts,
  6. management of email campaigns, telephone prospecting,
  7. behavioral analysis of prospects (emailing campaigns),
  8. client portfolio management,
  9. Performance monitoring on a dashboard.

Efficacy CRM: Perfect For B2B

EFFICACY CRM has been specially designed for SMEs and ETIs operating in a B2B market, such as DKV, Optissimo, Keim, BPI Groupe, Coefficients, and SAM Outillage, who use the solution. Salespeople in a B2B industry know the importance of scoring leads and segmenting a contact base. EFFICACY CRM offers a CRM suite that covers all business and marketing needs, allowing them to align with shared objectives and customer profiles:

  1. a project management tool to track the progress of tasks and projects,
  2. An inbound lead management module that automates behavioral scoring actions lead nurturing, automated email sequences, etc.,
  3. a module dedicated to the sales force to follow the evolution of its commercial prospecting (pipeline, forecast, management of quotes and business),
  4. a CRM solution allowing communication in multi-channel mode thanks to possible connections with Skype, Gmail, Linkedin, etc.
  5. a customer support module,
  6. an advanced reporting module to monitor the performance of each service,
  7. Of course, careful management of companies and contacts keeps a complete history of all interactions with prospects, customers, and suppliers.

Monday.Com CRM: The Most Customizable CRM

The monday.com CRM can meet the needs of all businesses, but the most convincing use cases are visible in small and medium-sized enterprises. The integrated solution fits perfectly into the digital environment of an SME. Available in several languages ​​(French, English, Spanish, German, and others), monday.com CRM helps international teams or multi-site companies run their business smoothly.

This tool is not lacking in features and benefits to help you work more efficiently daily:

  1. Lead capture via multiple sources: contact form, LinkedIn, email, chatbot, etc.
  2. Follow-up of contacts in a clear pipeline, from the creation of the prospect file to retention after a sale,
  3. a 360° view of each lead, prospect, or customer with a collaborative history updated in real-time,
  4. A tailor-made trading dashboard with the indicators you only need,
  5. The management of marketing campaigns adapted to nurture leads and retain customers,
  6. Integration with your tools (customer support, ticketing, invoicing, etc.) to avoid losing information and save time at each process stage.

Olyn Soft: the all-in-one CRM made in France

Olyn Soft is a complete CRM software for sales teams (sales force, manager, or management) and marketing teams (CMO, digital manager, CDO, etc.). It allows you, with great simplicity, to manage your entire sales process, from advertising to invoicing. Made in France, it meets the requirements of complete digital transformation SMEs looking to equip themselves with a powerful and versatile tool while remaining easy to use.

  1. If you are looking for a complete and easy-to-use CRM, which can meet all your needs and thus limit the number of software in your company, Olyn Soft is for you! Its strengths:
  2. It centralizes all your data on the same interface thanks to APIs: finally get a complete view of all your figures without ever changing tools, from the results of your digital campaigns (emailing, social networks), to your sales and follow-up of payments;
  3. It is comprehensive and cross-functional: manage the customer relationship from A to Z, from lead and opportunity generation to project management and customer follow-up to build loyalty, including the management of quotes and invoices;
  4. It is marketing oriented: easily integrate all your digital marketing tools, manage your marketing automation tasks or analyze your website reporting, for example;
  5. It is scalable: if your SME grows and it’s needs with it, add the necessary modules or APIs to obtain a tailor-made CRM;
  6. It is straightforward to integrate: no need to call on an external consultant… and pay a hefty bill!

Salesforce Sales Cloud: the best known on the market

Salesforce Sales Cloud has become one of the benchmarks for online CRM worldwide. It is possible to do everything from this CRM solution. Einstein, artificial intelligence at the service of salespeople, even recommends leads to salespeople! Salesforce has developed a whole ecosystem of applications (more than 3000) to enrich my CRM tool with functionalities according to my expectations and the needs of my SME: the AppExchange. SMEs such as Doctolib, air call, or Thermorossi use CRM software power.

Here are the main highlights of the customizable platform:

  1. The mobile version of the software makes it possible to work even on the go thanks to data synchronization,
  2. Chat, integrated messaging, and sharing features promote teamwork,
  3. The detailed exploitation of data allows me to understand and approach complex prospects,
  4. intelligent marketing automation features for precise segmentation and refinement of my prospect profiles,
  5. management of marketing actions with A/B testing to maximize campaign performance,
  6. optimal management of sales processes,
  7. reports and dashboards to monitor business activity in real-time,
  8. On the purchasing side, everything is planned: management of supplier orders, contracts, products, etc.

Sellsy Prospecting & Sales: the powerful and intuitive CRM

Sellsy Prospection & Ventes is a 100% French and collaborative CRM suite that has already won over 6,000 companies since 2009. Its tariff offer and ease of use make it a tool ideally suited to the needs of SMEs. More concretely, Sellsy Prospecting & Sales has many features and advantages to manage your CRM strategy effectively:

  1. the centralization of all interactions with your prospects and customers within a single platform,
  2. a pipeline view designed to organize your prospecting and detect your business opportunities at a glance,
  3. a tracking and scoring system to see the maturity of your leads,
  4. the creation of quotes, invoices, and the electronic signature, practical to accelerate your sales,
  5. sending email and SMS campaigns,
  6. the generation of personalized reports to monitor and improve your performance,
  7. the connection of the software with more than 80 applications (WordPress, Plezi, Shopify, GoCardless, etc.),
  8. A team at your service accompanies you in handling and using the CRM.

Webmecanik Pipeline: the intuitive and free French CRM

Webmecanik Pipeline is a 100% made-in-France CRM software, complete and easy to use, which helps VSEs gain in the organization, collaborate better, and increase their sales. A real collaborative and accessible tool, it offers you and your team a complete visual interface of all your centralized customers. Have a 360° view of your business and focus on your customer’s thanks to the automation features for recurring tasks!

All-in-one, Webmecanik Pipeline gives you the benefit of 100% customizable and intuitive features:

  1. It stores and centralizes all your professional data via clear, visual, and customizable customer/prospect files that you can enrich and modify at any time;
  2. It streamlines your internal commercial communication via a collaborative, shared calendar that allows you to know in real time what your colleagues are doing and where they are;
  3. It gives you a clear vision of your commercial activity via customizable and collaborative dashboards that relate all the stages of your current and past sales;
  4. It secures your customer data with an access control feature; decide who has access to your information!
  5. It helps you very easily design custom web forms and deploy them in a few clicks directly from your interface.

YellowBox CRM: the modular and scalable CRM

YellowBox CRM is a GRC tool designed and hosted in France, published by DIMO Software, enhancing the management of SMEs like mine. Whether in sales management or information systems management, I can rely on intuitive configuration and the expertise of the editor, who is also an integrator, for installation, design, and development. Software.

The tool comes with all the available modules; I only activate those that interest me, even if it means choosing others later. I can also integrate it into my information system using various connectors and enrich it with plug-ins via the YellowBox Store. Among the practical features of YellowBox CRM, in addition to contact management:

  1. follow-up of leads and business deals,
  2. the creation of handwritten or voice notes, reminders, 
  3. the implementation of marketing campaigns, with the refining of targeting and analysis of ROI,
  4. processing customer requests and complaints,
  5. tender management,
  6. product catalog management,
  7. reporting and dashboards,
  8. Integrated tools such as collaborative messaging, an agenda, email management, and geolocation of files to optimize customer meetings.

Zoho CRM: sales intelligence helps sales reps

Zoho CRM also offers an application environment to expand the CRM according to the evolution of my SME. I can configure and personalize the CRM tool and connect my business applications such as Microsoft Office 365 or Google Suite. SMEs such as NUMA, Chocolaterie Weiss, TargetWeb, and DataDome exploit the possibilities of CRM software to standardize business processes and generate leads thanks to Zia artificial intelligence.

Focus on Zia, artificial intelligence (AI) at the service of salespeople (sales intelligence): a real virtual assistant guides the salesperson. It detects the hottest prospects via all communication channels (website, trade show, email, social networks, etc.) and sends them back to the seller.

Zia helps the salesperson with many tasks: for example, she analyzes the market and the effectiveness of emailing campaigns and even suggests the ideal time to contact a prospect. Other advantages of the solution:

  1. the Blueprint tool to manage and automate typical sales processes,
  2. a multi-channel CRM offering the capture of opportunities via email, chat, telephone, and social networks
  3. advanced analytical features,
  4. The mobile version of the software (smartphone and tablet).

The six advantages of CRM for your SME

  1. Increase productivity and collaboration by centralizing and updating customer data in real-time, in online document storage and sharing space.
  2. Get to know your customers better as soon as you make contact by recording customer data in an area accessible to the entire sales team: Each contact file is accessible in the CRM database; History traces the exchanges and specifies the communication channel used for each business; The stages’ commercial follow-up establishes the contact status: unqualified prospect, hot prospect, customer, etc.
  3. Target marketing campaigns using customer knowledge: Send personalized messages on the preferred communication channel of each contact (email, SMS, telephone, social networks, etc.); Communicate content adapted to the phase of the purchase journey (prospecting campaign, advantages of the product or service, promotion, etc.); Identify prospects ready to buy  ;
  4. Sell ​​more and better: customer follow -up is made more accessible for the sales forces to: prospecting relevant contacts in line with the customer profile of my SME, Detect business opportunities and then prioritize them to focus on those with high business potential, Maintain the relationship with his client and offer him relevant and personalized offers,
  5. Build customer  loyalty: all the departments in your SME work together to build customer loyalty: Customer service or customer support  enriches the contact form with each interaction;The information collected by all departments improves customers’ knowledge and experience with each contact: at the point of sale, by telephone, by email, etc. Alignment between marketing and sales departments segments prospecting prioritizes efforts and builds customer loyalty with appropriate offers;
  6. Analyze the company’s activity in real-time thanks to dashboards that show your commercial  indicators and facilitate decision-making, retail management, and the achievement of objectives.

How To Choose The Right CRM Software For Your SME?

To guide you in your selection of the best tool for your SME, here are some tips on how to choose your CRM  :

  1. Define the expectations of your future CRM tool: what needs will it have to meet? Write precise specifications for this ;
  2. Pay attention to the ergonomics of the software: is it clear and intuitive? Its ease of handling will facilitate its appropriation by its users;
  3. Study the capacity for constant and automatic updating of the data and documents of your solution, essential for the whole company to benefit from the same level of information;
  4. Ask yourself if the software is scalable. Scalable and customizable functionalities and modules will accompany the development of your SME;
  5. Check the offer of the CRM vendor you are considering: does it offer fast migration of your data? Is training included? Is customer service responsive? So many questions that should be anticipated to promote its proper integration into your company.

CRM: The Essential Tool To Improve The Customer Experience

Whatever the size of your business, CRM software becomes the best ally to improve your customers’ experience from start to finish. By centralizing data and following up on each interaction with a contact, your sales team and customer support can report valuable data to optimize:

  1. the customer journey,
  2. the buying cycle,
  3. the quality of service,
  4. The sales rate.

If you still need to be equipped with a solution or think you need to be better prepared, feel free to ask for a demonstration of one of the CRMs mentioned in this article: there is bound to be a CRM cut out for your business!

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