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Top 8 Best Cashback Apps

Cashback apps allow you to get a refund on each of your purchases. You can recover part of the money spent via Paypal, bank transfer, or other means of payment. Find in this article the 8 best cashback applications of the moment. Let’s go!


Launched recently, this application founded by AFILIZA provides users with many advantages. First, you receive a 5 euros bonus as soon as you register. Then you get access to over 1500 cashback rates. In addition, you should know that more than 2,500 merchants are on the platform, including well-known online stores such as eBay or Aliexpress.

With Widilo, you can withdraw if you reach the payment threshold set at 15 euros. The withdrawal is made via Paypal or bank transfer. You can also pocket up to 6 euros by sponsoring a member of your entourage. Thanks to this application, consult the promo codes and other available offers anytime.

Capital Koala

This is a cashback app that is perfect for families. Indeed, it is a savings solution because it allows you to fund your child’s savings account. Its operation is simple: the person concerned begins by registering, then attaches the savings account of the person who will benefit from the gains.

With each purchase made from Capital Koala’s partner merchants (more than 2,000), part of the money spent lands in the user’s account. The transfer of earnings to the savings account can only be done if the payment threshold of 20 euros is reached. Note that it is possible to form a team of contributors called “Kaolition.” The application is intuitive, easy to use, and displays a pleasant design.


If you want to maximize your savings, bet on Poulpeo. You will recover your winnings by bank transfer once you have accumulated 10 euros. But what distinguishes Poulpeo from other platforms is the “Poulpeo” status. You get this status if you make at least 4 in-app purchases. You will then enjoy the following benefits:

  1. Your referrals are boosted because you get 15% (instead of 10%) of the earnings of the individuals you refer.
  2. You have access to additional discounts
  3. You benefit from a boosted cashback

Another advantage of Poulpeo: you can determine whether your purchase has been taken into account immediately. It only takes a few minutes before your cashback appears (without indicating the amount).


Belonging to the Plebicom group, eBuyClub is a juggernaut, as it has been operating in the sector for more than 20 years. It has an undeniable advantage over the competition since it offers cashback on purchase vouchers. eBuyClub also has more than 2,300 merchants, special offers (CashBackissimes), and cashback rates that are among the best. Apart from that, the payment threshold is 10 euros.

If you pocket your winnings as an Amazon gift certificate, you earn an additional 2% cashback. Thanks to the eBuyClub application, you can know the number of your earnings at any time and see how your cashback changes. In addition, the application allows cashback of up to 50% reimbursement.


Like eBuyClub, iGraal has also been around for several years. The M6 group took it over at the end of 2016. In India, more than a million have registered for it. iGraal has many partner merchants (1600, to be more precise), high cashback rates (from 1% to 40%), and a payment threshold of 20 euros. 

One of the particularities of this platform is that it allows several payment methods, including Amazon gift certificate, Paypal, or bank transfer. Note that you receive 3 euros after registering. With iGraal, benefit from boosted cashback rates thanks to a “Top merchants” selection. The application ensures easy handling while integrating many features.


Shopmium is number 1 in supermarket cashback. How does it work? It’s simple when you do your shopping, remember to keep the shopping ticket. Then, scan the promotional item’s barcode and take a photo of the item’s purchase receipt. After 3 days or a week at the latest, you are reimbursed via Paypal or bank transfer.

Want to win a product without having to pay a penny? Participate in Shopmium challenges. Regarding sponsorship, you pocket 3 euros for each person you sponsor. Remember that your referral must register only on the application; otherwise, the latter cannot be sponsored.


Keetiz is an application allowing you to be reimbursed for part of your shopping in local shops. Just connect your credit card with this application, and you’re done. Thus, when you buy products using your card, the latter will transmit the information to Keetiz. For your information, the payment threshold is set at 15 euros and will be paid to you by bank transfer. You will earn more if you sponsor your entourage or your friends. To be more precise, you can get up to 3 euros.


This app works like Keetiz. By connecting Joko to your credit card, the application recognizes all your purchases from your chosen partner stores. It’s convenient because everything is automatic. The user has to wait for the money to land on his kitty. With Joko, the payment threshold is 20 euros, and you receive 3 euros for each sponsored person. This is added to the 10% of what your godchild earns for 1 year. Note that Joko allows both in-store cashback and online cashback.

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