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What Is Human Resource Management?

In managerial jargon, we commonly speak of human resources (from the English Human Resources, HR ), meaning the capital made up of its collaborators and employees, each with specific characteristics, skills and competencies that constitute a fundamental resource for the company. Knowing how to organize and manage these resources requires multiple qualities, adequate tools and specific managerial skills.

We are not talking about simple material goods but about people who work with us; in particular, it is necessary to know how to adopt some precautions and good practices which transform human capital into added value for the company, creating the opportunities needed for the worker to realize his potential. So which aspects of human resource management are of primary importance to the company, regardless of the sector?

Communicate With Your Human Resources

Perhaps one of the most analyzed, discussed and unfortunately least understood aspects of HR management. Communication means sharing information, and half sentences muttered in front of the coffee machine do not constitute a reliable means of transmitting information… Do you want to entrust the future of your business to the attention of others and coffee pods?

Very well, but first consider this: the cost of lack of information or the transmission of wrong information has been deeply analyzed in the US and Europe, with a growing loss of about 3,000 / 5,000 €/$, per employee. Selecting and cultivating the talent for communication in your employees is the first step in recovering this value which would otherwise be lost. But there are also more immediate and easy-to-use solutions.

Look for technological solutions suited to your business to ensure that the exchange of information between your employees is fast, secure and accessible to all; there are management systems that provide internal messaging services, customer and transaction master data, day planning tools and functions for remembering deadlines and appointments. after trying them, take your sheets of paper and diaries and send them to retirement, you will not miss them.


Working together allows you to share experiences and skills as well as work less and better… So why do we have the clear impression on some days that we are the only ones with something to do while the rest of the office daydreams about the holidays? Developing an efficient collaboration system is the dream of every company, large or small, not only because this would significantly improve the quality of work (and life) within the office but above all because of the corporate goals.

An excellent way to solve the lack of collaboration is to try to set common goals, promote teamwork by recognizing the merit of all those involved and generally make sure that everyone can contribute to the activity of another employee with relative ease; even in this area.

There are tools specifically designed for this purpose, applications and software that keep track of the work done by individuals and distribute tasks to the various company sections, allowing everyone to make their contribution by keeping track of the general progress of operations. A good human resources manager should always aim for effective collaboration between employees unless he prefers to be in an office where only one of the collaborators is working…

HR Appreciation And Management

We have all experienced feelings of being underappreciated, whether at work or in life in general; it’s a horrible feeling, demotivating, and it can last for days taking away the will to give the best of us; a good manager must try to motivate and restore confidence to his subordinates in times of need and provide a new impetus to their commitment, he can do it in an efficient, rapid and accessible way.

“Thank you”. Six letters to improve your business by 50%. It’s not a joke; international studies have shown that frustration from lack of gratification at work can lead to a drop in performance close to 50%; however, a simple word of thanks from colleagues, bosses or, in any case, people considered necessary in the company context is enough to restore self-confidence and increase performance even to higher levels than the previous one.

This magic word will not transform your business into an international money machine, but it will improve the quality of work for everyone; you will have employees who are more self-confident and confident that you appreciate their commitment, and you can count on staff who will be willing to more and better if it has the absolute certainty that hard work is recognized and adequately appreciated.

Managing a team of people is a complex but enriching task; you need to know how to understand others and adopt the right solutions to ensure that their time and energy are used in the best way; a successful business must always try to develop the talents of its collaborators, both by using the most modern work tools (innovative working technologies, management software for sharing projects or activities, digital communication) and by promoting attitudes that favor collaboration and the participation of all those involved.

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