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Apple AirTag: What Is It, And How Does It Work?

Do you usually need to find your items? The Cupertino giant has the solution for you! Apple officially announced at the Spring Loaded event on April 20, 2021, the release of its “AirTag” tracker. Reference Bluetooth beacon to find everything; what is it exactly, and how does it work? All the details in this article.

AirTag: The Little Gadget From Apple That Is Essential For Everyday Life

Stop wasting your time searching for your keys or wallet with the Apple brand AirTag. This tool has been designed to find, trace, and locate your misplaced or lost offline objects more easily and in no time. Indeed, it is a high-precision electronic accessory essential for locating misplaced or lost objects via the “Locate” application. 

It also allows you to detect your Apple devices and not lose sight of your loved ones. More than just a Bluetooth transmitter and beacon, this accessory can act on a huge network of lost objects, allowing owners to find what they have lost. Marketed at 35 € per unit, it is also sold in batches of 4 for 119 €.

To attach it to any object, Apple has also designed straps and key rings for AirTags. They are available in several colors according to your tastes and even in a version signed by Hermès for fans of the big brands. In addition, during your purchase on apple.com or in the Apple Store application, you can personalize your AirTag. The engraving is free.

Focus On Its Characteristics

Adopting a circular shape, the Apple Bluetooth tracker measures 31.9 mm in diameter with a thickness of 8 mm and a very light weight of 11 g. It is, therefore, discreet and slips easily into your bag or wallet without cluttering you. It is powered by an Apple U1 chip allowing precise geolocation of an object using an Ultra Wideband frequency (for short-range location).

 It is this UWB technology that links the AirTag with the “Find” function of an iPhone. It is also permanently activated. It is also equipped with an NFC chip giving other smartphones on the same network the possibility of detecting a lost object. The Apple AirTag is powered by a CR2032 3V coin cell battery, providing a lifespan of over a year. 

When it is almost empty, it emits a signal to warn you. It is easy to change and does not require any technical intervention. Apart from that, it incorporates a speaker as well as an accelerometer. Regarding accessibility, the AirTag supports VoiceOver, Invert Colors, Larger Font, and Braille displays. A small IP67-certified accessory defined by IEC standard 60529, it withstands all tests, splashing water, and dust.

Apple AirTag: How Does It Work?

The AirTag is generally placed on a handbag, a wallet, a key ring, a tablet, a telephone, or remote control. In short, on all kinds of personal objects, even the most valuable. In this way, you can find them if you remember them. This accessory is very easy to use. Download and install the app, set up your AirTag, and connect it to your iPhone or iPad. Could you give it a name to personalize it?

Indeed, its mode of operation is simple. To help you understand it better, here is a little context: when you arrive at the door of your house, you cannot find your keys. They are neither in your car nor in your bag. Please don’t panic; log into your app and see where you forgot them in real-time! The AirTag emits a Bluetooth signal that iOS devices can pick up within range. It then sends its exact position to its owner.

All objects equipped with an AirTag can therefore be geolocated for a long time thanks to a Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) key. Even if it communicates information and the geographical position of the device with which it is connected to the owner of the AirTag, you do not have to worry because the process is secure, anonymous, and the data encrypted. 

As a reminder, you are the only one who can locate your AirTag; even Apple does not have access to your data. However, if the object you seek is hiding nearby, go to the “Locate” app, then to the “Objects” tab, and ring your AirTag. You can also ask Siri to find it for you; an audible signal will sound, and let yourself be guided by the sound emitted.

 To help you even more in your search, your iPhone gives you the precise distance that separates you from your object and the direction to follow, thanks to UWB technology. For your information, it can be used with all iPadOS and iOS 14.5 compatible devices, but the “Precise location” function is only compatible with smartphones equipped with the U1 chip (from iPhones 11).

The Advantages Of Its Use

There’s no denying that Apple’s Bluetooth tracker is a must-have accessory, especially for those who tend to misplace their personal belongings. It is a practical and reliable solution to locate objects quickly and trace their geographical position in real-time. If you have lost an item equipped with an AirTag, activating the “Lost” mode is possible.

As the AirTag can connect with other nearby Apple devices, you will automatically receive a notification, but you can also set it to give your contact information to the person who finds your AirTag. This will make it easier for him to contact you. Admittedly, its functionalities are even more advanced and are not limited to this. If someone has intentionally slipped an Apple Tag into your bag to track you, it notifies you when your iPhone detects it. If, after a while, you have yet to find it, the AirTag will start ringing to signal its presence.

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