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SEO, SEA, e-Mailing: Criteria To Choose Right Digital Agency

To develop the digital visibility of companies, there are a certain number of digital agencies on the market, some of which are exclusively specialized in a particular type of lever. SEO agencies, SEA agencies, agencies specializing in e-mailing, others specializing in display advertising, etc., were then able to emerge.  Knowing which type of agency to turn to can take time and effort for companies wishing to attract new clients. In this article, we will list the criteria to remember to choose the right digital agency.

First, Define Your Needs, Your Objectives, Then Your Budget

Before asking whether it would be better to call on an SEO, SEA, or other agency, the first step is clearly defining your needs and long-term objectives. Because, in the end, what pushes a company to call on web marketing professionals is the promise of making a profit in terms of visibility or turnover.

The question for the company is, “Should we bet on a global digital visibility strategy or rather focus exclusively on specific and targeted actions?”. Depending on the real need in the short and medium term, it will then be easier for company managers to choose which type of digital agency best corresponds to their problem:

  1. Suppose the company wishes to develop its brand and its presence on the web. In that case, it can then call on a 360° digital agency which will be able to advise it on different types of levers to operate as well as on the communication media most suited to its profession and its target
  2. If she wants to obtain faster or easily measurable results, she can turn to agencies specializing in SEO or SEA ( natural or paid referencing ) who will take care of getting her targeted traffic from Google. It can also call on agencies specializing in paid advertising, retargeting, e-mailing or mobile marketing.

Once the company has properly assimilated the concepts and issues related to each type of digital agency, it can begin short-listing certain agencies according to its budget and the content of the quotes received. 

SEO, SEA: Choose Your Agency According To Performance Criteria

A company that uses agencies firmly geared towards performance will be spoiled for choice. Indeed, agencies specializing in natural and paid referencing have multiplied very strongly in recent years. Even locally in medium-sized cities like Lille, Strasbourg, or Rennes, competition is fierce between the various agencies. So, what criteria should be used to choose a good agency?

According to the Cliquable SEO agency in Lille, an agency must make its interlocutor feel that it masters its subject at its fingertips. She should appear sufficiently technically oriented but know how to demonstrate popularization so that her client understands enough to trust her. In addition, it guarantees expertise if its employees have recognized certifications in their field (e.g., Google Adwords or Analytics certifications ). Most agencies are quite proud to display these qualifications on their website.

Then, the agency must be able to show recent references to client cases (or Case Studies) where real performance has been observed due to its actions. By exposing him to several Before/After cases and demonstrated by KPIs ( Key Performance Indicators ), the agency will be better able to convince his client of the seriousness of his work.

Notoriety Criteria

Just like people who carefully scrutinize the reviews left by customers of a restaurant before deciding whether to dine there or not, business leaders operate the same way when a digital agency is unknown to them. Thus, the ratings granted on Google Maps, customer testimonials, or the number of fans on Facebook all influence factors that can play the balance.

The supposed notoriety of an agency can also be deduced from it thanks to a substantial volume of publications on its blog, for example. The more articles an agency publishes, the more credible it will appear in its market, especially if it is picked up on social media or other authority sites. Other constituent elements of an agency’s notoriety :

  1.  its distinctions and prizes obtained
  2. its citations in the media (e.g., interview of the agency manager )
  3. its advertising presence ( Adwords, banners, marketing video, etc. )
  4. the prestige of its customers
  5. its key figures ( turnover, number of employees, number of customers, date of foundation, etc. )
  6. etc.

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