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Beautiful Hybrid World: The Smart Monitor From Samsung

Beautiful Hybrid World: The times are over when the boss could refuse the request for a home office day for no reason. Working in your own four walls is normal and will not disappear again. But when the boundaries between private and professional life increasingly merge, we and our surroundings have to adapt to this hybrid way of life. The Smart Monitor from Samsung is a suitable device for this at the right time.

In the past few months, the working world of many office workers has been turned upside down. She is now back on her feet – but now in slippers, no longer in patent leather or leather shoes. The home office has become a cherished normality for many, even if the limited space and the lack of contact with colleagues may be annoying.

But the newly gained flexibility is a significant reason why many will continue to prefer their home office to the office in the future. Working in your own four walls saves a valuable life as there is no commute. The choice of clothes is much easier – keyword sweatpants.

And working hours can be better reconciled with private life. At the same time, the freer time management and more flexible work processes go hand in hand with more personal responsibility and self-management. Innovations such as the Smart Monitor from Samsung help set up this hybrid world in the best possible way – technically, spatially, and mentally.

Beautiful Hybrid World: Hybrid Technologies

The Smart Monitor combines the performance of a workstation screen with those of a Smart TV for “cord cut cord-cutters cables or antennas, your favorite program is streamed from the network whenever you want. The Smart Monitor thus serves the increasing desire of many people for hybrid usage options.

Devices should technologically combine work and leisure: According to a survey by Data on behalf of Samsung, instruments from the South Korean company are used in two out of three home offices – these include smartphones, tablets, monitors, and storage solutions.

However, 62 percent use a smartphone, for example, professionally and privately. The intelligent monitor draws the correct conclusions by promoting productive work and providing entertainment in leisure time.

Hybrid Workplace

In the new hybrid world of work, the workplace outgrows its limits. In principle, you can work anywhere with an Internet connection. For this reason, the Smart Monitor has integrated a WLAN adapter. This means that emails or documents can be called up from the cloud without an additional device.

In addition, Microsoft 365 applications such as Word or PowerPoint can be run to work on documents, Excel lists, or presentations. If additional programs are required, the computer can be accessed remotely, for example, in the office. 

In addition, a PC or laptop can be connected to the intelligent monitor via a variety of connection options such as USB-C, including a charging function. Tap View, Smart View, Apple AirPlay 2, and Samsung DeX are also supported.

The latter creates a desktop-like environment when the Galaxy smartphone or tablet is wirelessly connected to the monitor. Suppose the mouse and keyboard are coupled to the intelligent monitor via Bluetooth. In that case, the result is an almost full-fledged workspace – without a PC or laptop. 

Hybrid life

In the flexible world of work, not only does the workplace leave its rigid boundaries, but the traditional working week has also had its day. Instead of attendance times, the focus is on productivity and the result. But working from home harbors the risk that our work is always present spatially and, therefore, in case of doubt, mentally.

To still find peace to relax, the workplace should be stowed away after work: the laptop is closed, documents and folders are put in the closet. Out of sight, out of mind, The Smart Monitor from Samsung offers another solution. After work, it transforms from a business monitor into an entertainment platform. Direct access to the Smart Hub known from Samsung Smart TVs is integrated.

A large selection of apps for well-known streaming services and television programs is available via this. The Smart Monitor almost becomes a Smart TV. Thanks to the supplied remote control, content can be conveniently and quickly selected from the sofa – for a relaxed feeling and a well-deserved end after work.

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