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Best Antivirus Trends 2022

Finding your way around the best antiviruses of 2021 is important to provide maximum protection for your devices. With the increase in the demand for remote work, the IT risk for companies and workers has also increased, not to mention the risks associated with using computers by children who must attend online lessons remotely.

Today there is too much talk of viruses, and the word ” computer antivirus ” is spontaneous to associate the term vaccine with a smile between bitter and hopeful. However, talking about computer health is necessary to carry out all our daily activities correctly and avoid running into problems deriving from a lack of attention to our online browsing, whether for home use, work, or business. Among the malware viruses that you can “contract” by surfing the internet are:

  1. Spyware;
  2. Rootkits;
  3. Worms;
  4. Trojans;
  5. Ransomware

Antiviruses protect against these threats, but the risk is significantly reduced when combined with good IT security practices. A good antivirus must protect you from these potential threats by blocking access and operation without interfering with the normal functioning of the machine and offers tools such as child protection or password management. Among the requirements required in a self-respecting antivirus are:

  1. firewall protection devices;
  2. Password manager;
  3. Using VPNs;
  4. parental controls;
  5. System optimizations;
  6. Encrypted browsers;
  7. Multiple licenses.

What do all these words mean? Continue reading the article. In the next paragraphs, we will describe the various operating systems’ most recommended paid and free antiviruses. The best free and paid antivirus 2021, which one to choose To understand which type of antivirus is right for you, answer these questions:

  1. Do I frequently use public WiFi networks?
  2. Do other users also use your computer?
  3. Should I protect just one computer or multiple devices?

If you need to protect several computers, also used by your children, or if you often find yourself on the move for work and therefore rely on public connections, you could opt for a subscription antivirus that offers you a private VPN network, parental control and the shared license for your devices.

It must be said that the antivirus market is vast, as is the commitment of everyone who plans new methods to steal data and money every year. Yes, because to understand why you need an antivirus, you also need to understand why someone creates viruses.

What Is A Computer Virus?

A computer virus, in addition to giving enormous satisfaction to the hacker who created it, allows you to obtain an economic return from the sale of files, documents, data, and passwords or by asking for ransoms, constituting real scams against users. In 2020 one of the most famous viruses was Ryuk, which affected companies of various levels through the email system.

Ryuk belongs to the category of Ransomware, i.e. viruses that ask for a ransom to restore functioning. A virus-like Ryuk can also hide in attachments and be recognized by the.RYK extension: Before opening any material received or downloaded via email, always activate a scan.

What Antivirus Software Do We Recommend?

Among the best products for Windows, we recommend:

  1. Norton (360);
  2. McAfee (Total Protection);
  3. Bitdefender (Total Security);
  4. Avira (Prime);
  5. Kaspersky (Internet Security);
  6. Avast (Free antivirus)

As for Mac, the choice is limited to Intego, designed entirely to run on Apple operating systems, even if Norton, Avira, and Bitdefender are produced in versions for Mac that offer good support. All the antiviruses that we have proposed in the list offer a free version with basic and optimal protections such as:

  1. File download scan and threat detection;
  2. Block email and phishing threats;
  3. password manager;
  4. PC scans and optimization.

Always the same software; in the paid versions, they offer packages with various levels of protection, a free trial period, and the possibility of obtaining a refund if you are not satisfied (Norton reaches up to 60 days).

Webcam Protection is one of the most relevant security features as of 2020, which prevents hardware from being attacked. Without authorization, images and audio could be captured and put into circulation, so an antivirus that works on the privacy settings offers an extra protection tool.

Antiviruses today exploit artificial intelligence and machine learning systems to autonomously recognize the new forms of malware in circulation, detect attacks on home WiFi networks, are fast and optimize their activity about computer use.

According to many computer scientists, the antivirus program that was the best in the ranking of the best 2021 antiviruses is Norton 360. As for the same efficiency and optimization of scans, Norton 360 was the winner in many respects:

  1. Machine learning against threats and user habits;
  2. parental controls;
  3. Password manager;
  4. VPN network with unlimited consumption;
  5. Firewalls;
  6. Secure cloud backup service;
  7. Webcam protection.

Even in the cheapest version, performance does not drop, and the service is excellent for both Windows and Mac. If you would like to receive advice to understand which antivirus software is the most suitable for protecting your personal computer or company computers, you can contact us to request advice; our IT team will be available to answer your questions.

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