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Can Companies Actively Influence The Recognition Value Of Their Brand?

The recognition value of a brand directly influences the success of a company. But do companies have the opportunity, to influence things actively? We will show you which mistakes companies should avoid and how digital asset management can help.

Five Mistakes That Hurt The Recognition Value

Maintaining brand recognition and pursuing it consistently is a top priority for many marketers. Because a strong brand is a significant value for every company. In addition to increased attention, the recognition value also influences a company’s financial success.

Companies have the opportunity to influence the recognition value actively. Therefore, in the following, we will show you five mistakes that companies should avoid.

Mistake: Incorrect Use Of The Product Or Company Logo

Using the product or company logo in the wrong context, distorting it, using it too small, or using the wrong colour can negatively impact. Customers keep seeing different logo designs – this quickly leads to confusion.

Mistake: Choose The Wrong Colour Depending On The Message

Different colours carry different messages. For this reason, the colour palette of the entire brand or even for a single product is always carefully selected, depending on what that message is supposed to be. So one of the biggest mistakes is going off-colour palettes in different channels and using the wrong colour on flyers, emails, and logos.

Mistake: Using The Wrong Tone

The correct language should also be part of every brand strategy. Therefore, companies should clarify the essential questions in advance: Is the customer approach formal or informal? And which linguistic images, comparisons, and examples are used? This influences how the brand is perceived and how the brand image develops.

If the tone is inconsistent or inappropriate, this damages the brand and thus the company’s success. In this context, claims should also be used correctly. If a company’s advertising slogan is misused, this harms the recognition value.

Mistake: Reusing Old Materials In The Wrong Context

Images, videos, flyers, landing pages, or other materials can be optimally used again, for example, on different channels. It becomes problematic if these are used in the wrong context. That quickly doesn’t look very ethical.

Accordingly, there should be control mechanisms to ensure that outdated material is no longer accessible. Otherwise, it will quickly damage the brand image.

Mistake: Inconsistent Branding

Customers should be confronted with a uniform brand design in texts on the website, social media messages, or videos. This means that users recognize the brand and thus the company in every context.

Brands evoke certain emotions or represent specific values. If there is no brand consistency, the association of these emotions and deals ​​​​with the brand can no longer be guaranteed.

The Solution For Brand Management: Digital Asset Management

As in everything else in life, the order is half the battle when it comes to brand management and recognition value. Organised brand assets that can all be found and maintained in one place are essential to keeping a brand consistent.

It is also crucial that anyone using branded materials has reliable access to them. This includes our employees and service providers, partners, and other external parties.

Only shared, curated assets should be available to avoid using old materials. In addition, it should be clear which material may be used and how. Finally, the better organisation also helps produce new materials, re-brand, and launch new brands.

Canto Is The Tool For Your Brand Management

That’s why the motto is: store all brand assets in one place – searchable, filterable, and always findable. Canto encourages team collaboration when creating content, internally or externally. Portals and sharing links make it easy to distribute all materials to those who need them. At the same time, everything is stored and maintained in one central location so that control over brand assets remains within the company.

Get more tips and insider knowledge to actively improve brand recognition in Canto’s free brand management ebook.

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