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Couchtuner Free HD TV – Watch Movies And Series Online Free

Have you heard about the CouchTuner? If you want to watch movies and web series without paying a single rupee, then CouchTuner will be the better site to utilize, and it contains Hollywood movies and tv series.

Many sites are available that stream movies and web series at a certain cost, but this CouchTuner website doesn’t collect any amount in the form of subscriptions or registrations. People are always tempted by free stuff, mainly when getting unlimited entertainment.

For those who want to watch films with family and friends freely without going to movie theatres and purchasing tickets, the CouchTuner website is the best choice. Sites like Couch Tuner have a lot of prominence among people, but there are risks and dangers to accessing these websites.

What is CouchTuner?

CouchTuner is a website that provides the latest leaked movies and tv series without permission from authorized sites. Many complaints were registered from the original content owners who have content rights about stealing their stuff, which led to the closing of the leaked movie websites.

Using pirated websites is entirely illegal and unauthorized, and even the government tries to restrict their use. This CouchTuner site allows you to download and stream movies and web series online, but signing up is compulsory for the CouchTuner account to add the films to your favorite list, which is also free.

There are many genres available on the Couch Tuner website that gives you a chance to access all kinds of movies and web series, and some of the genres are action, adventure, biography, crime, comedy, friction, documentary, horror, history, inspirational, thriller and many more.

When the topic comes to languages, the CouchTuner website has many English movies. All the Hollywood movies with the latest content and the most popular site’s original web series are also accessible on the Couch Tuner website. The CouchTuner website was established in 2010, and since then, it has been the most popular site.

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Pros and cons of CouchTuner

Every website has advantages and disadvantages, just like a coin with two sides. These points will tell you about the clarification on the CouchTuner website.


  • It is entirely free of cost to access.
  • Easy to use with a user-friendly interface.
  • It has the availability to add movies to your favorite list.
  • It can be accessible on operating systems and smartphones.
  • A vast range of films and web series are available.
  • The CouchTuner updates regularly.
  • Anyone can download and stream online movies or web series.


  • Many irritating ads
  • Unwanted redirecting to other websites
  • No assurance of safety
  • Maximum possibilities of hacking or malware actions
  • Except for English, no other languages are available.

How to download movies or tv series from the CounchTuner website

The process of downloading movies and web series from the CouchTuner website and the navigation is simple. Anyone can easily download or stream online.

  • Open the CouchTuner website on the supported web browser.
  • You can sign up for the CouchTuner account without paying an amount to add movies to your favorite list.
  • After completing signing up on CouchTuner, select the movie or web series and click on it to open it.
  • After clicking on the film or web series, the details will open with downloading or streaming options.
  • All the content on the CouchTuner website is in HD quality, and you can see the downloading symbol on the screen.
  • With this process, anyone can download or watch online movies and enjoy unlimited entertainment.

Alternatives of CouchTuner

The alternatives of CouchTuner are vastly available and accessible, but these pirated sites provide leaked movies unauthorizedly without having the content rights. Some of the choices are listed below,

  • Yidio
  • Xfinity
  • Vidstream
  • Cafe movies
  • Flixtor
  • Thedaretv
  • Bflix
  • Tintlepad
  • KatmovieHD
  • 2Watchfree
  • 1movies
  • Projectfreetv
  • Movie25
  • Betaseries
  • Losmovies
  • Stream4U
  • Fmovies
  • Goojara
  • Gostream
  • Watchserieswiki
  • Xmovies8
  • Flixnemo
  • Watchfree
  • Dosmovies
  • Justwatch
  • Tvmuse
  • DirectTv.com
  • Fboxtv
  • Flixon6
  • HDflix

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How to avoid blocking the CouchTuner website?

There is a way of avoiding the blockage of the CouchTuner website, and usually, this website is blocked by the Internet service provider. If this ISP doesn’t identify the IP address, it can’t block these pirated sites. One of the ways is to use VPN, and there are different types of VPNs available. Some of them are as follows.

Express VPN:

It is the most popular VPN & very reliable. It is also fast and secure. People vastly choose this VPN for the best user experience, and this VPN can hide the identity of the user. The best feature is it can provide a thirty-day free trial, and all over 94 countries have 3000 servers.

Nord VPN:

This Nord VPN has next-gen encryptions with high security, and with all the best features, Nord VPN is in second place. It has more servers than Express VPN, which is 5600+ VPNs. It is easy to set up, and with a single account, it can be accessible on six devices.

Cyber Ghost VPN:

It is in third place in popularity after the express VPN, and it has the best features to hide the user identity with the required speed. It provides 45 days of free trial without any cost, and CyberGhost VPN has 24/7 live chat ability.

Private Internet Access VPN:

This Private Internet Access VPN has a 9.3 rating, which gives it a fourth place among VPNs. It has advanced features in security and user identification hiding. It has flexible settings according to the requirements, and even this Private Internet Access has servers in 84 countries.

SurfShark VPN:

The SurfShark VPN also has stable and secure connectivity with good speed. After purchasing this VPN, if you are unsatisfied with the features and connectivity, they refund the subscription amount after 30 days. It has 3200+ servers in 100 countries with GPS protection for Android phones.

What are the latest available movies on the CouchTuner website?

What are the latest available movies on the CouchTuner website?Many movies and tv series are available on the CouchTuner website, from old movies to the latest movies. A few of the available movies are as follows,

  • Bring back Alice
  • Air: Countering A Legend
  • The Super Mario
  • Sixty-Five
  • Shazam
  • John Wick
  • Scream VI
  • The Donor Party
  • Missing
  • Frontiers
  • Babylon
  • We Have A Ghost
  • Avatar: The Way Of Water
  • Leanne Morgan: I Am Every Woman
  • The Wondering Earth
  • Weathering
  • Queens On The Run
  • Phenomena
  • The Tutor
  • Raquel 1.1
  • The Seven Faces Of Jane

Is CouchTuner safe to use?

When coming to the topic of safe browsing on CouchTuner, the answer is likely a No. There is no assurance of the safety of the CouchTuner website as it is an unauthorized site. The unwanted page redirects and the undesired ads may have malware viruses, and some viruses may damage the devices. Not only the Couch Tuner website but all the pirated sites are the same with safety measurements, and before accessing any website, consider the safety parameters.

The legality of the CouchTuner website

The CouchTuner website is entirely illegal to access, and based on the complaints by the movie sector, all pirated sites are banned by the government, including the CouchTuner website.

People who use this website will be at risk legally, as the ISPs and the government sectors trace the IP addresses. The punishment for accessing these pirated sites is like giving a warning next to blocking, and if people still want to access it, warning letters will be issued.

Final Disclaimer

This article was never meant to encourage pirated sites, including CouchTuner. All this information is entirely for awareness and purely for knowledge purposes. These pirated sites are not healthy in safety and legality, mainly if you want entertainment via movies and web series.

There are many legal sites to use, like Amazon Prime, Disney + Hotstar, Zee5, and many more, with minimal cost of subscriptions for safe & secure access. Before accessing any website, first know the complete details and then think of using the website. Even though they provide free stuff, everyone should think of the pros and cons.

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