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www.aka.ms.yourpc – Link Your SmartPhone To PC

The www.aka.ms.yourpc is a site where you can collaborate your pc with your phone. Microsoft Corporation offers this app to connect your Android phone to your PC. Most people use their smartphones and personal computers for various purposes, and what would it be like if there was a chance of using both combinedly within one device? Great right!!

It is possible with www.aka.ms.yourpc. You can open www.aka.ms.yourpc on the web browser or search with the name link PC app on your Play Store. You can make calls, text messages, and many more. A smartphone does everything you do on a personal computer or laptop. The operating system with Windows should be version 10, and OS on your Android device must be between min 7.0 and a max of 11

You can control your phone activities through Windows after connecting your PC to your Android smartphone without issues. But not all Android phone supports sync to the personal computer or Windows version, and some selected smart mobiles can only support linking with the personal computer. Only the Surface Duo, HONOR, and Samsung smartphones link up with Windows and offer their full capabilities to work effectively.

It’s so comfortable to use smartphone activities on your personal computer with professional work rather than checking your phone continuously for phone updates. Doing all smartphone activities on your wide-screen personal computer feels good. You can manage notifications and reply to text messages or WhatsApp messages from your personal computer. Even make or receive calls to your PC, not only calls and messages, and you can play games and use the apps on your personal computer.

The best feature is you can transfer the data conveniently with the drag and drop method rather than transferring from one device to another via Bluetooth or nearby share. An advantage to linking your smartphone to your PC is editing. You can edit your pictures or videos with some of the best tools that support Windows. After editing, you can comfortably transfer files with your email or other sharing apps like WhatsApp.

How does www.aka.ms.yourpc work?

It is easy to understand the process of accessing the app, but first, you have to check the requirements, like Versions and Android phone models. You can make calls and can send & receive text messages, and you may even operate your smartphone apps with your PC. To know how www.aka.ms.yourpc works, you need to install this app on your Android phone and run the configuration on your PC.

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Downloading process of www.aka.ms.yourpc

To download ‘aka.ms.yourpc, open the web browser, search for www.aka.ms.yourpc on the Android smartphone, and click on continue, which will take you to the Google Play Store page. In the Google play store, you can see the app called Link to Windows. Click on install, and the downloading & installation process will start on your Android smartphone.

Besides, on your Windows PC, go to the Microsoft store and search for a Link phone app. Click to download, and the process of installing & downloading will start on your PC after ending the installation of a Link phone app. Click on it to open, and it will ask for the Microsoft credentials to log in, or you can select the generated QR code to connect with the Android smartphone.

Meanwhile, on your smartphone, click on it to open the link to the Windows app after installing it. Log in with the Microsoft account credentials or scan the QR code. After completing the process on your Android smartphone, start the process smoothly by connecting the QR code with your Android smartphone and personal computer. It will ask for the permissions and click on allow for desired requirements. Click on continue, and after that, finally, click on Let’s stay connected.

What are the significant points of the www.aka.ms.yourpc app?

The www.aka.ms.yourpc app has the best features that make it more popular and famous around people. The following are the points that tell about the significance of www.aka.ms.yourpc or the link to the Windows app.

  • Connect and receive calls from your personal computer.
  • You can manage your Android phone notifications on your PC.
  • Also, you can access your preferred Android smartphone apps on your PC.
  • You can read the received text messages and send text messages from your pc.
  • Drag and drop your required files conveniently from your smartphone to your PC and vice versa.
  • Copy and paste the desired content between your pc and Android phones.
  • You can instantly access 2000 pics, videos, and other data from the Android phone to the PC.
  • You will have the comfort of a bigger screen, keyboard, mouse, and touchscreen to connect your smartphone to your PC.
  • It is required to use the internet connection for PC and Android phones with the same Wi-fi network.

Is the iPhone compatible to connect with the Windows PC?

No. The iPhone configuration is not supportable for connecting with the Windows PC. But anyone can connect their iPhone to the PC with a USB cable that supports the connection.

Which types of Android smartphones support connecting with a PC?

Initially, you have a smartphone with an above 7.0 Android version, and only some selected mobiles can pair up with the PC. A few of the phones listed below are as follows.

  • Surface Duo 2
  • Samsung Galaxy z fold3
  • Samsung Galaxy Quantum 2
  • Samsung Galaxy z flip3
  • HONOR Magic4 pro
  • Samsung Galaxy X Cover pro
  • Samsung Note 10 series
  • Samsung Galaxy S10 series
  • Samsung Galaxy S20 series

Do Windows 8 or 9 versions support Link pc with the phone?

Unfortunately, No. Only Windows 10 is supported to connect with the PC. To link your smartphone to your operating system, you must contain Windows 10 May 29 or later updated version with at least 32 GB space. If you have Windows 8 or 9 and want to connect your Android to your PC, the only way is to update according to the requirement.

Will there be any issues in linkup mobile to PC?

Generally, there won’t be any issues. However, anyone can get the issue with one thing: personal computer battery optimization. This problem usually arises when the phone is linked to the PC. The battery optimization settings can be adjustable by going to battery settings, managing the battery, then usages, and finally, battery optimization.

Is it safe to install a link to Windows and Link phone apps?

When the topic comes to safety, based on experts’ opinions, it is safe to use. These two apps are from the Google play store, and one is from the Microsoft Store, where the secure measurements from the hosting stores verify both apps. So, there will be a clean sheet for safety measurements for their users.

Could third parties invade the privacy of the data?

Many people have this question as their priority because of the present situation. No one can trust apps that control their daily life(mobile). But here is the procedure: the complete process operates on the local connections rather than the storage data on the Microsoft database. Hence when both devices go offline, it will be a local cache rather than store data.

Final words

In this article, you can gather the most information about www.aka.ms.yourpc based on the experts’ opinions and internet searches. It helps those who want to admit an extraordinary user experience by collaborating the Android phone with the personal computer. You can comfortably install both apps on both devices, sign in with Microsoft account credentials, scan the QR code, and allow the required permissions.

It is even safe to use with excellent features that help more people who worry about checking their mobile again & again while working the personal computer. Anyone can try it to have unlimited fun with more comfort in their work.

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