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JoinPD.com – How To Join A Pear Deck (Guide 2023)

Even after the end of the pandemic situation, parents are still worrying about sending their kids to schools. At the time of the pandemic situations, children got used to attending online classes rather than regular classes. Even in some countries, they are still following virtual class sessions. Regarding virtual sessions, JoinPD.com is the best website to conduct online meetings and presentations.

JoinPD.com will be very useful for people who conduct virtual meetings and present their projects or ideas. JoinPD.com is a tool used for virtual sessions among presenters and audiences. This tool has many of the best features allowing you an excellent user experience.

What is JoinPD.com?

JoinPD.com is a subdomain of PD, which means Pear Deck. This Pear Deck is a website for virtual sessions between the teacher and students, professional presenters, and clients. Anyone can use this for online meetings.

Pear Deck provides a world-class experience with its ultimate features, site design, templates, and many more to its users. Except for the presenter, others do not need to create an account to join the meeting. Only the presenter needs to open a Pear Deck account and send the code to the people who want to join the session on JoinPD.com.

This platform allows teachers to give online assignments, and students can answer the questions in the middle of the session. Also, teachers can present their student’s progress live on the screen.

Pear Deck allows presenters, irrespective of the profession, to create excellent presentations for their students and clients with supportive designs, animations, videos, Gifs, and many more.

The site also allows teachers to control the activities of the students, like blocking them from changing answers, muting them from noise, and many more.

Pear Deck working model

Pear Deck is a platform hosted by JoinPD.com, and it is trustable by many institutions for their student’s growth. The way it works plays a curial role in the website’s success and popularity, and here is the model of the ongoing work.

They push their inputs with the tools and skills of presenters, and they even provide supportive and effectual instructions that impact the creation of lessons in a productive manner so that students or clients can engage by the presentation.

The inputs come up with activities, and the administration always takes the reports on how users utilize the pear deck platform. That makes presenters regularly work to get practice on the tools, and the result of these activities is engaging the audience by creating confidence in them.

With these inputs and activities, the output will be in the best way, and the reports taken by the administration can give the output result of supporting active learning. Based on the old chats, the output is an improvement in results, studies, and engagement from the audience.

The overall outcomes of using the pear deck website are engagement and equality are improved, and achievements and results are improved. The outcomes are built on audience interactions with confidence.

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How to create an account to join the Pear Deck?

Creating an account on the Pear Deck is very easy, but making the presentation entirely depends on the person’s creativity and usage of the available tools. The process of creating an account on Pear Deck is as follows,

  • Open the www.peardeck.com official website of Pear Deck.
  • You can see the options like signup for free, login as a teacher, and join a session at the top of the Pear Deck website page.
  • When you click on the join session, it will take you to the page JoinPD.com where you can log in with the required code.
  • You can sign up for free or proceed with the login as a teacher, and both can open the same page when you are opening it for the first time.
  • After selecting and clicking on the above option, you will get two login options: ‘ login with a Google account’ or ‘login with a Microsoft account.’ It is because the presentations created by the users will automatically save on Google Drive or date based on the Microsoft 360 account.
  • After login in with the Google or Microsoft registered account email, the Pear Deck will ask you to give access to Google Drive or OneDrive.
  • Enter the postal code and school name after giving the required permissions. If your school’s name is not on the list and you don’t have the US postal code, you can manually enter any five digits with your institution’s name.
  • After completing all steps, the last step will be the premium subscription, which provides a few days free of cost trials. You can directly ready-go and access the Pear Deck platform.
  • To start using the Pear Deck features, first, you need to add on or add in the Pear Deck extension to Google Slides or Microsoft PowerPoint 360.

Significant features of the Pear Deck platform

Every website, including the Pear Deck platform, must have significant features that make it more popular and successful. A few of the features are as follows,

  • Anyone can create and give an excellent presentation with Pear Deck tools.
  • Many different types of models, templates, and many more for each subject can be accessible.
  • You can use maximum stuff for free of cost.
  • The students or audience get attracted and engaged with the creative activities, which is a part of the presentation.
  • There is no need to create an account for JoinPD.com except for an invitational code.
  • The administration of the Pear Deck website will always give you guidance and instruction for the best presentation, allowing anyone to use this platform anywhere in the world.
  • Even Pear Deck provides training and webinars to gain more knowledge on the tools and designs to create presentations more delightfully.

How does the Join Pear Deck.com website work?

Here is the simple process of how it works, and there is much more to do with the Pear Deck website. The process will go like this. After creating productive presentation slides to engage your session, the process will start.

After that, making the informative & customized activities and questions to the students with on-spot displaying answers will help the audience to pay more attention to the session. You can add animations, gifs, videos, and even audio to the presentation slides with the help of the Pear Deck platform.

After all these presentation slides are ready, you can select the Present with Pear Deck option and click Proceed. Then, JoinPD.com will connect to the Presentation slides and Pear Deck with the required invitational code that helps to join the audiences or students.

After the presentation starts, you can check the dashboard about the activity results and how much they understand about the lesson or topic. If you observe many mistakes in the student’s answer, you can explain them again in a modified manner.

You can also share the teacher’s dashboard with the other teachers, like co-teachers or other subject-related teachers, to continue the presentation with different subjects or to support you with the session.

Is JoinPD.com accessible on mobiles?

Partially yes. Anyone can JoinPD.com using a mobile phone for the session with an invitation code. But when you are the presenter, you must join the operating system for add-ons and pleasant presentation purposes, even though some mobile versions won’t support MS Office 360. Considering all these issues, anyone can JoinPD.com to participate, but for proper session presentations at Pear Deck, a smartphone is unsuitable to fulfill the purpose.

Which devices support JoinPD.com?

Almost all devices are suitable for the Pear Deck website. The supportive devices are Chromebook, Desktop, Laptops, Mac books, Linux, PC including Android devices like mobiles and tablets, & iPads, and iPhones. As mentioned above, Google add-ons or Microsoft ads are possible only with the operating system, and you can use mobile only for participation purposes.

Final Say

In this article, we provided information about JoinPD.com, an online tool for conducting online assignments. You can get detailed information on the Pear Deck website when you visit the website. It is the best website for both students and teachers & also for professional presenters and participating clients.

The Pear Deck website has excellent features with marvelous tools and templates. Many people already have the best user experience with the JoinPD.com tool. If you want to engage the participants with an excellent presentation for your session, then the Pear Deck website is the right choice.

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