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Delete Snapchat Chat: How To Delete Your Chat History!

Need to erase a whole Snapchat talk? Or, on the other hand, eliminate a solitary message from your visit history? We’ll show you how it functions. It can constantly happen that you need to erase specific messages from your Snapchat talk. This can be individual posts or the whole history. You don’t necessarily need all the photographs on your companions’ cell phones to stay apparent. That is why you do not just have the choice to erase your own Snapchat talk history but the two sides too.

Delete Individual Messages

If you want to delete individual messages from your Snapchat chat, that’s no problem. Your friends can see that you’ve deleted a snap, but they can no longer view the content. The important thing is that you can only delete your content, not that of others. You do this as follows:

  1. Open your Snapchat app.
  2. Open the chat view by swiping right on the camera screen. Then tap the chat icon.
  3. Hold down this message.
  4. A pop-up will appear – select Delete.
  5. Confirm your action with Okay.

Delete Entire Snapchat Chat For Individual People

Occasionally, delete Snapchat chat for a specific person, whether you’ve read it beforehand or not. 

  1. Open your Snapchat app.
  2. Open your chat overview and press and hold the person’s name.
  3. Click on “Chat Settings.”
  4. Then select “Delete from chat feed.”
  5. The chat is no longer displayed in your overview.

Necessary: If you proceed as described above, you only delete the chat from your chat history. Despite this, the message history is not automatically deleted. Saved or sent messages are retained for the time being.

Delete Snapchat Chat – Change Your Settings!

If you want more control over how Snapchat deletes one-on-one chats, your best bet is to go into settings. There is the possibility that the Snapchat chat will be deleted either immediately after viewing or after 24 hours.

  1. Open your Snapchat app.
  2. Click on the chat icon below or swipe right on the camera screen to get to this view.
  3. Select and hold your friend’s name.
  4. After this selection, a new window opens, and you can choose between the different settings: “immediately after watching” or “24 hours after watching”.
  5. Click Done to save your new setting.

By the way: This setting applies to you and the friends concerned. Therefore, both of you will receive a notification about the new settings. If you don’t have these options, ensure the latest app version is installed.

Delete Snapchat Chat: This Is What Happens When Deleting

If you want to delete your Snapchat chat, it’s not just about not showing it to you anymore. It is almost always much more critical that they are no longer visible to others. Therefore, you should consider a few basic things when posting and deleting:

  1. Security gaps in the system can always lead to problems with the regular deletion of data. Incidentally, this applies not only to Snapchat but to any software.
  2. Photos and videos from your Snapchat story are always visible for 24 hours.
  3. In contrast, to snap stories, everyday snaps can only be viewed for one to ten seconds. Exactly how long depends on the period you have set.
  4. If you delete the Snapchat chat, you automatically delete the snaps with your chat partner. That means he can no longer see her. However, one exception is when your friend has tapped the repeat option. Your snap will remain viewable if they don’t close or update the conversation.

Deleting Snapchat Chat: Why?

If you want to delete your Snapchat chat history, there can be many reasons. You have the option in the app to send your friend’s so-called snaps. To ensure that these messages do not remain on your smartphone forever, Snapchat has implemented its deletion measures.

  1. Snapchat deletes chats between two people whenever you both open and then leave the conversation.
  2. The provider will remove the content after 24 hours if you are in a group chat. Whether all group members have seen the conversation is irrelevant.
  3. On the other hand, unopened chats are automatically deleted after 30 days.

While this approach is helpful because it saves disk space, sometimes more is needed. Accidentally send a message? Or do you want to delete something from Snapchat chat before others see it? Then you have to react faster than the deletion algorithm can.

Our Conclusion

To delete your Snapchat chat, the app offers you the necessary functionality. You have the option of distinguishing between different deletion processes. This allows you to handle individual snaps individually. Do you have further questions? Then leave us a comment!

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